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There is this fresh energy that pulsates when you walk through Segrate, Italy, a city that is situated in the Providence of Milan  and shares chic restaurants , luxury hotels, hip clubs with an amazing transformation  in architecture and tourist sites.  Visitors are awed when they see the residential area Milano Due, and there are lots of places to visit when you are here. If you have been visiting cities, Segrate is one place you would visit and never worry about returning home in a hurry. It has everything you would ever need with an irreplaceable energy and life experience. Book cheap flights to Segrate with Travelstart. Search and compare cheap flights and airlines on the booking engine above. 

Linate Airport LIN

Linate Airport is the nearest airport to Segrate, Italy. The airport is the second major airport that is seen in Milan and it is used mainly for domestic and short-haul international flights to metropolitan destinations within cities in  Europe.  In 2012, it served 9,229,890 passengers.

Major Attractions

Segrate is located in Milan which means that you can enjoy the beauty that comes with visiting Milan when you are in Segrate. At your first glance, you would be see Segrate appear like one of those models who graces the Italian Providence. There are lots of places to visit when you are here. You can take a ride to the Lake Idroscalo.

You may have visited a lot of lakes around the world but when you are here, the way that the Italians have made this lake special is something you would fully appreciate, apart from the water  world, there are other places for you to visit. The Fair center of Novegro and the country’s famous residential area Milano Due are places to be.

These residents here are hospitable and warming that it is so easy for a visitor to mingle with them. The  Europark Idroscalo Milano which was originally called Lunapark Milano is a famous amusement park. It was created since 1965 which is why it is an important place to be. Thousands of visitors come here yearly to feel the exotic nature of the park.

Things to Do

Even though that Segrate is not a big town, there are lots of things that you can do. You can visit the CILEA Interuniversity Consortium which is among the most advanced supercomputing centers in Europe. There are places to hike, swim, take a cool and romantic meal, experiment with the country’s wine and take a long relaxation.

A little travelling would take you to the engine room of Italy’s economy and tourist haven, Milan where you can see the artifacts that had survived the World War II extensive damage and great opera houses and fashion homes.

Hotels & Accommodation

The city is full of activities always and this is what has given the city some of the best hotels and other accommodation options like motels and budget hotels. Travelstart can help you with affordable hotels from the five star hotels to the budget hotels including where you can you get exotic meals.

Car Rentals

There are numerous car hire services in Segrate that can be seen at the Linate Airport.Travelstart has partnered with major car hire companies to make car rental booking very easy. Hire a car with Travelstart. 

Best Time to Visit

The best time you can visit Segrate is April to May or late September to October. However, it is an all year round destination.

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