COVID-19 Appointment

Save on the stress. Sit back and relax while we book your appointment with an NCDC approved laboratory. This premium service applies to tests needed for FLIGHTS DEPARTING FROM NIGERIA ONLY.

How it works.

  1. Add COVID-19 Appointment product to your booking departing from Nigeria only.

  2. A booking agent will contact you to schedule your PCR test at an NCDC approved private laboratory.

  3. Receive confirmation of the laboratory location and directions via email.

  4. At least 72 hours before your flight, go to the laboratory for your test.

  5. Receive your results directly from the laboratory via email no later than 72 hours after the test.


  • Save time and effort when travelling.
  • Take the hassle out of travel and book a test appointment at one of the conveniently located testing facilities, which are available from Monday-Sunday.
  • Ensure you are getting your test results from an NCDC approved private laboratory.

Terms and conditions

  • This product applies ONLY to flights departing from Nigeria
  • This product is available as an add-on product once you have completed a flight booking with us or as a standalone product if you don't have a flight booking with us.
  • By purchasing this product you consent to making use of our third party service provider, an NCDC approved private laboratory, and you agree and accept their terms of service, which will be available directly from them. Furthermore you consent to Travelstart sharing your contact information and travel details in order to provide this service to you.
  • The NCDC approved private laboratory reserves the right to amend their testing sites and partner laboratories without any prior notice to you.
  • All results will be reported directly to you or the relevant passenger via email once the test results are available. If you need to reschedule your appointment please contact us or the laboratory directly. Please do so having regard to processing times to ensure that you will have sufficient time to receive your results prior to travel.
  • Travelstart shall not be held liable for any damages suffered in connection with any extra fees charged or for delays incurred in processing test results.
  • It may be possible that the NCDC approved private laboratory is unable to fulfill the service due to unforeseen circumstances and in this instance the laboratory shall, as soon as possible, contact you to advise of this. Where the service cannot be fulfilled you will be entitled to a full refund of the product.
  • This service shall be suspended automatically in the event of force majeure event arising which renders either party unable to operate or prevents either or both of them from fulfilling any obligation. Such suspension shall be maintained for as long as the force majeure event persists.
  • Product fees are charged per person and not per booking.
  • We reserve our right to amend the fees charged at any time.
  • This is a non refundable and non-transferable product.

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