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Maldives is a paradise on earth, in fact, in the Indian Ocean. For the lovers of water sports and especially scuba diving, the blue sea waters of Maldives are ideal. Malé, the capital and largest city in Maldives is a lively place with colorful buildings and lush nature, ready to sweep you off your feet!

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

Flights to Malé are handled by the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (IATA: MLE), one of the busiest airports in South Asia, with nearly 2.7 million passengers in 2013. MLE handles flights from regular and charter carriers to domestic and popular international destinations.

Major Attractions

The National Museum is the only surviving building of what used to be the Sultan’s Palace. Don’t be repelled by the ugly building. The Museum is home to a wonderful collection of old photographs and authentic artifacts that reflect the history of Malé and the Maldives. In 2012, the museum was taken over by religious extremists, leading to a complete destruction of 30 pre-Islamic Buddhist coral stone carvings that were considered “idols”. Have a walk in the Sultan Park and visit the National Library.

Islamic Centre is Malé’s reputable architectural landmark. The complex houses the largest Mosque in the island with a capacity of 5,000 pilgrims. Then, Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque) is the oldest mosque in the Maldives. Built in 1656, Friday Mosque is a magnificent coral stone structure, intricately decorated with carved Quranic scripts. Unless you are a Muslim, you will need a special permit from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs or you won’t be allowed to enter the Mosque. Be conservatively dressed and respectful.

Republic Square is Malé’s center point where you can see a flagpole with a huge Maldivian flag. Here is the starting point of every political protest in the city and, in general, there is substantial police and security presence in the area.

While in Malé, take the boat and visit Hulhumale Island, a great artificial island that serves as a countryside for the residents of Malé. A great beach, nice restaurants and cafes, a relaxing time.


Maldivian cuisine is based on native fish species, a guaranteed ingredient on many local restaurant menus. But contemporary Maldivian restaurants bear the influences of international cuisines such as Indian, Malaysian and European. No matter where you eat, eclectic food is the number one offering in this wonderful city.

Things to Do

Visit the Fish Market, Malé’s heart and soul, and feel the vibes of the Maldivian way of living. Especially, in the afternoon, when fishermen sail on the edge of the market, it is a unique spectacle to watch! Also, the Produce Market will give you a sense of Malé’s real deal with its colorful, fresh goods on display. Walk around Malé’s idiosyncratic alcohol-free bars and

restaurants, do your shopping and experience the city life. Join a Whale Submarine Tour to experience the underwater life and, if you are lucky, you may see whales as well!


Malé offers great accommodation, including overwater bungalows and guesthouses. Prices may be quite high, especially in the luxury resorts, yet the services, amenities and luxury offered are incomparable, so entice yourself and splurge. It’s totally worth the experience!

Car Rentals

MLE does not provide car rental services. You can either book a car downtown Malé or beforehand from any reputable travel site.

Best Time to Visit

Malé has a tropical climate with an average daily temperature 30 Celsius year-round. The best time to visit Malé is between May and November, especially if you want to enjoy summer sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and jet skiing in the island’s crystal clear waters. Also, during this period there are several events taking place like the Huravee Day and the Independence Day in July, the Ramadan from August to October, and the Victory Day and the Republic Day in November. From December to April, during the dry season, you can enjoy the hot sun and the excellent service provided on the island’s wonderful resorts.

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