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Not always an obvious travel choice but an increasingly popular one, Czech Republic truly has it all.

Nestled in central Europe, capital city Prague and the surrounding cities are a feast for the senses renowned for their spectacular castles, wonderfully preserved medieval architecture, unspoilt natural beauty, state-of-the-art spas and mouth-watering cuisine.

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Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic by population as well as area. This city offers a variety of activities, you are able to savour the historic atmosphere of Brno, or go shopping and amerce yourself with the culture found in this vibrant city.

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North-east of the Czech Republic is the city Ostrava. This city is the capital of the Moravian - Silesian Region - and it is the third largest city in the Czech Republic.

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The Bohemian Rule in Praha (as it is called in Czech) has shaped much of Central Europe’s destiny. Prague is something of a real life museum; it has managed to meticulously preserve the essence of the Medieval Empire.

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