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Asaba is the capital of Delta State, Nigeria, a city that connects other parts of the country through the famous River Niger. Asaba is one of the cities in Nigeria that is bequeathed with green vegetation and streetlights painted in blue, white and green colours. It has a serving airport, Asaba International Airport which brings visitors to the city daily, with its population that is more than two million. It has the Itshekiri, Ijaw, Urobo and Edo indigenes as its ethnic tribes. There are lots of hotels and attraction centres that a visitor can make use of when visited.

You can explore the scenic tourist attraction centres in the city, dine with the natives, enjoy the folklores about the ancient Edo people and buy local fashion accessories like beads and ornament, make new friends and enjoy the exciting night life in Asaba.

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Asaba International Airport

 Asaba International Airport is a fairly new airport that is serving the locals and guests with its daily flights. Flight booking can be done with Travelstart and this agency can help you with your car hire services to the hotel of your choice.  The airport is located at the outskirt of the city and visitors can make use of the numerous car hire services to the city.

Major Attractions

There are lots of tourist attraction centres that are located in different parts of Asaba, this include the Slave trade relic in Aboh Ndokwa. Visitors witness first-hand information on the historical slave trade story in this part of Nigeria.

Cable is the busiest part of Asaba, where visitors can travel to for outdoor activities in different private recreation parks. The local delicacy pounded yam and Nsala soup is served in most hotels and fast food centres for those who will want to enjoy this meal.  There are lots of attractive places you can visit like the Mongo Park Building, the Bible Site that is located at Araya Isoko community, Nwoko Villa, Nana Living History which is a National Monument, The Expatriates Grave Yard, the Obi Palace and the Ozomona – Manor House.

Asaba has some rivers, lakes and beach located within and outside the city such as Ethiope River Source, Ogwu Beach, Abraka river resort and the Eni Lake. You can visit any of these attractions to enjoy their serene and natural surroundings.

Hotels & Accommodation

Asaba offers visitors a lot of hotels and motels for all tastes and budgets, from the five star hotels to the budget hotels in any part of the city.

Car Rentals

There are lots of car rental services that will take you to your destination from the Asaba International Airport to the city. 

Best Time to Visit

Asaba is always an exciting city round the clock and you can visit any time.

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