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Sofia, Bulgaria is a cosmopolitan and confidant city with many beautiful attractions such as onion domed churches, Red Army monuments and Ottoman mosques..  In Sofia, you would see the Old East embrace the New West and what you are going to get is exotic and a beautiful place to explore.  Shopping malls litters its skyline with glitzy five star hotels, bars and clubs with a vibrant night life. Sophia is the capital of Bulgaria, which means that there are lots of theatres, museums, fine restaurants and a surprisingly green city for you to explore. Book cheap flights to Sophia with Travelstart Nigeria.

Sofia Airport SOF

Sofia airport is often referred to as Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport and it is Bulgaria’s main airport.  In 2012, it handled, 504,326 passengers, situated 5km from the centre of the city and Vrazhdebna Air Base of the Bulgarian Air Force is located here.

Major Attractions

Sofia is popularly known for its Boyana Church which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one destination that a lot of tourists first visit before moving to other sites. You should know that Sofia have a lot of museum collections, we mean the largest of the country’s collection.  You can visit the National Historical Museum in Boyana district with its extensive historical items that dates from the Prehistory to the modern era.

The charming heritage, culture and architecture of the city are designed to satisfy the eyes. A stroll to Sofia Zoo would show you a lot of animals. It has been in existence since 1888. If you love great tourist sites, Vitosha is your choice because it is the most prominent natural of all the landmarks in Sophia. There are lots of luxury resorts, ski slopes and national park in Vitosha.

Cyril and Methodius National Library is the country’s library and there are lots of rare artifacts, relics and documents inside it. The National Archaeological Museum offers visitors a peerless quick look into Bulgaria’s heritage.  You should try and visit the National Palace of Culture which is a huge monument of steel and concrete and reminds every one of the  Soviet-era Communist architecture

Things To Do

Learn about the local Bulgaria food at Balkan Bites. The custom city tour of Sophia would give you the best tour guide around the Sofia’s galleries, churches, food and wine degustation. There are lots of pubs for you to crawl and have a life time experience in the night.  You can hike with Sofia hike tour and spend your day around the  Boyana Church and all the way to the Boyana waterfalls.

Hotels and Accommodation

Sofia is a beautiful city to visit with many luxury and budget hotels around the city. Find Sofia hotels.

Car Rentals

If you want to explore the city of Sofia without stress, you can hire or rent a car for easy movement. Travelstart has partnered with some of these car hire services to make your transportation in the city easy and affordable. Hire a car with Travelstart Nigeria.

Best Time To Visit Sofia

Whenever you visit Sofia, you are not left behind in its excitement and fun fare. The best time you can visit Sofia is May, June, July, August, September and October. This is when the average temperatures moderate.

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