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Seoul is the capital city of Korea and has a history dating back to 2000 years ago.  It beautifully blends its eastern culture with western influence making it a bridge between the west and the east.

Seoul is fast becoming one of the most favorite tourists’ destinations in the world. This megacity has managed to achieve a balance between technological advancement and growth in art and creativity. Book cheap flights to Incheon International Airport  with Travelstart. Search and compare cheap flights and airlines on the booking engine above.

Requirements for Entry to Budapest

A National Passport with a minimum period validity of 6 months beyond the intended period of stay is needed at the time of travel.  A Tourist Visa is necessary and can be obtained at Korean Visa application centres in Lagos (Victoria Island) and Abuja

Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Shuttle and Bus Services are available for transfer to the downtown Seoul from the airport. Regular, deluxe and jumbo taxis provide efficient services to both nearby locations and downtown Seoul.

There is also a ferry terminal at the airport that provide ferry ride to the city.

Major Attractions

A few of the top attractions in Seoul are:

The Palace of Changyeonggung: this ancient palace is surrounded by a beautiful park and Lake Chundangji. The Myeongjeon building on the centre was erected in the 14th century.

Seoul Tower:  erected on summit of Namsan Mountain the Seoul tower foundation s 243 meters above sea level and have an additional height of 236.7 metres with two restaurants under its shelter.

The holy shrine of Jongmyo: Jongmyo is among the most of Korean cultural history.  Four ceremonies are hosted here annually with the king, military leaders and the king’s sons in attendance. The flamboyant and classy nature of these ceremonies earns Jongmyo the reputation as royal shrine.

KLI63 Building: located on the bank of Han River is KLI63 skyscraper with features which include 60 stories and 3 subterranean levels. It is an architectural wonder and the tallest building in Korea.

Lotte World:  is a wonderland and one of the main attractions of Seoul receiving above 8 million visitors annually. It features breathtaking, wild rollercoaster rides and also gentle rides for children.

Mount Pukhansan: this mountain made of granite is a very beautiful and has appealing flowers covering it and also nature trails for relaxed stroll and a panoramic view of the city.

Things to Do

Join locals and other tourists to shop at fancy departmental stores and posh boutiques.

Relax and wash away your stress in one of Seoul’s bath and relaxation centres known as jjimjilbangs. This spa is an upgraded version of saunas popular among Scandinavian nations. It is a really soothing experience.

Take a day off for picnic to Han River Park and just relax in the serene and scenic environment. You can also bike, jog, run or do any exercise that brings out the child in you

Catch a glimpse of Seoul’s nightlife at Itaewon distric, trendy bars lounge bars and clubs offers the best service you can get anywhere in the world at these nightlife hotspots.

Hotels and Accommodation

Several hotels in Seoul offer luxury lodgings and superb convenience with modern facilities. These classic hotels mix architectural spectacle with natural splendor. Whether you are choosing based on star rating or price you will surely find a wonderful lodging for your stay in Seoul.

Car Rentals

Several Car Rental Companies offer car rental services in Seoul. There are also many car rental locations in the city: car rental services are available at the airport as well major hotels.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Seoul is the spring and fall. It is also important to avoid visiting Seoul during major holidays as local tourists’ crowds all attractions.

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