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San Antonio may be part of the United States but it’s a thousand worlds away from other American cities. The highlights to this Texan city are its historical past, Mexican influence and colourful traditions. Taking a cheap flight to San Antonio is the starting point for Kenyans to explore the city’s charm.

Getting to San Antonio from San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

San Antonio International Airport is one of the major hub airports of the United States and as such, there are several ways to get into the main city.

One good way is riding the GO Airport Shuttle, a shuttle service which is offered by the airport itself. The shuttles leave from 7 in the morning to 1:30 at night and they run every 15 minutes. You can get tickets by the baggage claim portion of the airport or get reservations online. The shuttle is probably the best method of transportation: you can take as it allows a lot of luggage, it is reasonably fast and the trip is comfortable; perfect for those who have been on a long flight.

There are also several charter buses available, all of which are registered and are relatively quick. However, all charter buses must be pre-arranged before arrival and some bus services will only take you to a designated area.

There is also the public service bus, the VIA Metropolitan Transit. The buses are located at the west end of Terminal B and can get you to downtown San Antonio in half an hour. Buses run throughout the entire day, at an interval of about 20 minutes.

Taxis are also available right outside the airport terminals and they can be a good option if you need to get to the city in a hurry. The taxi stand is open from 7 in the morning to 22:00. The taxis can also take you to areas that the buses might not be able to access.

 The airport also offers a rental car service in their garage with a wide variety of different car companies to choose from. The car rental desks are located in Terminal A with a Renting a car might be a good idea if you’re looking to get to hard to reach areas or places outside of San Antonio.

Major Attractions

As the third largest city in Texas and as such get on those boots and do the ‘cotton-eye Joe’ (a Texas-style dance).  The city is not all Texas related and can stand on its own by offering fine art museums, historical missions and plenty of amusement parks in addition to great dining and lots of drinking.

River Walk is probably San Antonio’s major attraction. The walkway is set amongst a series of amazing canals and the San Antonio River. The river has played a part in virtually all of San Antonio's history. The River Walk has an array of shops, restaurants and points of interest such as the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Pearl Brewery. Another way not to miss its setting is via a boat.

Gain some history at the authentic San Antonio Missions. Located at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, there are four different Missions consisting of Concepción, San José, San Juan and Espada. The visitor centre of the park is in Mission San José and offers a short film about the life of Catholic missions in 1700s. All of the missions are still functioning and have been virtually unchanged. 

To Texans, the Shrine of Texas Liberty, the Alamo is considered hallowed ground. This former mission was the site used in 1836 for the Battle of the Alamo. 

Things to Do

Spend a day of family fun at one of the many amusement parks located in the city. There are many parks such as SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and San Antonio Splash Island offering up hours of fun and excitement with roller coasters, water slides and other amazing attractions. This is a great way to keep all of the members of the family entertained.

See exotic animals at the San Antonio Zoo, which holds more than 8,500 different creatures from all over the world. The zoo is more than a century old and has 779 different species with exhibits such as a butterfly habitat, a hippo "lounge" and an African stage show.

San Antonio is considered to be the birthplace of the iconic American cowboy and the city has clearly capitalized on the image. A farmers market is held at Pearl Brewery along with shops selling western memorabilia.

See an authentic rodeo experience where brave men ride and tame wild horses in a thrilling display at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. There is also an extensive expo detailing the myth and reality of the cowboys.

Art lovers of all kinds will be thrilled when they visit the San Antonio Museum of Art, which is designed in a creative way. Everything from Egyptian hieroglyphs to contemporary classics can be found here with over 5000 years’ worth of art to see. The museum also has special exhibits for Latin American, Asian and Ancient Mediterranean art. The museum also plays host to several touring exhibitions each month.

Designed and built in 1929, the Majestic Theatre has played a part in the performing arts. Catch a children’s show, the San Antonio Symphony, touring Broadway shows and top stars in the country and rock scene.

Hotels and Accommodation

 Hotels, motels, self catering apartments and resorts are what dominate the choices for accommodations and are available to meet everyone’s budget. The properties near River Walk tend to be pricier.


Tex-Mex is the order of the day in San Antonio and can range from mild to jalapeño peppers red hot. Tamales, nachos, tortillas filled with spicy meat and refried beans are standard. There are even fining venues that serve it in eggs for breakfast.

There are many outstanding dining options for those that can’t handle spice. Classic Texas ribs, burgers and steakhouses are a well-liked option. Of course international cuisine can be found serving everything from sushi to homemade pizza to gourmet fare. There are many outstanding restaurants at good prices within this thriving community. To save even more, food trucks have become extremely popular and offer an international fare.


Downtown San Antonio is smaller than other major US cities, so therefore very manoeuvrable.  If staying in the city confines than by all means just use your feet.  Easily walk form one attraction to the next in Downtown San Antonio Strolling along the landscaped river is a highlight.

If you tire easily, than take advantage of the city’s bus system. VIA Metropolitan Transit runs all routes and is one of the cheapest ways to get about. The same transportation company offers streetcar service too. If you’re staying a bit longer and you wish to use the public transport a number of times, invest in an unlimited one-day or monthly pass.

Taxis can be hailed downtown but from other areas, you need to call. Rent an auto if you are planning on seeing the sites outside the city limit. This way, you can come and go at your own pace. All the major auto rental agencies are found downtown and at the desk of the larger hotels.  Hire a car with Travelstart Nigeria.

Best Time to Visit

San Antonio has a warm and humid climate with high temperatures throughout the majority of the year. The coldest time of the year is during January where the average highs can be 16°C and it typically is rainy. Carry a light sweater during this time.

The warmest time of the year is on the month of August in 35°C. San Antonio gets quite a bit of rain during the months of April and May with over 18 days’ worth of rain.

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