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Owerri is the capital city of Imo state in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The city’s slogan is Heartland as it is the heart of Igbo land.  

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Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport QOW

Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport QOW is also known as Imo State Airport and it is the main airport serving Owerri and other cities in Imo State.  

Main Attractions

Owerri has something for everyone. The city has several places of interest and attraction sites that attract many visitors every year.  The Mbari Cultural Centre is popular attraction centre in the south eastern part of Nigeria and it is significant to Igbo cultural history and tradition. The Mbari Cultura Centre consists of the Mbari Museum Kitchen, Mbari House and an Amphitheatre.  Another place to visit is The Ugwu Ekwema Centre, where Ekwemarugo statue is found. Don’t forget to visit Otamiri River, one of the major rivers in Imo State.  

Hotels and Accommodation

The best hotels in the south eastern part of Nigeria are found in Owerri, ranging from 5-star to budget hotels. You will definitely find hotels that suit your budget in Owerri.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Owerri any time you want. The peak season is from November to March so you can plan ahead  if you want to book cheap flights to Owerri.   

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