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Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia is the second permanent Black American slave settlement in Africa after Freetown, Sierra Leone. Monrovia is the political capital of Liberia as well as the cultural and financial hub of the nation.

The full tourism potential of this African city has not been fully tapped; however it has a lot to offer tourists. With waterfalls, nature reserve and Monrovia is a place to spend a tranquil vacation away from the hustles and bustles of most cities and just be close to nature in its original state. The hospitality of the citizens of Monrovia is one of a kind.

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Requirements for Entry

* A Nigerian Passport with a minimum period validity of 6 months beyond the intended period of stay is needed at the time of travel.

* Nigerians do not need visa to Visit Monrovia.

Monrovia Roberts International Airport (ROB)

Getting to the City Centre from Monrovia Roberts International Airport is very easy. There are several options to get to the city centre and other neighborhood of Monrovia from the airport. Shuttles, taxis and limo services are available at the airport.

Major Attractions

Some of the interesting attractions in Monrovia include:

* Liberian National Museum: The National Museum has exhibitions on contemporary artworks, historical objects, cultural items and archaeological artifacts. It is divided into three floors.

* Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve: this nature reserve contains most of the wildlife species of Liberia. When you are on tour of the mount Nimba , you will have a close look of grasslands beautifully covered by flora and fauna. You will equally observe chimpanzees, monkeys and other animals of the tropics happily interacting with their environment.

* Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls: Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls is located about 4 hours drive from Monrovia. There are a lot of entertaining activities you can engage in while touring this waterfall. Climb the rocks, sit in the cool water while watching eagles, weaverbirds, parrots and other colorful birds flying in the sky and courting. The sound of the wild animals in the jungle is also pleasing. The cool breeze caressing your skin; it is a total pleasure for all your senses.

Things to Do

Visit the Centennial Pavilion, several monuments can be found here, Liberian presidents are sworn in here, it is a modernized historical part of the city.

Dance the night away at one of the nightclubs. Unwind in one numerous bars, while savoring the taste of a chilled beer and listening to music.

Taste also tapas with local cocktails, wine and spirit and discover while it is the locals’ favorite. The classiest and safest bars and clubs are located around the US Embassy.

Taste the best of Liberian cuisine; groundnut soup and cassava leaf stew is one of the favorite local meals. Mama Sheriff is one of the restaurants serving Liberian cuisines.

Hotels and Accommodation

Whether you are choosing based on star rating or price you will surely find a wonderful accommodation for your stay in Monrovia. If you prefer staying lodging close to the airport Royal Hotel, Mamba Point Hotel or the Kendeja Resort Villas is your best bet. Find Monrovia hotels

Car Rental

Several car rental companies are present at the airport and several locations in the city. You can rent any car type of your choice including limousine. Hire a car with Travelstart.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Monrovia is between November and April during the dry season.

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