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It has been said that Mexico is one country with a thousand worlds. The highlights to Mexico are its colonel cities, archaeological treasures, panoramic mountain vistas and colourful traditions. Taking a cheap flight to Mexico’s centre and capital Mexico City allows one to follow any direction to explore the country’s vast size. 

Requirements for Entry to Mexico

A valid passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity is required of all visitors to Mexico. All citizens and residents of Nigeria are required to obtaining a Mexican tourist visa prior to departing. The visa can be obtained at the Embassy of Mexico located in Abuja.

Getting to Mexico City from Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX)

Flights arrive from Nigeria to Mexico’s capital. Taxi services are located outside of all terminal buildings. The fare is government regulated and taxi tickets are sold at kiosks located near the arrival gates and in the walkway area.
The Metrobus is the public transportation system for Mexico City and the Metrobus Line 4 connects the airport with central Mexico City.
To get to other parts of Mexico, domestic flights to nearly any state can be taken from Benito Juárez International Airport.

Major Attractions 

Mexico City is built over the remains of the legendary Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.  Teotihuacan is the most visited archaeological site and is known as ‘the birthplace of the gods’. The designated UNESCO site houses the world’s third largest pyramid.
The eastern shore of Mexico sits the homeland of the Mayan Indians in the Yucatan. Xel-Ha is a natural aquarium park formulated by Mother Nature to sea trek (walk under water) and snorkel. Inland, Chichen Itza is a Mayan archaeological site enclosing the Pyramid of Kukulkan and the Temple of 1000 Columns amongst other grand ruins. 
The west coast sits the Pacific Ocean with villages far from the maddening crowds dotting its shores. Puerto Vallarta balances modern resort life with nature’s unspoiled beauty.  Take an ecological expedition or trek through the jungle.
In the country’s centre, San Miguel de Allende is diverse as it is picturesque. Authentic Spanish Colonial architecture is apparent along its cobblestone streets. La Ottra Cara de Mexico (The Other Face of Mexico) contains a notable exhibit of masks that played a role in the national cultures of the country.   

Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation in Mexico City and all other cities in Mexico are affordable.  They range from world class 5-star hotels to budget categories. Accommodation on either east or west coast is modern resorts on the water front.


The cuisine in Mexico varies by state. Along the Pacific or Gulf of Mexico coastlines it tends to seafood as the menu of the day. Shrimp, lobster and grouper are commonplace and usually grilled with lime and other fruits. Much of food found in Mexico City and the colonial pueblos consists of tacos or tortillas filled with spicy meat and spicy jalapeño peppers. Spicy food is the order of day in these parts. As with any big city or resort, international cuisines are also available.


In Mexico City, the subway (underground) system is an extensive network which covers a large part of the city. Use these trains to get downtown and other areas of interest. Outside of the capital, inland towns and those in the coastal area have limited transportation options with local bus service. Hiring an auto or taking organized tours to travel around the country is a good option.

Things to Do

Chapultepec Forest was once the provisional home of the Aztec empire and its 686 hectares serve as Mexico City's most popular gathering place. The park contains the presidential residence, a former palace, which once housed Emperor Maximilian I, several museums, lakes and a zoo.  Drift down the waterways of Mexico City to a wildlife preserve and some floating gardens aboard multihued gondolas (called "trajineras").  
In the resort areas along on the east and west coasts, indulge in fishing excursions, snorkelling and whale watching. Embrace the mountain region aboard the Cooper Canyon Rail Road, which crosses some of Mexico’s most rugged terrain.

Best Time to Visit

Because of its size, the weather varies in Mexico by region. The best time to make the visit is between November and April when there are virtually no rain and temperate weather conditions. December and February can snow in the high northern regions and ‘rainy’ season begins in the south sections of the country from May and through October.  

Flights to Mexico City MEX

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