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This is one of the oldest cities that is located in Albania. Vlorë just like Albania has natural beauty, and with so many attractions this place has become a big tourist destination. Vlorë has come a long way since it was founded by the Ancient Greeks in 6th century BC, and it is definitely a place that you would want to go to for the perfect holiday.

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Why visit Vlorë?

  • This city is known for having a great night-life, especially in summer!
  • The beauty of Vlorë's beaches is a sight that cannot be missed!
  • The people are extremely welcoming and friendly!
Albanian Lek (ALL)
Time Zone:
UTC + 1
Dialing Code
00 + 355 + Local Number
Drive on the right side of the road.
Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza
Travel Adaptor:
Standard UK Adaptor Plug, Type G.

The best time to visit Vlorë would be between May and September as these are the hottest months, but they are also the busiest months of the year with many tourists visiting and vacationing in this beautiful city. November and December are the wettest months of the year so it is generally not advised to come during those months, if rain is something you do not enjoy.

This Albanian city is known for mostly speaking Albanian, which is the official language in this city. There are other languages like Tosk, Gheg and English that are also spoken and understood in Vlorë as well.

  • This city is home to the second largest port city of Albania.
  • Vlorë is where the Albanian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1912.
  • The University of Vlora is the second largest in Albania.

This city has numerous amounts of beautiful natural springs and mountainous landscapes and it is considered to be a gem of Albania. The main historic attractions in Vlorë consist of the places like Kanine Castle, Independence Monument and Zvernec Monastery.

Vlorë is also known for their famous rivers like The Vjosa River as well as Narta Lagoon which is recognised internationally because of the number of sea birds that migrate through Albania. There are so many sights and attractions in Vlorë it has certainly become a destination that can be enjoyed on holiday.

This Mediterranean cuisine that is known for having Italian and Turkish influence is something that many locals and tourists enjoy and seek when in Vlorë. This city's food has a rich heritage behind every traditional meal that is prepared, so the next time you are in town be sure to visit Platinum Restaurant, Pasticeri Kafe izraelite, Marakesh Vlore, and Primo Gusto Restaurant.

The most common religion practised in Albania is Islam, which is followed by Christianity. Albanians are very hospitable, they are also known for showing respect on account of their age. Being a new tourist in this place one should be polite but never argue with them about things that relate to religion and politics. This is a beautiful city with beautiful people and it is definitely a place that can really be enjoyed.

This is a fairly safe place to visit and explore. Although there are petty crimes like pickpocketing that does occur from time-to-time especially when its holiday season, so tourists need to be aware of their surroundings.

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About Vlorë

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza (code: TIA) is Albania's only international airport, this airport was constructed in two years (1955- 1957). The airport was named after Albania's most loved and treasured humanitarians Mother Tereza.

Food and drink

This airport currently manages the operations of three bars and one bar-restaurant these consist of Piazza bar-restaurant, Segafredo Bar, Coli's Bar.

Currency Exchange

Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT) is a foreign exchange office that is located within the airport.

Lost luggage

If you lost any item of luggage you should contact the Lost & Found offices at the airport (Telephone: +355 4 23 81 681/ +355 4 23 81 682)

Airport hotels

The hotels that are located near the airport include Hotel Airport Tirana, Best Western Premier Ark Hotel, Hotel Jurgen, Hotel Verzaci, and Hotel Vila Zeus.

Airport hub

Tirana International Airport (code: TIA) is a hub for Adria Airways, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airlines Jetairfly, Lufthanasa,Aegan Airlines, Turkish Airlines,Pegasus Airlines,Blue Panorama Airlines,and Air Serbia

Car Hire

The main car hire dealerships located at the airport include Hertz, Europcar, Avis, SIXT Rent a car, Eurocar, Albania Airport, and ARA Auto Rental.

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