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Cotonou is the largest city of Benin and home to many government institutions and diplomatic missions; it is the de-facto capital of Benin Republic.

Its strategic location on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and at crossroad between many neighboring countries makes it a commercial hub and a channel for trade with land lock, interior African nations.

Cotonou has a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in the unique artifacts from this city. Book cheap flights to  Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport  with Travelstart. Search and compare cheap flights and airlines on the booking engine above.

Requirements for Entry 

A National Passport with a minimum period validity of 6 months beyond the intended period of stay is needed at the time of travel.  Nigerians do not need Visa to enter Cotonou

Getting to the City Centre from Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport (COO)

There are several transport options at Cotonou Cadjehoun Airport, which includes taxis, airport shuttles, hotel courtesy shuttles and bus services.

One means of transportation peculiar to the city is its motorcycle-taxis. Known as Zemidjans they are the fastest way around.

Major Attractions

The Boulevard St.Michael in the heart of the city is a favorite place to be if you are interested in history. The artisanal center here has Benin’s traditional and modern arts on display. Also the Topka market has a lot of exotic artifacts and souvenirs of all sorts.

The Marché Dantokpa, a very large open-air market has everything you could imagine on sale, be it fruits, medicines or clothing items. It will startle you to discover a fascinating fetish market here. 

Fidjrosse beach is the most popular beach in Cotonou. Locals and tourists alike flock to this beach for picnic. Several Cafes and inns attend to the needs of visitors here. The scenic coastline of Cotonou has many other beautiful beaches.

Ganvie is a small village built on stakes it the midst of the lake. It top tourists’ attraction in Cotonou and many has referred to it as Africa’s Venice

A visit to Cotonou museum is like taking a trip to ancient Africa. The relics of the centuries of royalty of are on exhibition. It I the best place to find the remnants of Africa’s past in a modern metropolis.

Things to Do

  • Attend the Stade de l'Amitié , a  festival which celebrates of African art and spirit. It is hosted in Cotonou every few months interval and is both a local and foreign tourists’ magnet.
  • Sun bath, swim or just have a relaxed stroll and catch some fun in one of the charming coastline beaches of Cotonou.
  • Explore Boulevard St. Michel. And also remember to shop for rare artifacts and souvenirs at Topka market.
  • Have a taste of African cuisine in one of the exquisite restaurants selling local meals.
  • Hang out at the one of the Cotonou Bars and savor the taste of chilled beer while listening to hip hop and African music from the DJ.

Hotels and Accommodation

Several hotels in Cotonou offer luxury lodgings and superb convenience with modern facilities. These classic hotels mix architectural spectacle with natural splendor. Top among them are: Azalai Hotel De La Plage, Novotel Orisha Cotonou, Hotel Du Port, Hotel Acropole and Hôtel du Lac.

Car Rentals

National Car Rental offer can hire services at the airport and at many other major locations in the city, including major hotels.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Cotonou is during the dry seasons, from December to February and from July to September. The favorite outdoor activities are best enjoyed at this time.

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