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Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. It is the Wales largest city as well as the major commercial centre of the nation and hosts most cultural institutions in the country. Cardiff claims to have the largest concentration of castles of any city in the world with Cardiff Castle located at the city centre being the major tourist attraction in the city. Cardiff is an important tourist centre, attracting over 18.3 million visitors in 2010. Book cheap flights to Cardiff Airport (CWL) with Travelstart. Search and compare cheap flights and airlines on the booking engine above

Getting to City Centre from Cardiff Airport (CWL)

The airport can be reached by road and rail, there are numerous bus services taking the airport route and a train service from the airport to the city centre is also available. However the best option to get to the city centre with convenience is using Airport Taxi transfer service

Major Attractions

Top attractions in Cardiff include:

Cardiff Castle: This is the most popular attraction in Cardiff. It an architectural wonder built over 2000 years ago. A banquet hall with exquisite fireplace, beautifully stained glass windows, clock tower and a chapel are some of the features of the castle.

Wales Millennium Centre:  This centre has a theatre and Music shows and performances are hosted in this centre. It is a marvel of modern architecture.

Bute Park:   Bute Park is an array of several parks that stretch along the city centre.  Visitors pay to gain entrance

Civic Centre: The Cardiff Civic Centre is among the best in the world. It is surrounded by gardens and parks with exquisite fountains and it is decorated with exclusive marbles from around the world.

Millennium Stadium: The Millennium stadium is a rugby stadium and hosts several music and rock concert. It is one of the largest stadiums in the world that has a retractable roof. There are guided tours and most sports lovers would love to visit this stadium.

Things To Do

Visit the riverside Farmer's Market, Wales is known as food lovers’ paradise.

Take a day off to Cardiff Bay, the shopper’s paradise, and take care of your shopping needs. Several shops bars and restaurants offer their services here. You can also take your kids to the amusement park nearby.

Enjoy the ancient relics by visiting Cardiff castle.

Dine in the finest restaurants of Cardiff restaurants. No matter your taste and the cuisine you will find a suitable restaurant or café for your romantic evening outing.

Take pleasure in Port Harcourt night life at several classy Cardiff’s pubs and clubs mainly located on St Mary Street. The Castle Quarter is home to more trendy bars and clubs.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are many hotels in Cardiff. You will always find a hotel that will suit your taste and budget. Irrespective of your choice you will enjoy efficient service. The facilities at the hotels differ just as their charges are different.

Car Rentals

There several car rental companies and car hire stations at Cardiff airport and other locations in the city. Whether you want a luxury vehicle or an economy car you certainly have car Rental Company at your service.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Cardiff is during the summer when the city hosts large festivals and the weather is warm, allowing tourists and locals to engage in various outdoor activities. 

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