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Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and is one of the favorite tourists’ destinations in Europe. It has a long history and has mingled its aged architecture with contemporary standard of living. This has given it a distinctive appeal earning it the 7th, most idyllic place to live, in Europe according to Forbes.

Budapest has numerous natural attractions like banks of Danube River which is a World Heritage site and Geothermal springs. Book cheap flights to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport  with Travelstart. Search and compare cheap flights and airlines on the booking engine above.

Requirements for Entry to Budapest

A National Passport with a minimum period validity of 6 months beyond the intended period of stay is needed at the time of travel.  A Tourist Visa is necessary for Nigerians and can be obtained at Hungary embassy at No. 61, Jose Marti Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

There many transport companies providing airport shuttles to various destinations in the city.

Fastest and most convenient transfer to the city is using taxis operated by Fotaxi. Car rental companies offer luxury cars for a classic transfer to the city.

Major Attractions

Some of the awe-inspiring attractions in Budapest are:

Thermal baths:  several nature free gift of thermal bath are located in Budapest. You explore Kiraly Thermal bath which has been in existence for about 5 centuries. The springs is equally a must see.

House of Terror Museum:  this museum was where the Communist and Nazis secret police lively and hundreds of Hungarians where executed on this spot. It established as a museum in 2002 as a memorial to all the victims.  

Széchenyi chain bridge:  this bridge that link Buda and pest crossed River Danube is a masterpiece and a tourist’s magnet. The stone lions guarding the two ends are one of a kind. Take your time to explore this bridge.

Hungarian National Gallery: this gallery exhibits the beauty of Hungarian art. It has on exhibition Renaissance and Baroque art and 19th century sculpture and art. It is located in Buda Royal Palace.

 Inner city Franciscan church: this famous religious site now hosts a church. The architectural Grandeur of this ancient facility is appealing to sightseer and it is a tourist top attraction.   

Things to Do

Take a short trip to St. Stephens Basilica and explore the Italian renaissance architectural designs that can only be found in Hungary, in contemporary time.

Visit the Royal palace and care travel around the art galleries and National museums that is located inside the premises of the palace.

Have a lavish dinner in one of the local restaurants and have a nice taste of Hungarian meal starting with apricot brandy and with heavy goulash.

Savor the taste of Tokaji Aszú! A local wine also referred to as, King of wines, wine of Kings.

Hotels and Accommodation

Several hotels in Budapest offer luxury lodgings and superb convenience with modern facilities. These classic hotels mix architectural spectacle with natural splendor. Whether you are choosing based on star rating or price you will surely find a wonderful accommodation for your stay in Budapest.

Car Rentals

Several Car Rental Companies offer car rental services in Budapest.  There are also many car rental locations in the city: car rental services are available at the airport as well as in major hotels in the city.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Budapest are between the months of March to May and September through November.  There are fewer tourists at this time and the weather is favorable. However Budapest is an all year round destination as the weather is always mild.

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