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Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, is a wonderful travel destination. Featuring a distinctive character, Bogota promotes an ecological perspective with wonderful green open spaces. If you want to visit a neatly arranged and clean city that hosts various internationally acclaimed events such as the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival and Rock al Parque, book a cheap flight with Travelstart Nigeria and get to Bogota!

El Dorado International Airport 

All flights to Bogota are handled by the El Dorado International Airport (BOG), Colombia’s major airport, and the third busiest airport in Latin America with 25.0 million passengers in 2013. The airport handles both domestic and international flights from regular carriers, charter companies and cargo from two terminals. El Dorado features the third biggest landing site in the world and offers a wide range of facilities, including duty free shops, food and beverage, business services, and money exchange.

Main Attractions

Full of narrow streets and buildings with Spanish colonial, Baroque and Art Deco architecture, La Candelaria is Bogota’s historical area. There you can find the Botero Museum with paintings and sculptures of Fernando Botero, but also works of Monet and Picasso, the Gold Museum with a huge collection of 36,000 artifacts made of gold, wood, stone and shell, the Luis Angel Arango Library, Colombia’s hugest library with more than 1 million books and Colon Theater, Colombia’s representative theater.

Plaza Bolivar, named after Simon Bolivar, one of the most influential politicians in the Latin American history, who played a major role in Latin America’s independence from the Spanish Empire, is located at the heart of Bogota’s historical area. Bolivar’s bronze sculpture stands in the middle. On the northern side, there is the Palace of Justice, which houses the Supreme Court. Since 1921, the building was destroyed in 1948 by a fire and in 1985 with a guerilla attack. Today, it features a modern architecture style. On the eastern side, you can admire Catedral Primada, Colombia’s biggest Roman Catholic cathedral and one of the biggest churches in Latin America.

The National Museum of Colombia hosts a collection of 20,000 artifacts and objects that symbolize the history and cultural heritage of Colombia from different periods. Built in 1823, the National Museum is the oldest building both in Colombia and in Latin America, with a wonderful fortress architecture, featuring a façade of brick and stone arches, vaults and columns. From 1874 to 1946, the building was used as the Panoptico prison with 104 cells. From 1948 onwards and after several restorations, it serves as the National Museum of Colombia. The Museum houses also 17 permanent exhibition galleries with 2,500 archaeological and ethnographic samples of indigenous and afro-Colombian art and culture manifestations.

Hotels and Accommodation

Bogota offers all sorts of accommodation from 5-star hotels to budget hotels, hostels, guesthouses, B&B, and apartments. However, you should consider the dangerous neighborhoods of the city as criminality and drug dealing rates are quite high in Bogota and generally in Colombia. For instance, you should avoid Plaza Bolivar and Ciudad Bolivar as there is a high risk of robbery. Also, La Candelaria is quite dangerous at night as gangs of thieves attack the tourists that descend from Cerro de Monteserrate, the most wonderful spot of Bogota to watch the sunset. Find Bogota hotels.

Car Rentals

The El Dorado airport offers great car rental services from leading car rental providers. You can select any type of vehicle for your preferred car rental company based on the best price or rental terms. Additionally, some providers offer up to 40% discount off the regular rates if you use Colombia secure online car rental booking system. Hire a car with Travelstart Nigeria.

Best Time to Visit

Bogota has a tropical climate. The average highest temperature throughout the year is 18 Celsius. However, there is heavy rainfall from April to July. The best time to visit Bogota is from December to March when the weather is dry and it rains the least.

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