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Benin is the capital of Edo State, located in the Southern part of Nigeria. Benin is also the capital of the ancient Benin Kingdom that was formed in the 13th century; the city has a population estimated to be around 1,147,188 people in 2006 census. It prides itself as a city where you can get the finest bronze casters in the whole of West Africa and houses some of the finest artefacts in the world. Presently, the city is one of the finest cities in Nigeria with its bustling commercial activities, economic and efficient transportation system and an ease of traffic congestion around the city.

Travel to Benin and explore the beautiful tourist attraction centres, dine with the natives, enjoy the folklores about the ancient Benin and buy local fashion accessories like beads and ornament at an affordable price.

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Major Attractions

The royal palace of the Oba of Benin, a UNESCO listed heritage site situated at the heart of the city. You can visit the palace and learn more about the city’s history and culture. The Igun-Eronwon Quaters is known for its brass and bronze casting industries, the attraction centre has the largest collection of bronze casters you can ever imagine.

The local markets feature lots of handcrafted items, local and organic produce from the local farmers and artisans. These local markets include the Agbado market, Oba market, New Benin Market, Oliha market, Ogiso market, Ikpoba hill market and many others.

The Emotun Statue is a woman’s statue, clothed in the traditional wrapper and a headgear related with the Benin royalty is positioned opposite the Oba market.

You can visit the Edegbake and Oghodhoghodo Caves, which are prehistoric. If you love fishing, you can fish at the slow flowing streams that run through the Edegbake stream. It is also a perfect location for excursions and picnic.

You can visit the Ukhuse Oke, a sacred grove where prehistoric giant footprints are found and embedded on flat granite. For lovers of gardens, Ogba Zoological Garden is a place to visit; the garden was established in 1915 and it exhibits trees for the scientific and educational interest and value.

Benin Airport BNI

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Best Time to Visit Benin, Nigeria

Benin is always a fun city to visit at any time. Thousands of tourists visit the city, making it their homes during holidays. For those who would love to experience the cultural heritage of the people in full display, you can visit Benin around December during the festive period. There is no dull moment in Benin City!

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