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Bamako got flat plains sprawling across it with its Presidential Palace standing majestically from its Northern escarpment. It is a home to multiple museums, Dakar Niger railway, an international airport and a cultural hub. Book cheap flights to Bamako with Travelstart Nigeria. Search and compare flight fares on all major airlines flying to Mali.

Bamako Senou International Airport BKO

Mali’s main airport is Bamako Senou International Airport which is some distance away from the downtown of Bamako. It is taken care of by the Malian Ministry of Equipment and Transports. In 2003, it accommodated 486,526, and in 2006, 900,000 passengers were handled by the airport.

Major Attractions

You can follow the Mali’s 1960 independence when you visit the National Library of Mali. This library has over 60,000 works which including periodicals, books, videos, audio documents and software. The Bamako Grand Mosque that is situated at the city centre attracts a lot of faithful to it from around the world. The central market offers you lots of artifacts, artifacts and local attire that you can buy at affordable rate. 

Take a trip to BCEAO tower and see the tallest building in West Africa. This is the headquarters of the Central Bank of West African States.  You can visit the National Museum of Mali buildings that were specially designed by Jean-Loup Pivin. Mali’s anthropological and archeological items are kept at the National Museum of Mali.  You would see some ritual objects that are associated with the different ethnic groups in Mali here.

Kids would love to visit the Bamako Zoo where there are lots of animals for them to see. The Bamako Botanical Gardens have some of the finest flowers that you can see in West Africa and there are the triangular Monument de la paix, Souvenir Pyramid, Al Quoods Monument, the Independence Monument, the Hamdallaye obelisk, the Palais de la Culture Amadou Hampaté Ba,the Modibo Keita Memorial, and the Point G hill that contains caves with rock paintings, for you to visit.

Things To Do

There are lots of things you can do when you are in Bamako. The city hosts rally cars and motorcycles which is a tourist attraction for a lot of people.  You can hike with friends, eat the local delicacies and meet new friends.  For those who love the night life, they can easily mingle with the locals in different pubs that are around the city.

Hotels and Accommodation

Accommodation has been made affordable with different budget hotels and luxury hotels that visitors can make use of. Bamako has a lot of exciting locations where visitors can use as a getaway for their holidays and tourism. Majority of these hotels have modern facilities including communication centers and hotspot facilities for guests. Find Bamako Hotels.

Car Rentals

With the huge number of places to visit in Bamako, the best thing you can do is to hire a car that can take you around the city. Travelstart offers car rental services; you can hire a vehicle of your choice. Hire a car with Travelstart Nigeria.

Best Time To Visit Bamako

Life is fun for the people of Bamako which is the reason we see so many people visit the city daily. However, the best time you can visit Bamako is October through early January.

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