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Modern skylines, bustling street markets and a vibrant, colourful mix of cultures-are just a few ways of describing the capital city of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur otherwise known as KL is recognised globally for their 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers, 92-ha at Lake Garden, and even the famous Aquaria KLCC which is the largest aquarium in the world.

Apart from all these amazing attractions there is a rich culture and history which dates back to the 1850’s that awaits you. From the timeless architecture to the mouth-watering Malay cuisine, Kuala Lumpur aims to please.

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Why visit Kuala Lumpur?

  • Enjoy the diversity of this city, from the world's largest free-flight bird park, to viewing art at the Islamic Art Museum and soaking up the beautiful weather at one of the many beautiful beaches!
  • KL is one of the top shopping destinations in the world, places like Little India, China Town and Central Market have a wide range of shopping experiences, bargains and discounts!
  • Experience this place that is filled with such vibrancy and velocity Bangsar for example, is the city's heartbeat it is one of the best experiences to be apart of and definitely one that is hard to come by !
Ringgit (RM)
Exchange Rate:
~1 NGN: ~ 0.020 MYR
Time Zone:
UTC +8 hours - There is a 7 hour difference between Nigeria and Kuala Lumpur
Dialing Code
00 + 1 + Area Code +Local Number
Drive on the left side of the road.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Travel Adaptor:
Type G: 240V - 50Hz

Kuala Lumpur has 2 distinct seasons wet and dry. The wet seasons last from November to March, with November generally being the wettest month of the year. The dry seasons usually begins in May up until September with the driest month being June.

This capital is known for having rainstorms which come either in the morning or late afternoon. The best time to visit Kuala Lumpur would be from May till July as these are the warmest seasons and all attractions can be enjoyed without the weather being a problem.

The official language in Kuala Lumpur is Malay, the lingua franca of the many races that reside here. Other languages like Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Tamil are also spoken by some locals.

  • This is the largest and most populated city in Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur is the eighth most visited city in the world, according to Forbes in 2014.
  • The literal meaning of Kuala Lumpur is ‘Muddy’ (Kuala) ,‘Junction between two rivers’ (Lumpur).

Kuala Lumpur is not known as the capital city of Malaysia for nothing this place is beaming with so many beautiful and wonderful things to see and do. According to locals the best way to explore this city is by foot due to the frequent traffic jams.

There are many parts of KL that are laid-back with the jungle lushness of the village it once was. With a total of 66 shopping malls including the One Utama which is the fourth biggest mall in the world, Kuala Lumpur is the retail hub of Malaysia.

Once shopping is checked off the list of things to do, it might be time to head outside to experience the city’s art scenes which is part of the reason why it is such a popular tourist destination. The sensational selection of entertainment that can be found here include ballet performances, cultural shows, theatre, concerts, orchestras and live music performances

Other popular attractions include:

  • Bukit Bintang
  • Aquaria KLCC
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
  • Merdeka Square (historic square)
  • Suria KLCC (shopping)
  • Jamek Mosque
  • National Museum
  • Low Yat Plaza
  • Istana Budaya
  • Bukit Tabur (hiking)
  • “The Sunway Pyramid”

Kuala Lumpur has been said to be the best place to indulge in some of the finest culinary delights that Malaysia has to offer. This city has everything to tantalise those taste buds from Malay dishes which is really famous to Chinese and Indian dishes. The much loved Malay dishes in Kuala Lumpur are characterized by spicy and intensely curried ingredients, as well as sweet-smelling aromas.

There are certain dishes that are recommended like Sambal which is made up of prawn paste, lime juice and a hot paste of pounded chillies. And then you get those dishes that are only for those adventurous eaters like the local delicacy, bull penis soup with fennel seeds, garlic, cloves and cinnamon.

The many restaurants especially the Malay establishments are fine-dining restaurants that have won astounding reviews for their authentically prepared meals in an elegant setting accompanied by efficient and excellent service.

The Petronas Twin Towers has some fantastic heights, which attract many visitors to dine at the revolving restaurant on the upper floor where they can enjoy a nice meal while viewing the whole city.

The most popular places in KL that serve the best and local cuisine is located within the city centre making it incredibly convenient for first-time visitors looking to enjoy tantalising treats such as spicy chicken satay, and oxtail soup.

There are many tantalising and beautiful restaurants that are located across this city like:

  • Dining In The Dark KL
  • The Whiskey Bar
  • The Steakhouse
  • Arabesque
  • El Cerdo
  • Opium KL
  • Din Tai Fung Pavilion KL
  • Ishin Japanese Dining
  • Healy Mac’s Irish Pub and Restaurant Kuala Lumpur
  • Black Forest KL
  • Drift Dining & Bar
  • Pinchos Tapas Bar
  • Skillet at 163
  • Sham’s Cooked with Love

There is such a unique culture and tradition that is found in Kuala Lumpur. This city’s unique multicultural heritage is what makes it a multinational vacation retreat. The various cultures that can be found include that of Malay, Indian and Chinese decent, and it constantly amazes people how the cultural richness found, is able to unite them.

Malays are the largest community found in this city and they are mostly Muslims, but there are Christians and Hindus amongst them. Although Islam is the official religion practiced, other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity are practiced freely.

The locals are friendly and extremely welcoming, which is why it is considered to be the friendliest city in Malaysia. Due to the fact that Kuala Lumpur is a liberal city- wearing revealing clothes will rarely cause major problems. However, you might be able to fit in more by wearing clothes that are not too revealing.

There are also many mosques and temples that require people to cover up, and you will get more respect from officialdom if you dress up a little. Many places of worship including all mosques will require you to take your shoes off before entering.

If you can speak just a few words of the four main local languages, namely Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese (especially Cantonese), Tamil and English, it will ingratiate you a lot with the locals.

Many locals boil or filter the water in the city before use. Tap water in Kuala Lumpur is heavily chlorinated which makes it safe to consume, but the pipes that carry the water may not be. Alternatively you are able to purchase bottled water which is cheap.

There is also no malaria in the city, but dengue fever can be a problem at times, so there are certain precautions that must be made against mosquitoes.

Usually due to the heat between May and October, Kuala Lumpur occasionally gets covered in a dense haze from the forest fires in Sumatra and Bomeo, which can be a health concern for asthmatics. However, the fires come and go and do not happen every year. Crime in the city is not very high, in the recent years the Malaysian police have managed to reduce the amount of crime in the city, making it a very safe place to explore.Also, while you may drink in pubs, restaurants and bars, public drunkenness is not tolerated. You will be more vulnerable to getting robbed or will find yourself in the back seat of a police car.

Nigerians looking to travel to Kuala Lumpur will require a Visa, a single or multiple entry visa is available for a validity of up to 3 months for tourists. You will need to apply with the following documentation: Nigerian passport, 2 photographs, and proof of status, itinerary and a recent bank statement.

More information on how to apply is available on the Travelstart blog.

The Nigerian Embassy to Malaysia is located in Abuja.

Address: No. 4A, Plot 2232 B, Rio Negro Close, off Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja
Phone:+234-9-780 9379

Item Kano Lagos Kuala Lumpur
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant ₦ 600 ₦ 580 ₦ 511
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) ₦ 350 ₦ 300 ₦ 614
Cappuccino (regular) ₦ 100 ₦ 98 ₦ 562
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) ₦ 143 ₦ 500 ₦ 77
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) ₦ 300 ₦ 250 ₦ 869

Kuala Lumpur airport (code: KUL) is the only mahor airport in the city.

Food and beverage: The restaurants that are located within the airport include KFC, Burger King, Hot Wok,Malaysian Wok, Taste of India, McDonalds, Popeyes, The Bar, Kopi Time, The Baker's Cottage, Food Garden and Food Paradise and so many more.

Currency Exchange: KLIA has nine foreign exchange counters, all of which accept major currencies. Our counters are operated by Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Bank Islam and the Kuwait House of Finance.

Lost Luggage: If you lost any item of luggage you should contact your handling airline or you should head to the lost and found department located in the airport (Telephone: +60 (3) 8776 4312/ +60 (3) 8776 2000 )

Airport Hotels: The hotels that are located at the airport include Sama-Sama Kuala Lumpar

Car Hire: The main car hire dealerships that are located at the airport include Europcar, Kasina Baru, Sime Darby, Global aero, and Hertz

Airport Hub: Kuala Lumpur airport (code: KUL) is a hub for AirAsia, AirAsia X, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, MASkargo, Rayani Air, UPS Airlines, and Gading Sari.

The information on this page is correct as of March 2016. While every effort is made to keep information as fresh as possible, takes no responsibility for any of the information being out of date or incorrectly noted.

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