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Hahn Air is the world’s largest airline company that operates from Germany and it is specialized in distribution services for different airlines. It covers over 190 countries and it is known to cooperate with over 260 airlines and up to 91,000 travel agencies. Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS) and Findel Luxembourg Airport (LUX) are its scheduled flights. You can book cheap flights with Travelstart when you want to travel with Hahn Air.


It is expected that every passenger is at the airport three hours before a flight’s scheduled departure time. For those who are travelling with the domestic flights, they should be at the airport at least three hours before their expected flight departure time. Booking online should be done 24 hours prior to travelling and your flight booking can be done every hour of the day.

Hahn Air Prohibited Items

There are items that are not allowed in any of the Hahn Air’s flights. The airline has a guideline that every traveler must adhere to. This guideline prohibits flammable liquids, box cutters, cutting objects, wet cell batteries, lighters, ammunition, corrosive substances, knives of any length, drills, saws, acids, alkalis, infectious substances, game darts, explosives, firework, toxic substances, radioactive materials and flares.

Hahn Air In-flight Service

There are lots of in-flight entertainment gadgets for travelers who are moving with this airline. The cabin crews are trained and would support you with the best services on transit, they offer you food and drinks. This depends on your destination duration. This is what you can check before you make your flight with Hahn Air.

Movies, musicals, magazine and audio entertainments are provided for your relaxation. The airline makes sure that its seating arrangement is designed to make you relax your legs and give you comfort. You should not forget that luxury is what you are paying for when you travel with this airline. There is no end to the entertainment from the airline, even when you have landed; there is always the smiling faces and support to make your journey stress free.

Flight Information

Cessna CitationJet CJ4 is the only aircraft that the Hahn Air possesses.

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