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Getting to know Germanwings

With over 13 years of experience this Cologne based airline is one of the best. Germanwings operates in 53 destinations and their wings are expanding, they were the first low-cost airline in Germany.

At Germanwings you will be able to find affordable flights to major cities on the European continent for any traveller seeking the perfect holiday destination.

Germanwings is part of the Lufthansa Group, they are not only a safe and reliable airline they offer first-class services. They provide value based pricing options to their customers by giving them the option to customize their flights by selecting from 'Basic, Smart, and Best fares'.

Get the right flight at the right price and get the best out of your travel experience.

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Why fly with Germanwings

  • By signing up for the Boomerang club, you have access to many benefits. For example, for every €1 you spend on a flight you receive 10 miles. You can receive an award flight (one-leg) for as little as 10,000 miles. And with 20,000 miles you can select the round-trip flight, of your choice from the entire Eurowings and Germanwings route network!
  • Germanwings offeres excellent value for money, as a result you are able to receive better routes ad even more destinations!
  • They are part of the Lufthansa Group, this is the reason for Germanwings offering services of the usual high quality of this group. Lufthansa is a German airline that is the largest airline in Europe!

Baggage allowance

You will be charged for each item of luggage that you check in. And if you do happen to check in more than one bag weighing 23kg, there will be an additional charge for excess luggage that will apply.

All passengers may carry one item of hand luggage on board with a maximum weight of 8kg.

Best- The comfort fare

These passengers are allowed to take 1 bag (23kg). Passengers will need to pay 149€ for a second bag (23kg).

Smart- The standard fare

These passengers are allowed to take 1 bag up (23kg).

Passengers will need to pay 75€ for a second bag (23kg).

Basic- The budget fare

Passengers are required to pay 15€ if they have 1 bag up to 23kg. For a second bag (23kg) they are required to pay 75€.

Passengers need to register their first item of luggage before arriving for their flight. There will be a fee of 15€ charged per flight and passenger. If passengers do not do this, they will be charged a higher rate of 30€ for checking in their bag.

Check in

Check-in times do vary depending on the airport. All check-in counters open 2 hours before departures and it closes 30 minutes before the flight departs.

Passengers are required to keep themselves informed at these times.

For your convenience, there are various check-in options made available to passengers:

  • Check-in at the counter
  • Self-service check-in
  • Web check-in
  • Mobile check-in

Cabin classes

Passengers are allowed to choose between a standard seat or a seat with 10cm added leg-room , they can also choose if they want to sit in the aisle, the window, or by the window.

  • The 'Basic' fare you can add a seat reservation as an extra.
  • The 'Smart' fare includes the free reservation of seats and they can request a seat with an added 10cm leg-room,
  • The 'Best' fare allows you to reserve a seat in rows 1-3. There is a free adjacent seat and that allows you to to have additional space.

Germanwings is a low-cost airline that operates throughout Europe and its routes extend to servicing 130 European destinations.

Top destinations for Germanwings

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