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The beautiful city of Walvis Bay is the principal port of Namibia. Situated on the west coast of southern Africa, Walvis Bay is filled with an abundance of sea birds that make for spectacular sights.

Home to the freshwater lagoon of Sandwich Harbour is only a 48km drive to some of the city's most intriguing activities. Walvis Bay might be small, but it should not be underestimated with an abundance of adventures, great food and friendly people this is destination that many fall in love with.

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Why visit Walvis Bay?

  • Explore the most important wetlands of Southern Africa with Dune 7 which is the highest sand dune of the area offering the best views to those adventurous types who climb it!
  • Enjoy a spectacular dolphin and seal experience on the Levo morning boat tour which also includes an interesting overview of Walvis Bay's history!
  • With many fun-filled activities from playing at Walvis Bay Golf Club to sailing and angling along Walvis Bay waters there is definitely experiences worth having!
Namibian Dollar ($)
Exchange Rate:
~1 NGN: ~0.075 NAD
Dialing Code
00 +264 + Local Number
Drives on the left
Walvis Bay Airport
Travel Adaptor:
Type D/M (voltage:220V, frequency: 50Hz)

Walvis Bay has a desert climate and it is one of the driest towns on the planet. However the cool Atlantic Ocean and the prevailing offshore currents ensure that the temperatures in Walvis Bay remain fairly pleasant.

The best time to visit Walvis Bay would be during the summer months which begins in November and ends in February to make the most out of all outdoor activities and entertainment.

  • This town has 85, 000 inhabitants and owns 29km of land.
  • Walvis Bay is one of the best places in the world to see flamingoes.
  • Walvis Bay has a 3500-hectare saltpan complex which supplies over 90% of South Africa's salt.

Despite its long history there are very few old buildings that is located in this city. The oldest remaining building in Walvis Bay is the Rhenish Mission Church which is a must-see, it was prefabricated in Hamburg, Germany, and reconstructed beside the harbour in 1880 and consecrated the following year.

For most tourists the main attractions include the sea and not the land. So it is not surprising that the main attractions include Swakopmund, it is one of the most active beaches on the planet.

There are many activities that keep tourists entertained from fishing, surfing, kayaking, quad biking and sand boarding. Walvis Bay is known for their magnificent bird-life making trips to Bird Island and Pelican Point amazing sights.

The many other amazing attractions to experience when visiting Walvis Bay include:

  • Skeleton Coast
  • Walvis Bay Museum
  • Port
  • Walvis Bay Waterfront
  • Mola Mola Safari’s
  • Long Beach Leisure Park
  • Red Dune Safari's

Namibia is known for have the most tantalising food, especially when it comes to their street food. Venison maybe good in certain places in Southern Africa, but it’s in Namibia where you can find the best wide variety of gemsbok, kudu, zebra, warthog, and ostrich that need to be tried.

The best way to enjoy venison would be the Namibian way of including traditional staples like oshifima (maize porridge) or mahangu (pearl millet) and not forgetting a hearty tankard or two of fine Namibian beer. Namibian cuisine has strong influences, with traditional German delicacies like sausages, cured meats, and sauerkraut with a blend of South-African style potjiekos, biltong and braaivleis.

The best restaurants to try out when in the city includes:

  • Anchors @ the Jetty
  • The Raft
  • Lyon des sable
  • Vlooi's Nest at The Place
  • Rojo Cafe & Bistro
  • Die Vet Oeste
  • Lagoon
  • The Little Beach Bistro
  • Oceans Restaurant

The most followed religion in Namibia is Christianity, where half of them consider themselves to be Lutheran. Other denominations include Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Dutch reformed and Mormon. Due to the high number of religious following, Namibians can be classified as very conservative people.

Things that might be normal in other cities are not really understood in Namibia, one of these things being homosexuality which is not really understood and even tolerated. The way in which you dress is not really a major issue but those who dress modestly are appreciated and respected more.

Namibian people are very friendly and welcoming people, and when it comes to visiting rural areas visitors should follow the advice of the local guide as they will advise new comers to indigenous etiquette.

Walvis Bay is generally a very safe place however, there is however a crime issue in Windhoek where street crime is increasing. It is advised to remain vigilant at all times and never carry valuables when sight-seeing.

With regards to health considerations the Typhoid, hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinations are recommended for travel to Namibia. Cholera outbreaks do occur and visitors should drink only boiled or bottled water, and avoid ice in drinks.

No visa required for Nigerians visiting for a maximum period of 3 months.

Address: 4 General Murtala Muhammed Avenue
P.O. Box 23547
Eros Park,Windhoek

Phone:(+264) (61) 232 103 / 5
Fax:(+264) (61) 221 639

Item Lagos Kano Walvis Bay
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant ₦ 580 ₦ 600 ₦ 1,771.72
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) ₦ 300 ₦ 350 ₦ 183.49
Coke/Pepsi ₦ 98 ₦ 100 ₦ 126.55
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) ₦ 500 ₦ 143 ₦ 253.10
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) ₦ 250 ₦ 300 ₦ 411.29

Walvis Bay Airport (Code: WVB) is the main airport for Walvis Bay area. This airport is located 15km east of the town.

The main airlines that fly to Rooikop (Walvis Bay) include:

  • Air Namibia
  • South African Airways (flights operated by SA Express)
  • BA Comair (Flights operated by Kulula & Air Namibia)

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