Visa Information: How to Apply For UK Visa in Nigeria

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If you are planning to travel to the United Kingdom for education, tourism, business or to reside and work, and you do not know how to get your visa, do not worry any longer because we are providing you detailed information that will make your visa processing very easy. We are experienced in this area and would love to share our vast knowledge with you.

There are things that are required from you before you can apply for a UK visa, the first thing that you need is a valid Nigerian Immigration passport that should be valid for at least 30 days after the intended stay in UK. You can easily apply for your immigration passport online or at the nearest Immigration office in any state in Nigeria.


There are different types of UK visa; immigrants who want to travel to any of the cities in UK and stay for an extended period should apply for the Long Term Visa. You are expected to provide a genuine reason for your long term stay in UK.

The most common UK type of visa is the Visitor’s or Tourist Visa. The Visitor’s visa is issued for a short stay in the UK. The purpose for this visa is to visit friends and loved ones, holiday or vacation, study, business, training, attend conference and transit visa – this is gotten when you are passing through the United Kingdom.
There are short term visas that are issued to Government officials called the Official and Diplomatic Visas. The Student Visa is issued to students who wish to study in any part of UK for a long period of time that can last up to three years.

Visa Requirements

  • A valid travel passport( ECOWAS passport)
  • Application Form – The UK visa form has to be filled online
  • One passport sized colour photograph on white background. This must not be more than 6 months old (45mmx35mm wide)
  • Visa Fee
  • Evidence of permission to be in UK if you are not a national of the Nigeria. E.g visa, green card, residence permit etc.
  • Photocopy of passport data page
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Financial proof, original bank statement ( at least 6 months)
  • Birth certificate for children travelling with parents.
  • Applicant travelling on an official business should attach a letter of invitation/confirmation of training/conference, with full details of the Company’s Authorized representative; physical address and phone numbers.
  • Supporting letter from sponsor/friend
  • Utility bills
  • Details of hotel/flight bookings
  • Marriage certificate if applicable

Visit the UK Immigration visa requirements for more information.

How to Apply for UK Visa

Step 1: You can apply for your UK visa at Teleperformance – UK Application Centers in Lagos or Abuja. This company works in partnership with the UK Government for visas and immigration in Nigeria makes visa application simple and fast if you provide all the required documents.

Step 2: Visit the UK Immigration and visa website to find out the type of visa you should apply for. The UK Visa fee varies; see the application fees for different categories under the type of visa you want. However, for general visitor short term visa, the visa application fee is 141 US Dollars. From the UK Visa and Immigration website, you will find out about your application fee and also book your appointment with UK Visa Application Centre.

Step 3: After you have filled the form online, you will be given the GWF number, you should take note of this number because you will need it later. You will also receive an email confirming the your appointment date, the location and the required documents to take along.

Step 4: You will need to register your details on Teleperformance website, after you have booked your appointment. If you don’t register, you will not be allowed to attend your appointment. You can also track your application on Teleperformance website after you have registered.

Step 5: To attend your appointment at UK Visa Application Centre, you are required to bring along the following:

  • Printed copies of your online application form and appointment confirmation
  • Your passport and other required documents.

There is a gradual process after payment of your visa fees; Your photo and fingerprints – biometrics will be done at the Application Centre. After this has been done, your visa fee will no longer be refundable.

Don’t be late for your appointment. Make sure you arrive at the date and time stated on your confirmation email. If you are late, your application process may be delayed as you will have to rebook your appointment.

According to Teleperformance website; “Due to global changes in the way visa application are processed, children under 5 years old are now required to attend the Visa Application Centre to complete the application process. It is now mandatory for them to have their photo taken at the VAC. These changes do not affect applications that have already been submitted.”

Visit here for detailed information on how to apply for visa with UK Visa and Immigration.

Application Submission

Applicants can submit their ECOWAS passports and application requirements on Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m except on public holidays in Lagos and Abuja UK Application Center.

Visa Processing

Visa application processing can take within four to six working days. However, some visa applications can take more time especially those that have special attention in crime or history of rejection.


Collection time is between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Except for Public Holidays) from Monday to Friday. You are expected to come with your application checklist, original photographic ID and a photocopy of biodata page of passport. You will be alerted through an SMS when your application has been sent to the UK Embassy on the submission day and you will be alerted for collection when your passport arrives back to the UK Application Center. You can also track your application online on Teleperformance website.

Note: Third party can not collect your documents on your behalf, except you are a government representative, a parent collect for your child or children or you are collecting on behalf of your family if you applied together.

UK Visa Application Center Addresses

UK Visa Application Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos
1st Floor, Churchgate Tower 2
Plot PC31 Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

UK Visa Application Centre in Ikeja, Lagos
TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
Ikeja, Lagos

UK Visa Application Centre, Abuja.
TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
3rd floor El Yakub Plaza, Plot 1129
Zakariya Maimalari street, opp war college
Central Business Area, Abuja

UK Government for Visas & Immigration British High Commission, Lagos
Dangote House, Aguyi Ironsi Street Maitama District, Abuja

UK Government for Visas & Immigration British Deputy High Commission, Abuja
11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos


If you have any questions about how to apply for UK Visa, please let us know in the comment box below.

473 thoughts on “Visa Information: How to Apply For UK Visa in Nigeria

  1. Thanks alot. I am currently working but what about if I apply for a temporary worker? Because am thinking I might not be able to change the visa type if I later want to stay longer in UK. Your sincere reply is awaited. God bless

  2. Hi kemi, please am still waiting for your advice on the issue l forward to you last week please your advice is needed urgently thanks

    • Hi Hammed, Could you please forward your enquiries to Thanks.

  3. Please is there any contact available to make enquries? I want to know the fees for a study visa to UK.

  4. My husband is currently living in the Uk,my child nd I want to join him,what visa type should we apply for! Pls I need your reply ugrently!

    • Hi Dera, You can apply for visitor visa for now.

  5. Sister kemi what of if i was sent an invitation letter,what are the steps to take.

  6. Hello, I plan on applying for a UK visa for a study programme which lasts from January to July. I have been informed that TOEFL is no longer being accepted as proof of English proficiency in visa application. I need to know if my WAEC result can be used in place of my TOEFL result and if it can, I also want to know how long it will take for my visa to be processed.

  7. Good Morning Ms Kemi,
    I am invited to come over to the UK by a citizen friend and I would be spending a month or two because I am working here and can’t leave work and my family.
    What type of visa do I need to apply for and what are the things needed?
    I will appreciate a prompt response

    Thank you ma

    • You need a Visitor Visa. All the requirements have been listed here

  8. My question is this when I apply online I will need to go for interview withh all the document again and how will I pay for the visa fees

  9. Hello Ms Oluwakemi,
    please, i don’t have anybody in UK but i want to visit UK for a month, what step i will take to get a invitation and what documents i need for visa.

    • Hi Olabiyi, You can apply for the general visitor’s/tourist visa; with evidence that you are surely coming back to Nigeria

  10. Hi kemi, l just got back to nigeria from uk affer weeding with my fiance, she settle there with indefinite to stay, please l just want to know wish visa l should apply for as we deside to live together thanks, my regards.

  11. please my brother need a UK visa he going there to stay for just 2weeks for tourist and his not in town can he ask me to help him submit his application, please it is possible for me to summit it for him and how and where can i doing the submission and can your office help me with what it takes. thanks.

    • You can’t submit on his behalf because he will need to do his biometric, so he has to be available.

  12. Kemi, please i’m applying for a five years visa. Pls what is d current cost in naira? Thank you.

  13. pls is it possible to get a copy of my refusal letter from uk embassy in 2011?

  14. Hello pls in want to go to uk for living and I don’t have anyone there and im only 19 plz what kind of visa should I do and im syrian plz I need your help

  15. i was to attend a conference in the UK in which i applied for a business visitor’s visa and i was given. fortunately i couldn’t attend due to some reasons. am due to attend another conference next week.all i have are the conference registration printout. beocs i didnt request for an invitation visa letter and even when i asked they said they couldnt issue it due to the timing of when i requested for it.
    my question is will the immigration guys over there at the point of entry required to have the invitation letter?

    • Hi Tunde, no they won’t ask you for an invitation letter at the point of entry, so far you have an evidence that you are attending a conference.

  16. Hello and well done,please how do you apply for an infant…8months old

  17. Hello kemi,

    I applied for family uk visa tourist since september 19th and up till date havent still gotten a reaponse up till date abt d application which is really getting me confused, i cant track neither can i get the right place to get my application details.

    I m working and since i just resumed work its not been easy getting an excuse off work pls i really need u to help me out. Ikac/190914/335448/1 ref nos… dob 7/3/1989

  18. Hello Kemi,
    Please could you help me with the link to fill out an online UK Application for General Visit. I have search all through the net and i couldnt get the right link.

    Thanks and Regards.

  19. Hi, thank you for the information you provided here, its really helpful. Please I want to know the type of visa I can apply for, I did my Msc in UK 2012 meaning that I travelld then with study visa. I’m back in the country working with a private organisation, and I want to visit England for my holiday. Pls I need the information and step to take from you, Thank you so much

    • Hi Tosin, you can apply for a general visit visa now.

    • Very scary that a masters degree holder does not know the type of visa to apply for when visiting the UK… mmmh Nigerian youths

  20. Plz what is the visa fee for indefinit( settlement) visa! Plz I need ur reply as soon as possible

  21. Plz wat is the visa fee for settlement visa! For nigerians thanks plz I need ur reply urgently!

  22. applying for uk visiting visa, but could not go further after submission to declare and continue want to know why

  23. Plz how much is the fee for settlement visa!plz reply ugrently I need to know!

  24. People are asking irrelevant questions. There’s a lot of information online. Stop disturbing Kemi lol.

    • Heyy Adex, Thanks… hahaha

  25. Hi Oluwakemi,

    I appreciate the fact that you are assisting people with UK immigration issues in Nigeria, however, I must confess as a UK accredited immigration adviser that some of the information provided to these people are not correct. For example, you advised Dera on November 20th to apply for a visitor visa when in actual fact she has other legal avenues to seek entry to the UK with her child.

    I am not in any way, shape or form challenging your expertise, however, I feel that if you are going to give information to people you might as well get it right.

    Just so that you know, I have been handling UK immigration cases in the UK for some 10 years and also a qualified lawyer in Nigeria.

    Stay Blessed.

    • Thank you Olajide. According to Dera, she wants to visit Uk with her kid who see her husband who is studying in UK. However, I’m not a UK immigration officer but I try as much as possible to provide detailed information about Visa. If you have other visa information, we will be glad to have you enlighten us. Thank you.

  26. Hi ma’am, I nid help here….. I submitted ma visitors visa application on 25th of September at Billings way, ikeja…. At first I was able to track my application buh I can’t anymore
    …… I don’t receive texts or emails….is something actually wrong?

  27. goodday kemi, i want process my visa for the first time and all the process one will pass through is too much , are you gays an agent?

  28. Hi sister kemi, please did l need to do English text if l apply for residency? Please if yes where in lagos thanks

  29. Thank you, Kemi. I’ve submitted my application online for a business visa. I have all the supporting documents. The problem is that I need my passport to travel from Dec. 27 on holiday, so I had to pick a Jan. 6 appointment. Meanwhile, I need to collect my passport on Jan. 9 if I’m to make my flight over that weekend and attend my training. Is there anything I can do now to increase my likelihood of getting the visa on Jan. 9–since I already have all my documents?

    • Well, it depends, you should have submitted your application earlier. You can let them know that you will be attending a training maybe they can speed up your visa processing.

  30. I have a church congress to attend in London come July 2015, me and my family have already paid and register for the congress. We intend to stay in London for 7 nights. Please what is the possibility for us to secure the visa, since we have not travelled out of Nigeria before. Thank you

    • Hi Jackson, You will be given visa if your documents are valid.

  31. I would like to confirm if i can apply for visa to visit the UK even when my Nigerian passport states that i was born in the UK…. i just want to find out if this wont be a problem?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Richard, that is no problem. You can apply for a UK Visa.

  32. Hi Kemi, 

    Please my husband is not in Nigeria and we intend to visit London for our vacation. 

    Questions are; 

    1* who should apply as I do not have enough in my account.

    2* how long does it take for an approval from the day of application since he has only one month to spend in Nigeria.
    3* How much is the visa application for each person.
    4* How many application is needed. Are we to attend the interview on same day and time, if yes how do I apply to get same date


    • Your husband can apply on behalf of the family.

  33. Dear sir/ Madam,

    i write to know if your firm register for toefl, will like to register for toefl examination.

    My location is Abuja F.C.T Nigeria.

    I wait to read from you soon.



  34. Hi kemi, I submitted my application on 25th September and had my Biometrics done on same day… But up till date hav not gotten a reply….. I’m so confused…… Can I go to the vfs global office where I submitted my application to so i could collect ma passport….. Need my passport to process my education….. Help please

  35. Plz, can a company or someone sponsor person to UK with their statement of account and other supporting documents without the person provide his personal account because I don’t have much money in my bank account for now? Can the company provide their statement of their account to sponsor the person?

    • Hi Promise, Your company can sponsor your trip if you can going on official purpose.

  36. I want to travel to England next month , February 12th , 2015 to be precise . And I need to get a visa asap . I live in Lagos . How possible is it for me to get a visa before then , pls I need to travel , it’s urgent . thank you

  37. Am presently in Lagos and am trying to renew my visa and at the point of booking an appointment, its saying Abuja centre is the only available place for the submission. i would love to submit the application in lagos

    • Hi Adewale, Maybe you should choose another day. Lagos centre may have been filled up with appointments for the date you chose.

  38. Hello kemi….Can i apply online for tourist visa?

  39. hi kemi,i just got my holiday INVITATION LETTER from my Anty,and i have my passport, please may i know the necessary steps to take towards making it a reality

  40. hi kemi, i just got a holiday INITATION LETTER from my Anty in UK,and i have my passport ,please what are necessary steps to take towards making this areality

  41. I want to know if its possible to apply for uk visitors visa and get the visa on the day of appiontment.

  42. I have a Nigerian. Passport and married to a British citizen. He currently lives in Nigeria with me. I want to travel to London for 2weeks visiting. Can my husband apply for me with His British. Passport. We plan to travel together in June. 2015. Your kind advice please.

    • Hi Adebimpe, If you are legally married, you can apply together with your husband.

  43. Hi kemi, my salary is 65000 monthly 900000 per annum and I want to go to UK for my leave I have a sister who will send me an invitation letter.pls ,I’m I eligible to apply and hope my income is not too small to apply?

  44. Please I need your counseling in this issue!. I applied for a visit or tourist UK VISA some time ago, precisely 2012 but was denied visa. Some of the reasons they gave was (1) Lack of evidence of funds, (2) The my child was too small to leave behind (then I had a son of about 7months old and my wife was a nursing mother who takes care of the child.) So I wonder why they have to use it as an excuse. (3) The said my travel itinerary was not properly arranged and stuff like that.
    I am planning to re-package myself again, do you have any advice from your end as a guidance? Thanks regards.

    • Hi James, You shouldn’t have a problem with your application if you have valid documents.

  45. Good day, pls I need to go to the uk on a visit with my family as tourists, we don’t have anyone inviting us with a letter, how do we go about applying for our visas, we have other documents thanks, anticipating your quick response

  46. Please Kemi i want to ask something,I’ve granted 6 months and 2 yrs UK Visa respectively.And i wasn’t over-stay or abuse the Visas during my visits.But When i applied for both visa i claimed that i didn’t know anybody.But my last visit to UK it was during ASUU strike and when i left Hotel i went to stay with One of my friend for 2 months.Now,That my friend want to invite me for 2wks holiday for Easter.Do you think i have chance to get another UK visa.

    • Hi Abimbola, You have a very good chance my dear. I wish you all the best.

  47. Please i want to know how much is UK working visa? Thanks

    • Ms Kemi,
      Please I have a visa for the UK that will expire in September. I wish to know whether it will be a violation if I travel in September and return in October after the expiration of the visa. Thank you.

  48. Pls sis Kemi I was issued 3 month visa by SA high commission in abuja on 25 feb this year and in d visa they wrote enter on or before 2015-05-25, Ma I wnt to kno when they will start counting it. is it d day it was issued or d day specify in d visa cos I want to travel on 7th of april d day in reservation when I was applying on 27 of JAN . Thanks

  49. @kemi pls…my uncle is inviting to d UK for 2weeks holiday….du I need my uncle’s bank statement or my own bank statement…tnk yu.

  50. @Kemi, My uncle is inviting me to the UK for holiday and my other uncle is sponsoring my trip…..Pls do i still need to present my statement of account considering that i have a sponsor………

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