Top 8 Holiday Destinations Famous Nigerians Flock To

The famous Nigerians are able to afford the finer things that most people cannot pay for. Even though, there is nothing unusual about going for a luxurious holiday, not everyone can afford it.

For the rich and famous Nigerians, travel goes beyond exploring places and discovering new attractions, they prefer to places where they can relax, sip cocktail and enjoy the cool weather. We’ve rounded up top 8 holiday destinations famous Nigerians flock to; if you choose to visit any of these destinations for your vacation, you’re almost guaranteed to see a famous Nigerian or two.

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1. Ibiza, Spain 


Ibiza is located in Europe; it is one of the oldest towns in the region. Ibiza is well-known for its beaches, a selection of high quality shops, exciting nightlife and many more. The town offers a selection of self-catering luxury apartments which are popular with famous Nigerians who love vibrant and serene vacation. The European town is filled with stunning natural beauty that will mesmerise you. The climatic condition of the destination is amazing and the town is an exclusive retreat for famous people.

2. Rome, Italy


Rome is a stunning city that famous Nigerians can’t get enough of. The city is popular and notable for its rich heritage, vast history and significant buildings. No one can ask for a better vacation in Rome.

3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai - Flickr photo by Sarah_Ackerman

Dubai the commercial zone of  the United Arab Emirate, also a free trade zone where tariffs are low. It’s also known for tourism, filled with stunning attractions, luxury resorts and finer things that only the rich people can afford.

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4. London, United Kingdom

Egerton Crescent, London

London is a second home for the wealthy and famous Nigerians. London is the most popular vacation destination for famous Nigerians. This is where the rich Nigerians love showing off their coinage by investing in housing, spending on London’s glamour and luxuries.

5. Seychelles


One of the most beautiful islands in Africa and the world as a whole. It’s known for its islets and beautiful inland sites. Seychelles makes it to this list for hosting some of the most famous Nigerians. Seychelles offers gorgeous beaches, fine restaurants, secluded coves, luxury resorts, beachfront properties and vibrant nightlife.

6. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Paris is described by many as the city of love. The city is beautiful beyond description and is considered as one of the most expensive destinations in the world. It is easy to understand why this destination is more popular among the famous Nigerians.

7. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town -

The pride of African known for it vast wealth, cultural values and heritage. Cape town is one of Africa’s finest and it is notable most for its exclusive beach front properties, luxury beach resorts and serene beaches where you will find some famous Nigerians enjoying their holidays.

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8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia

Sydney is known for its iconic attractions. The city is one of the most popular vacation destinations for wealthy Nigerians because it features picture-perfect beaches, high quality boutiques and luxury resorts. The destination offers exclusive seclusion which is an essential prerequisite for the famous people during vacations.

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