8 Things In Other Countries That Nigeria Needs To Get Right

Nigeria, the giant of Africa has become the pulsating inspiration to tourists, with its multicultural lifestyle that is immersed in a rich history. The country has become a face of modern Africa with its megacities.  It has something that everyone would need, from its rich culture and exploding music and art scene to exciting activities and fine food.  Spiritual shrines, museums, stunning waterfronts and amazing landscapes, plus the hospitality of the people make it a beautiful country.  Nigeria is a country with seemingly limitless natural resources and has become one of the most visited countries in Africa.

This does not mean that we are doing many things right. There are things that people in other developed countries have perfected that we are yet to get right. We have listed 8 things in other countries that Nigeria needs to get right to become a well-developed and established country:

1. Vacation time


Vacation and paid holidays seem not to make sense to many Nigerians, who are chronic workaholics. Even when public holidays are announced, most Nigerians see it as another opportunity of making more money. In countries like Finland, Switzerland, US and Germany, there is a mandate holiday time and paid vacation. Experts have proven that vacation increases job productivity, which is what Nigeria needs to understand well.

2. Respect for traffic


If you can drive in Nigeria, there is hardly any place in the world that you would not be able to ride smoothly. The road rage can be unbearable and to compound it all, there is no respect for traffic. Nigeria needs to learn how to respect traffic to ensure a better usage of its roads and reduce unnecessary traffic jams.

3. The use of waste bins

Lagos Roads

Photo Source: Fuse.com.ng

Everywhere in Nigeria look like a dustbin even the roads on the capital city, Abuja. There is no culture of dropping leftovers in dustbins. There is hardly nothing thinkable that you cannot find on major roads or roadsides in the country. These litters always make some environments less attractive.

4. Zero tolerance for noise

No Noise

Even the law courts are not spared neither are libraries or religious places when it comes to noise in Nigeria. If there is one good culture that Nigerians need to be taught, it is observing zero tolerance for noise in the public. It may even stun you that the Nigerian men are worse culprits than the women when it comes to making a noise in public places.

5. Orderliness

Impatience - orderliness

When you visit some developed countries, you see how orderly things are. There is no mad rush for buses, cabs or trains. No one is trying to jump line no matter how long that line may be. It is called being civil and that is what Nigeria needs to get right in every facet of her activities.

6. Stable energy supply

Surulere, Lagos

Photo Source: Projectlightupnigeria.com

We know that there are a lot of things that Nigeria needs to get right but a stable energy supply is one of the most important. Some areas stay half of the year with power supply and at the end of the month, they are presented with a huge energy bill. Nigeria should find a way of getting her energy stable around the country.

7. Tipping practices

Some tipping practices have been linked to bribe in Nigeria by those who do not understand the act. In most developed nations, cab drivers, waiters and other service employees are often tipped after a great service. It shows appreciation and support for better service the next time. However, people should not beg to be tipped if the person doesn’t want to tip them.

8. End corruption


We would not deny that corruption is not everywhere but in Nigeria; it has become an epidemic that needs urgent attention, specifically in the public sector.  If corruption can be reduced to its barest minimum, there would be respect from other nations and trust can easily be built for foreign investors.

The process of learning how to make things right in Nigeria needs total support and cooperation.  Did we miss any point? Share with us in the comment below:

16 thoughts on “8 Things In Other Countries That Nigeria Needs To Get Right

  1. ”Do you have something for me” ”Put money” common phrases you heard when you’re at the Airport in Nigeria. This practices of airport workers must be changed

  2. Nigeria needs to be liberated.

  3. We need to urgently overhaul our transports system, connect airport to rail system, water ways were available. This Lekki free trade and every others in Nigeria should be connected to road rail and sea. What stops Nigeria from having a metro system is it because we don’t have the money no. Let them ask Denmark what they have done with their water ways you will understand we have real issue. For example Denmark took a 300 million Euro use it to construct metro line on the sea to reduce a journey of 2 hours to 15 minutes, in Nigeria we have individual who can give that out to charity yet they’ve all been seen that but can’t come up with something like that here so that one can travel from Lagos to Port Harcourt same day and still return before dinner , you know what that Denmark project paid for itself. Baba Danjuma donated 500 million Dollar the other day to charity let him help to construct a metro from Abuja to Maiduguri and ultimately his own village in Taraba state and Dangote can take it from there to kano. There are plenty rich men in Kwara state so do consortium pick it up from Abuja end to Illorin and from there people from other state can follow their example even if they will get the money back later.

    • You forgot to mention high level of religious intolerance and gender inequality, especially in northern Nigeria.

    • Please leave your comment…thank you soo much
      nice one, true talk

  4. You forgot to mention lack if sidewalks on most Nigerian cities and towns

    • God bless you for that observation.

  5. Please leave your comment…may God help us,we need we need his interventions.

  6. From the hand of bad leaders and also most educated peoole are interlectual illirate. We need to resolove that before we ccould move forwared

  7. Thank you for this piece. In addition:
    1. Courtesy and respect for others are attributes of a civilized environment.
    2. Landscaping, Green environment and Parks : As a matter of fact and neccesity, we must plant trees and manicured grasses along streets, roads and edges. Recreation parks must be provided in communities and city centers where citizens and visitors can take fresh breath. Cities, Communities and living areas are not just made up of houses and roads, plants are living things and complement our environment by improving it’s aesthetics, limiting global warming by acting as carbon sinks and purifying our air particularly in polluted cities and industrial neighborhood by absorbing poisonous gases.
    3. Community libraries, museum, zoological and botanical gardens, city conference centers and Post offices are traditional entities of all cities in the world. We use to have these before but corruption wiped it off from our environment. Libraries, museum and gardens hold our rich natural heritage and endowments.
    Conference centre’s with 3-5 star hotels and recreational facilities and parks in city centers are landmarks of modern cities for important national and international gatherings. Imagine a new generation of children and youth that graduated from high school and even University without seeing or transacting any business in a post office, Boarding a surface or underground train, riding a common escalator, visiting a museum or having seen or spent coins. We are taking too much for granted that makes us very proud educated elite in Nigeria but almost stark, naive and stone age citizens in modern societies.
    I will stop here but there are more little and few things that cost little or nothing which we must learn and consciously impart to engender a modern and befitting living environment for all. Thank you.

  8. All your findings are correct I have no additional points bcos I discovered that Nigerians are not ready to Change.Majorly our leaders are our problems they’ve succeed in impoverished our country d4 whatever U are saying now drops on their deaf ears.Even their children too have taken after them.How may foreign leader have investment in Nigeria pls tell me they took our money out in the name of their friends, biz partners family n children using such money to develop other countries economy.

  9. You’ve touch virtually every aspect of our social life. You have been very observant.

  10. The epitone of the facts is that there is Law in the land but Our law enfocement agents are not enforcing the laws as required due to Corruptions for personal enrichment.

  11. Indeed you have touch virtualy every aspect of our social life just like micheal said. I think the law enforcement agency’s eg Nig police force, Nig costom service etc need to be properly check. Most inportantly that of Nig police. They hav become poblic disgrace to Nig as a nation. Corruption hav sundenly become cod nd conduct of Nig police force. It is irritating to be honest

  12. nigeria is being led by blind people since after 1975.

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