8 Ways To Spot A Nigerian Abroad

Nigerians are unique people with unusual habits. We are everywhere from United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia. (We no dey carry last!) However, we tend to stand out from other people wherever we go. We don’t need to wrap ourselves with our “green white green’ flag before people can identify us. People don’t need to ask, “Are you a Nigerian”; they just say “You are from Nigeria!”. Well, that is not a bad thing; in fact I love it when people instantly identify me as a citizen of Africa’s big apple.

Nigerians are very easy to stereotype. Here are 8 ways to spot a Nigerian abroad:

1. Our traditional attires are very unique

Flavour and Kate Henshaw in South Africa

Photo Source: Nollywoodnice.com

Nigerians are very fond of their traditional attires. You can easily spot a Nigerian by their traditional attire. I remember visiting a store in Cape Town last year, I saw two black ladies who wore colourful Ankara gowns, and then I thought to myself, they could have bought that from a fashion store. But then again, I recognized the ‘Naija’ image – we are always comfy and restful in our Ankara dresses and we have this fancy demeanour that no other African has. We love to wear our traditional attire wherever we go because it portrays our identity. The Nigerian traditional attires are beautiful and colourful, always make us stand out in the crowd and we always look sophisticated in them.

2. Nigerians are very loud             


My American friends always say Nigerians are very loud. I never believed it until I experienced it. Nigerians can talk loudly anywhere. I used to think shouting in Lagos was a norm because of the daily grind of Lagosians and the unstable phone networks. But, about a year ago, I was at Kigali International Airport in Rwanda, then we got an announcement that our flight has been delayed for about 4 hours. Other passengers were so calm about this, but Nigerians were protesting, shouting and causing chaos at the airport. That was when I realized that God has blessed our larynges with extra strength.

3. We are very flamboyant

Chika Ike Shopping in Dubai

Photo Source: Sirkenayo.com

Nigerians love the flamboyant lifestyle, which has always made us stand out in the crowd. We are confident in behaviour, we dress colourful and we like to be noticed by other people. When abroad, you will find most Nigerians shopping for designer clothes and shoes, we love expensive and luxury things such as the most exclusive cars, we stay in five star hotels, and fly first or business class when we travel because we love to live large. Our flamboyance may irritate some people, but certainly delights other people. They actually want to be like us!

4. Nigerians love Football

Nigerian football fans

We are passionate about football. We love the premier league and when we travel abroad, you will find us at our favourite football club’s stadium watching a match. For World Cup or African Football games, you will find us there, screaming and shouting in support of our favourite team – The Super Eagles.

5. Our passports are green in colour


By our passport, you shall know us! Well, some Nigerians may not be proud of the colour of their passports. But they can’t help it! Anywhere we go with our green passport with “Federal Republic of Nigeria” written boldly on it, we get recognized. Well, there is something innately amazing about having a Nigerian passport; to me, it’s like my key to the world.

6. Pidgin English is our signature

English meme

Pidgin English is like our signature, our number one language of communication. I remember passing by some Nigerians at Nakumatt mall in Nairobi. They were blowing the pidgin English and I recognized them immediately. It is an interesting language to converse in and that is why you see many Nigerians communicate in Pidgin English no matter where they are.

7. Nigerians love Owanbe Parties


Photo Source: Bella Naija

Once a Nigerian, always a Nigerian. The colourful attires (aso-ebi), decorations, food, money spraying and the music make up the Nigerian Owanbe Party. You will find Nigerians organizing these parties even abroad from weddings to birthday ceremony. The settings brings many Nigerians together to unwind and mingle with others.

8. We are ‘selfie’ enthusiasts

genevieve Selfie from Jamaica

Photo Source: Lailasblog

Nigerians know how to take good ‘selfie’ photos and that is why we are always on Instagram these days.  We like ourselves and we love to show the world our personality, buoyancy and fashion sense. When an American or British visit a beautiful destination, they appreciate its beauty by taking photographs of stunning attractions.  We, on the other hand, appreciate the beauty of these attractions by taking a photo of ourselves in front of it.  Anywhere we find ourselves, either at the airport or at the destination, we’ve got ‘selfie’ photos in different places and styles.

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How do you spot Nigerians abroad? What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Share with us in the comment below:

17 thoughts on “8 Ways To Spot A Nigerian Abroad

  1. I completly agree with your observation. Another point that I can add: Nigerians expect from you to pay their bills at restaurants, hotels, shops etc…


  2. Very very true. Quite on point especially the first point. It happened to me personally in the USA.

  3. I quite agree with your list; and in addition, Nigerians love Shopping. We buy, buy and buy even things we don’t need. Like in Saudi Arabia, any year Nigeria is not participating in Pilgrimage rites, the Saudis will record heavy loses.

  4. The other thing wey u go carry know us na by accent. We like to sound the thing as it is, abi no b so?

  5. Very true, like our pidgin English, it is instinctive…. especially when you meet another Nigerian. Meeen… You can’t help. Grammar nor dey fit express things well.

  6. I concur… Another thing is that nigrians are very hard working people, no matter the circumstance or situation of the place they adapt easily. Kudos 1 naija

  7. very very true. I recalled some of des ur points 1,2,3,4 and 8. most had happened to me here in Dubai. especially 1 and 4, I even won some friendships and chats bcox of dem. it was amazing and a pride being a Nigerian.

  8. Very right admin

  9. Wow you have been to a lot of places- Kigali Capetown America. that’s nice

  10. Nigerians adopt to any environment faster than any other country. Learn their language and culture.

  11. So true!!!!! They travel in style and people easily want to mingle with them.

  12. No no no.m Nigerians are not loud!! Except when joking or otherwise……but we’re easily recognised anywhere? I love that….. proudly 9ija!!!!!

  13. May l know more about your org. my family travels in nov.

  14. Unlike most Africans abroad, Nigerians like visiting Nigeria more often than those from other African nations.

  15. Nigerians Are unique. .they never toss out old items. .they keep them for unborn children. …such as prams. ..scooters. ..baby Bath tubs ..etc. .

    nigerian women are beautiful and sexy looking. ..with the best back sides in the world

  16. Am glad that I am married to a nigerian. .she’s beautiful too

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