22 Foods Nigerians Miss Most While Living Abroad

Even though, exotic foods are delicious and enjoyable; once in a while, some of these foods can make you feel rootless and homesick. We know it is not easy to bring Nigerian foodstuff abroad. If you try it, you will be shocked at how people will snigger at your bags packed with Nigerian foodstuffs at the airport, especially when you have Iru (locust beans) in the bag.

There are certain foods Nigerians miss most when living abroad. Although, these foods are not necessarily our favourites, but they remind us of our fatherland and it is no wonder we get sad when alternative foods do not meet up with the original ones in taste and appearance.

Here are 22 foods Nigerians miss most while living abroad:

1. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup

Pounded Yam
Pounded yam is incomplete without Egusi soup – melon soup. Pounded yam is made by boiling yam and pounding it. Nigerians abroad prepare alternative pounded yam using yam flour but it doesn’t taste like the original pounded yam.  Although, the Yoruba people are known to be fond of pounded yam, some other Nigerian tribes also love this delicious delicacy.

2. Tuwo Sinkafa

Tuwo Shinkafa is one of the most delicious foods in the Northern part of Nigeria. Tuwo is made by soft rice and spicy sauce. The Hausa tribes love this food and that is why most of them living abroad miss it so much.

3. Ewa Aganyin

Ewa Agoyin Photo Source: 9jafoodie

Every Nigerian beans lover are crazy about Ewa Aganyi. Ewa Aganyi is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. It is a delicious beans dish, well-known for its softness and tasty sauce.

4. Party Jollof Rice

Party Jollof Rice Photo Source: BuzzNigeria

A Nigerian party without Jollof Rice is no party! There is a theory that party jollof rice are unique. Well, the food has a unique taste and aroma that is different from any type of jollof rice. Most Nigerians look forward to ‘owanbe’ parties, simply because of the delicious foods including jollof rice.

5. Amala and Ewedu Soup

Amala and Ewedu and fish Stew
Amala and Ewedu soup is classic Nigerian food, mostly eaten by the Yoruba tribes, especially people from Oyo State, but it is appreciated by other tribes.

6. Poundo-Cocoyam and Oha Soup

Oha Soup and Pondo-cocoyam
This mouth-watering delicacy is mostly eaten by people from the Eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbo tribes. Every Igbo family treasures this meal and that is why they miss it so much when they are abroad.

7. Adalu

Adalu Photo Source: Vegannigeria

Adalu is a combination of beans and corn, cooked together with flavourful seasoning and spices. Most Nigerians ate lots of this delicious meal when growing up, so they have deep love for it.

8. Moin Moin

Moin Moin
Moin Moin is a Nigerian staple food which is very rich in protein. Moin Moin is a cooked bean pudding made from combination of grounded – pealed beans, pepper, and onions. It is very delicious and tasty.

9. Abacha and Ugba

Abacha and Ugba
Abacha and Ugba is known as ‘African Salad’ and it can be eaten as a meal or snack. Many people eat it as a meal because it is fills up your stomach just like any other meal. This meal is well-known in the Eastern part of Nigeria, among the Igbo tribes and they love it.

10. Semovita and Efo Riro

Semovita and Efo riro
Semovita has become a popular food in Nigeria and it serves as an alternative for Pounded yam. People who do not want to go through the stress of pounding yam prefer eating Semovita. Semovita is usually taken with Efo Riro (Vegetable soup), which makes the meal more delicious and nutritious.

11. Akara and Pap

Akara and Pap Photo Source: 9jafoodie

Nothing makes your Saturday morning better than waking up to the sweet aroma of Akara (beans cake) with freshly made pap. This meal is so delicious and tasty. Nigerians abroad will yearn for it whenever they wake up on Saturday morning.

12. Starch and Banga Soup

Banga soupphoto Source: 9jafoodie

Banga Soup is well-known in the Southern part of Nigeria. They soup can be taken with Starch and it is a very delicious Nigerian food. Who wouldn’t miss it?

13. Ofada Rice

ofada rice sauce Photo Source: Dobbys Signature

Ofada Rice produced locally in Nigeria. What makes it special is its unique flavour and aroma. Most Nigerians abroad will jump with excitement at the sight of ofada rice.

14. Kilishi

Kilishi Photo Source: fabdivawrites

Well, you may find many alternative dried meat wherever you are, but Kilishi is the only one that has that unique Nigerian taste, aroma and spice.

15. Suya

Suya has been called so many names, barbecued meat, kebab and many others. But Suya is Suya and you can only find it in Nigeria. There is no definition for the kind of feeling or sensation you get when you take hot Suya, especially when it is soaked in Yaji (Suya Spice). This delicacy is utterly delicious that it gives Nigerians multiple foodgasms.

16. Gala and Lacasera

Gala and Lacasera Photo Source: ihypeihype

Gala and Lacasera – there is always a romantic relationship between these two, they are made for each other. Most Nigerians love Gala and Lacasera especially when they are tired and stuck in traffic for hours.

17. Agege Rocky Bread

Agege Bread
There are different types of breads in Nigeria but Agege bread is unique. People call it perfect because it has the right amount of ingredient, not too soft and not too hard. Some Nigerians abroad has a weakness for Agege bread and they miss it a lot.

18. Boli and Groundnut

Boli and Groundnut
Boli – roasted plantain is very tasty when taken with groundnut, it is truly a delectable snack for Nigerians and that is why they miss it most when they travel abroad.

19. Asun Goat Meat

Asun Goat Meat Photo Source: Afrolems

Asun is a popular Nigerian barbecued goat meat with pepper sauce. It serves as an appetizer and always classified as a finger food. Asun is well-known in the Western part of Nigeria, among the Yoruba tribes. When Nigerians abroad crave for Asun, they remember their family gatherings or pleasant memories from home.

20. Nkwobi

Nkwobi, a cooked spicy cow leg is a popular traditional desserts in Eastern Nigeria. Most Nigerian men visit Igbo restaurants on Friday nights to enjoy Nkwobi.

 21. Nigerian-made Indomie Noodles

indomieremixes Photo Source: 9jafoodie

Indomie Noodles has become a household name in Nigeria. Every Nigerian has different ways of cooking and eating their noodles. Even though, there are other brands of noodles abroad, Indomie noodles has a unique taste and gives you a homey feeling.

22. Ijebu Garri and Groundnut

Garri and Groundnut
Nothing is as soothing as taking Garri and Groundnut with chilled water in the afternoon. The combination gives a kind of fulfilment that only a true Nigerian can understand. When you take Garri and groundnut isn’t there, it just feels wrong.

What food do you miss most while abroad? Let us know in the comment box below.

90 thoughts on “22 Foods Nigerians Miss Most While Living Abroad

  1. Hahaha. Absolutely spot on.

    Glad you laid the emphasis right; no jollof like PARTY Jollof!


    • I agree with you. I love party jollof rice. one of the reasons why I attend owanbe parties on most Saturdays. Mehn! I love Nigeria!

    • The rice is normally prepared with firewood that’s why it has that unique taste


    • hehe! Glad to know!

  3. This is soo true I miss all every dish posted here

  4. Hmmmm, true talk here. Every food mentioned here is just it. Most times when I make any of these meals, I take a picture of it and send to my friends living abroad and they start wishing they were with me.

  5. Plantian pepper soup

  6. Your list is incoplete what of afang soup, ukazi soup with achara and melon cake, ugba with okporoko and palm wine, he- goat pepper soup, kpomo, periwinkle, snail and shrimps with vegetable soup, liver, shaki and roundabout pepper soup, ofe nsala, ofe olugbu with smelly fufu, ofe akwu with white rice. infact the list is endless. My delicious naija oriental dishes. You only promoted those oily, pepperish and tasteless yoruba dishes. Whats my business with sandy ijebu garri when there are other better quality garri from other parts of naija. Research well next time.

    • Thanks Nwanna. However, the list is based on our fans and customers’ suggestions. You can join our Facebook page so that you can contribute to the list some other time.

    • There is no way that this list is complete without Afang soup. Not to even mention Edikang ikong soup, White Soup, Fisherman Soup which I believe most Southern Nigerians love. I am sorry to say this, your list is meant to be for Yoruba Nigerians. Of all the ones you mentioned, maybe Asun and Nkwobi would be in my list.

    • Haba, I’m from the east too, though I have lived in the south -south, west and north at different times. Now I’m in the US and I miss more than half the food on this page. The list is representative of the country’s most loved dishes. Of course there will always be that special dish that is not listed (who else can understand smelly fufu if not an Igbo person? or have you tried boli and fish from portharcourt? chai!) No ones’s traditional meal is ‘better’ than the other, that’s the beauty of diversity. Jisike (welldone) to every Naija person, home and abroad!

    • Common Nwanna, this was a perfect list; it looks like you expected her to put up a list of all Nigerian dishes. As you said, “the list is endless”,thus she made a list of the TOP 22.
      Nice job ‘Kemi!

    • Ifeoma says:
      April 13, 2014 at 12:40 pm

      Haba, I’m from the east too, though I have lived in the south -south, west and north at different times….”

      Ifeoma… “Attention seeker!” lol now you know

    • Shut your trap nwanna, or whatever you call yourself, don’t bring your typical ibo disrespect here,look at you listing all the horrible ibo foods including smelly fufu,if you don’t like the list, simply create your own of hug the nearest transformer, and by the way,you must be silly comparing ijebu garri to that tasteless and insipid yellow garri that comes from your zone, anuofia!

    • You r so pathetic..every culture as diversified as they are have an appreciate their cusines…so please stop hating n if u have nothing reasonable to write..please kindly “shut up”(politely)..:-)

    • Why will u insult people for talking,d article said ‘Add any food u miss’ why then re u saying ijebu garri is sandy? Must u be tribalistic in everything? #GUSH#

    • Nwanna, can you please show pictures of this delicacies you mentioned and their recipes

  7. Mouthwatering! But what a shame, no MASA on the list!

  8. u missed out on masa, the north nigerian dish. i still miss it.

  9. I can relate.

  10. Hmmm if u make the locust beans dry by frying it in a sauce pan it wont smell so much and you can pour it in a plastic bottle no one will know..its funny how iv been eating all this since the 1st of April lucky me

  11. I love all this foods but you miss out masa.. the best northerns food…

  12. These are great but they are not only found in Nigeria. Especially suya and killichi, which is founnd everywhere the hausa man is; that is all over west africa and some east african countries. Great list, im already hungry.

  13. my dear, which one is boli and groundnut? you havent’ lived until you try boli and roasted fish with spicy sauce the way the true rivers state people make it. PH for life. Spot on about the suya tho… when i get pregnant, i am pretty sure thats the one thing i wld crave and if my oyibo hubby cannot provide, i go vex die! and proceed t be a bitch abt it. i miss naija mehn… jst for the food and the people and the energy tho… hehehe

  14. hummm missing the ewa aganyin,plus the garri ijebu im from ijebu,and sure it has not come to my mind to try the garri and nuts thanks for bring it to lime light im trying out tonight only can get the real hausa nuts here,cheers from france

  15. This post is too wicked sha…lol.people are hungry out here and looking at this especially the ofada picture just makes me hungry

    • hahaha! I can imagine!

    • madam,i appreciate the love of our food abroad and am at home and i so much desired to try satisfy my people over there by giving this foods to them from Nigeria.

  16. Missed my Nkwobi, suya and Akara & pap.

  17. Nice list but in the future do more research or a different caption…cuz most of the food listed are yoruba native foods nd I only got 2 knw dem cuz of d yoruba friends I met in the UK… Try to represent the rest of naija more in ur next list.

    • i only need a reliable source and trust worthy to do business with as i am only young man and i really want to do something for my life and others and i see this as a opportunity.

  18. Really nice list and great images, gift my tummy growling. Am I the only one who can’t believe Edikang Ikong didn’t make the list. I haven’t had that in almost 15 years and boy do I miss it.

  19. You forgot ‘Man Power’. Pop corn and peanuts.

  20. OMG!!! I can’t believed how long I have been without a taste of these mouth-watering dishes…especially Amala and Ewedu soup chai! somebody help 🙁

  21. Mennnnn i miss the banga soup and oha soup. i remember those days of driving 3 hrs from work to home on oshodi and mile2 traffic. gala n lacasera or fan yogurt was my saviour 😉

  22. @ifeoma,my sis I understand how yu feel jawe.all dis list are pure yoruba dishes xcept oha,nkwobi nd abacha.anyway kemi tried sha

  23. I miss pounded yam and afang soup..

  24. lovely composition on point! but no pepper soup

  25. Hololololo! My mouth is already salivating…..

  26. I really love this! In fact as I type I’m salivating…Truth is even those of us who manage to smuggle food abroad never get to cook it the right way….one ingredient is always missing. Oh what I would do to smell or taste ‘party ‘ jollof rice and/or nkwobi….Love love it..thanks Kemi Ojo!

  27. I miss shawarma

  28. Hi, Please can any one help me with the English name of (AFON) a Yoruba food…..the fruit is round in shape like ball and very big it as seeds inside of it and the seeds look like beans but very small like rice…….they cook the seed inside the big round fruit just like beans and it’s very delicious. please Pals i need the English name. (AFON) is the Yoruba name.

  29. Men na all d food bam pass all make brain die naja food rocks any where any time + we don forget 2 add boys kola that’s is kuli kuli chaiiiii na coRrect b that self and this one too wanke chaiiii I love wanke lol

  30. Oh! My God ofe owerri and akpu am missin d@


  32. I was wondering,i never saw Agidi and Akara in this list even pounded yam and nsala soup/onugwu soup like-wise rice and ofe akwu stew even yam pourage or Akara and bread,yam with local sauce

  33. We are makers of the popular MAMA”S CORN PAP a.k.a OGI. it is hyenically prepared for your delight. The variants are Regular. Ginger flavoured. yellow, white and brown types.

  34. Hey guys, I need a partner in d USA to do business with. Pls contact me as soon as possible.

  35. # sam# …..dont worry, jst close ur eyes nd sleep a while, trust me ull eat dem in ur dream….lol…..cherr up bro.

  36. Well put together

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  38. Why nah?:(
    Do people order kilishi from Nigeria to different part of the world?. Wld really like to know. Thanks

  39. Nigeria foods are very delicious and enjoyable , which can not do without .

  40. How do people abroad buy nigerian food?

  41. just got me on the spot, i missed everything and even wanted gala and lacasera brought to me at the airport. i really love nijer food.

  42. Nice job kemi,portharcourt bole,roasted fish and pepper sauce is the bomb.

  43. Some when i remember what i misses while am abroad i feel like A********SH
    that is why they said ***** NO ABROAD IS LIKE HOME that is in Ede Abi ni bi that is different from Ability (Ajoo o le da bi ile) Hmmm O ni agbara gun ni oooo

  44. We eat all here in canada if u have ur money u eat what ever u like in nigeria food

  45. I don’t know where you got your information from, but all these that you just showed us now. We don’t miss any of them, because we cook them here in USA.

  46. This list is just delicious as it is and it’s making my mouth water. Even though I’m not abroad, I still miss most of them as I haven’t had them in a long time. Thank God I have a party to attend this saturday, but before then… I’m heading out now to sample some, life is just too short. God bless you Kemi, your list is “wicked”.

  47. I can’t relate… All i miss is the Nigerian Noodles

  48. LolZzzz,I can’t jes stop laffing here. Dat boli nd groundnut is a sure thing thing. So happy u made mention of dat. #thumbsup

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