15 Of The Beautiful English Countryside Destinations

There is nothing quite like exploring the English countryside for its amazing rural escapes, which are alluring with dramatic dales, patchwork hills, winding country roads and ancient woodlands. These English countryside destinations are for all seasons whether you are going for a stroll beside lovely rivers in the summer, or to explore the daffodil valleys during the spring, and maybe, catch fun in the bluebell-drenched woodlands in May or travel back in time to see the ancient stone circles in Lake District.

If you are planning to visit Britain any time soon, here are 15 of the beautiful English countryside destinations for you to explore. You can enjoy everything that each of these gorgeous countryside destinations has to offer you.

1. Cheshire


Photo Source: highlights6 on Flickr

A lot of visitors who are coming to Cheshire have two things in mind, grinning cats and cheese. Do you know that this was James Bond’s star, Daniel Craig’s birthplace? The serene gardens here are delightful and blend perfectly with the sublime collection of stately homes. Come to Cheshire and explore its sweeping vistas, cosy country inns and ‘The Castle on the Rock’ – Beeston Castle and Woodland Park that are set on a hill in this countryside.

2. Essex

Finchingfield, Essex

Photo Source: Mark Seton on Flickr

Essex is speckled with inspiring villages, picturesque towns and rolling landscapes. There are a lot of country parks, spectacular gardens and over 3,500 miles of byways and public rights of way. This place is perfect for walking and cycling.

3. Dorset

Wareham Quay, Dorset

Photo Source: Jack Pease on Flickr

It is not only Bronte Country that got flair of writing, come to Dorset which was the world of famous Thomas Hardy’s make-believe world. A large portion of this countryside has been designated as an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is also where about 5% of England’s protected ancient monuments are located. Great landmarks in Dorset include the Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Cerne Abbas Giant, and the hill forts such as Maiden Castle.

4. East Yorkshire

Swanland, East Yorkshire

Photo Source: David Wright on Flickr

This part of England has a lot of chalk streams, hidden valleys, miles of quiet countryside and bustling market towns. Wake up in this unspoilt countryside and search that rabbit that got Lewis Carroll inspired to write Alice in Wonderland at St Mary.

5. Bronte Country

Haworth, Bronte Country

Photo Source: Tom Blackwell on Flickr

This is one of the most beautiful places in Britain especially Haworth, which attracts thousands of Emily Bronte’s fans to see where some of her novels were set. If you are not a book fan, then the ruined farmhouse and Haworth Moor can be a place for you to be.

6. Hampshire


You must be wondering why a lot of famous writers come to some of the countryside destinations in England to write. A place like Hampshire would prove that it is one place where you can come and think creatively. Pride And Prejudice came alive because Jane Austen spent more of her life here. There are a lot of hidden treasures for you to discover.

7. Kenmore, Perthshire

Kenmore, Perthshire

Photo Source: Nora on Flickr

Think of a destination in England with a gaggle of whitewashed homes that are scattered around a river Kenmore in Perthshire will come to your mind. This beautiful place has its special lochside beach that is great for fishing or sailing.

8. South Cambridgeshire


It is here you would see some of the rarest birds in England. Just come here in the evening and watch the dragonflies come to bed and the barn owls hunt while you take a romantic walk down the rural roads as twilight meets the night.

9. Lancashire


Photo Source: Andy Rothwell on Flickr

The Blackpool is Lancashire’s best seaside resort that attracts hundreds to the countryside. Lancashire boasts great destinations such Arnside and Silverdale and the Forest of Bowland in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is in the heart of Lancashire. There are a lot of halls, country inns, castles, boutique B&B, relaxing spas, and walking festivals.

10. Hadrian’s Wall Country

Hadrian's Wall

Photo: Tyler Bell on Flickr

Whether you are searching for a bistro or a tearoom, Hadrian’s Wall Country has it all for you. A visit to Roman Army Museum when you come here would transport you back to the ancient with lots of artefacts and pictures. The village at Vindolanda and the Roman castle are some of the lovely destinations for you to visit when you are in Hadrian’s Wall Country.

11. Cornwall

cornwall, England

Cornwall is an iconic English countryside, well-known for its seaside scenery, wild upland landscapes, serene beaches and a wide variety of water activities. If you love nature, you should enjoy nature walks around the countryside and explore the wide-ranging options it offers.

12. Lake District


Photo Source: Heartofthelakes.co.uk

The Lake District is renowned for its natural beauty, unruffled landscapes, fascinating mountains and beautiful lakes. Some popular towns and villages in Lake District are Ambleside, Keswick, Kendal and many others. Lake District offers a wide variety of outdoor activities.

13. Cotswolds

Cotswold CastleCombe

Photo Source: Rosehilltravel.com

Cotswolds is truly a place to go when you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience the simple pleasures of the English countryside. Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Cotswolds offers truly picturesque countryside, from rolling hills, bustling market towns and wildlife parks to peaceful stunning town and villages. If you enjoy walking, there are endless walking routes in Cotswolds, you will definitely have fun.

14. Oxfordshire

Ashbury, Oxfordshire

Photo Source: Oxfordshirevillages.co.uk

The perfect place to make a rural escape is Oxfordshire. There are a lot of places that you would love here such as the Henley on Thames, Wallingford, Ashbury, Abingdon, Burford, Bampton and Woodstock. Visit the Le Manoir aux Quat’saisons for a treat specially created by chef Raymond Blanc.

15. Yorkshire Dales 


In fact, pick your boots and head to Yorkshire Dales, an ideal destination for sightseeing, walking, biking or cycling. Yorkshire Dales offers plenty of exciting activities to indulge in and places to explore. You will see beautiful small villages, river valleys, superb landscapes, undulating hills, Roman relics and rocky backdrop in the countryside.

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If you are planning a trip to United Kingdom any time this year or you are looking for some place different to visit, here is some inspiration for your vacation. If you have visited any of these destinations, share your experience with us in the comment below:

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