15 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In Nigeria

Nigeria has focused on transforming fantasies into reality when it comes to luxury hotels and accommodation. For people with money, Nigeria is a great place to be when it comes to expensive hotels, where they can powernap on the finest sheets. It may interest you to know that several hotels in Nigeria offer expensive rooms that can probably buy you an acre of land in your village. However, some Nigerians pamper themselves and indulge in good life by lodging in these luxury hotels.

We have put together a list of the 15 most expensive hotel rooms in Nigeria. If you were given a choice of picking a luxury hotel room for a night, which of these hotels would you choose? Life is too short not to see the wonders of these hotel rooms.

1. 1 King Executive Suite – InterContinental Lagos Hotel

intercontinental-lagos-1 King Executive Suite

Ultra-luxury is the exact word for Intercontinental Lagos Hotel, a place where a night’s stay may cost more than the average gross salary. Think of a room that you would be paying an average nightly rate of $ 2,435.00 USD.  You must be wondering the type of sleep that you would get there. This is more than luxury; you are offered a complete breakfast, 2 hours boardroom usage, lounge access cocktail and Ferragamo bath amenities. You can request for rollaway bed and Nespresso machine. This is really an upmarket hotel for lavish purses! Visit: Intercontinental Lagos Hotel

Rates: $ 2,435.00 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Kofo Abayomi Street – Plot 52 Victoria Island, Lagos


2. Presidential Suite – Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Abuja

Sheraton_AbujaPresidentialsuite_1600x900 (1)

Just imagine laying down in a posh king size bed with the fancy sheets, covers and throw pillows; it’s a beautiful experience. The 203 square meter Presidential Suite is more than just any suite, it offers a grand living room, separate kitchenette with fridge, separate guest toilet, grand living room, work office that is equipped with internet access and 2-Bedroom Suite featuring 1 master bedroom plus 1 twin bedroom. Savour the blissful sophistication of this great home that is comfort like your home. Visit: Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Rates: $1953 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Ladi Kwali Way · Abuja, Abuja Federal Capital Territory,


3. Signature Presidential Suite – Eko Hotel & Suites

Signature-Presidential Suite. Eko Hotels

This is the most prestigious hotel in the city of Lagos, it is strategically located to give spectacular views of the Kuramo Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. You can experience the ultimate comfort while you are far from home in this most extravagant suite, equipped with two separate King size bedrooms, working / dining Area, a lounge area, large screen TVs, hi-fi stereo system and luxurious bathroom with whirlpool bath and shower . Visit: Eko Hotel and Suites

Rates: $1292 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Plot 1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, PMB 12724, Victoria Island, Lagos


4. Junior Suite – Protea Hotel Ikeja

This suite is super –opulent and has set the standard for luxury in Nigerian hotels. Many guests give Protea Hotel the credit for its lavish and unique theme that is so breathtaking. You will be amazed with the all-inclusive facilities the suite offers and the hotel’s customer care service will impress you. It is situated in a safe and tranquil environment. Visit: Protea Hotel Ikeja

Rates: $922 per night as at 12th March 2015

Location: Plot 42/44, Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos,


5. Apartment King 2 Bed City – Federal Palace Hotel and Casino

This is another Lagos hotel with an eclectic blend of flourishing décor and lush facilities, which harmoniously unites the serenity of the location and its elaborate grandeur. Staying at this room is always a ritzy experience that fuses glamour and comfort in a room. Visit: Federal Palace Hotel

Rates: $1027 per night as at 12th March 2015

Location: 6-8 Ahmadu Bello Way, Lagos


6. Presidential Suite – Grand Towers Hotel

Grand Towers Hotel, Abuja
You can bring along your work tools while staying in the Grand Towers Hotel’s Presidential suite, it has a work station, a separate lounge/dining area, en-suite bathroom with a Jacuzzi, room Spa leisure facilities, internet facilities and additional features like coffee and tea making facilities. Grand Towers Hotel comes with an extravagant accommodation for people who can afford it. Visit: Grand Towers Hotel

Rates: $421 per night as at 12th March 2015

Location:  Plot 1139, Cadastral Zone B07, Katampe District, Abuja,


7. King Executive Presidential Suites – Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Hilton Hotel Abuja
Amenities in this 173sq. m. suite are not in shortage, designed like an apartment for those who love privacy. Six people can be accommodated here with its walk-in shower, dining area , living room, kitchen executive lounge access and WiFi connection. You can enjoy your refreshment and breakfast and take in the magnificent view from your balcony. Visit: Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Rates: $2994 per night as at 12th March 2015

Location:  1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Abuja


8. Club Rooms – Sheraton Lagos Hotel

For a mere USD 498.00, you are given an array of privileges when you make use of any of the Club Rooms in Sheraton Lagos Hotel. There is a complimentary breakfast that is taken in a private lounge. We must not forget to tell you that these rooms are equipped with television, internet facilities and all day snacks. Visit: Sheraton Lagos Hotel

Rates: $498.00 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Airport Road, Ikeja, lagos


9. Executive Suites – Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom

Sometimes, you desire a room that has exquisite views to the outside, with $596, you are sure of booking into this exotic room in Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort. There is an added privacy, space for gathering and meeting, spacious bathrooms and living areas in this suite for a beautiful stay. Visit: Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

Rates: $596 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom


10. Presidential Suite – Le Méridien Ogeyi Place, Port Harcourt


To unveil the mysteries of comfort and luxury in a hotel room, you can set your imaginations running at the Presidential Suite in Le Méridien Ogeyi Place. This is the perfect place to spoil yourself in a well-appointed suite that features Jacuzzi, separate dining and sitting room, kitchenette, study area, polo view and three points bathroom. Visit: Le Méridien Ogeyi Place

Rates: $2000 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: 45 Tombia Street, GRA Phase II · Port Harcourt, Rivers State


11. Presidential Suite – Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt

Hotel Presidential
Take a break from every distraction and get socked in pampering room services at this Presidential suite. Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt is a five star hotel that offers you facilities that you may never find elsewhere. The environment is breathtaking, noise is zero and the rooms are only meant for those who love luxury.

Rates: $1236 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: GRA Phase II | Aba Road, Port Harcourt


12. Luxury Suite – Southern Sun Hotel, Lagos

Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel, Lagos

Luxury Suite is a treat for the eyes in the stylish Southern Sun hotel. The suite provides a comforting contract to the décor outside. This is where you can unwind after a very long day or when you need to be pampered. It is outfitted with expensive facilities for study, relaxation, entertainment and simply getting socked in the tub with soft music from the background. Visit: Southern Sun, Ikoyi

Rates: $1252 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: 47 Alfred Rewane Rd, Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Ikoyi, Lagos


13. Presidential Suite – Lagos Oriental Hotel

Lagos Oriental Hotel

If you think you have seen it all in an extravagant hotel room, try this suite. What is it that you are looking for in a room? See your dreams come true in comfort and luxury in this state of the art equipped suite. It is the first of its kind and it commands respect with magnificent edifice to tell its expensive nature. Visit: Lagos Oriental Hotel

Rates:  $2288 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: 47 Alfred Rewane Rd, Eti-Osa Local Government Area, Ikoyi, Lagos


14. Executive Suite – Novotel Hotel, Port Harcourt

Novotel Port Harcourt

Some rooms are literally made of gold, and that is what the Executive Suite in Novotel Hotel is all about. Life is indeed beautiful when you experience the beauty of relaxation and comfort in this suite. It has a great city view from the bed and has been used by hundreds of wealthy men and women. Visit: Novotel Hotel

Rates: $832 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: 3 Stadium Rd, Port Harcourt Rivers State


15. Terrace Suite – Four Points by Sheraton Lagos


This is our best kept secret . It may not be as expensive as some of the rooms on our list but it has that magic that would give you the perfect relaxation. The creamy bathrooms, luxurious break from its standard utilities, therapeutic soak inside a bathtub, a magnificent view of the ocean from your balcony, turn-down services and even bathrobe and slippers. Visit: Four Points by Sheraton

Rates: $426 per night as at 12th March, 2015

Location: Plot 9/10 Block 2 Oniru Chieftaincy Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos


Would you like to stay in one of these expensive hotel rooms? Share your opinions with us in the comment below:

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  4. Truly, life is about class. Its a pity that in a country where live in shanty towns some can afford the affluence of close to a million per night stay in an hotel. Well,life itself is not fair.

  5. Someone that labour for his Money cannot go for any of it.

    • Thank u @moses. Hard earned money can never be trash in a hotel bin.

  6. this is what deter nigeria to atleast good road haw long so ever and its fuel the insurgency for all this hotel will be attend by only peaple holdind public.

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  10. YOU GUYS NEED TO SEE THE PEARL MANPOR SUITES, 10-18 Osun street, SUN CITY ESTATE, ABUJA. Tucked in quietly but far better than some as outlined here. Go check it out and you will know it is possible to find such a place in Nigeria.


  12. Yeeeeparipaa ooooo, kilode .D woman Dat ll follow any man inside dis hotel must either be used for ritual to make more money or go home with double d money paid for d hotel.
    I am astonished.

  13. God wil have mercy over Nig, pple are out side surfed for where to put their head some are sleeping under the bridge while some pple are lavished money as lf tomorrow no go come, vanity upon vanity all is vanity, when you have money impacted into some pple life let pple be blessed through you wealth, be wise .

  14. I c my investing in things like these. watch out for MACMESHACK INT’L HOTEL AND SUITES.


  16. Please leave your comment…please come to my house Its Just 100k per month.

  17. I can’t leave there, even if I’m billonare.

  18. Afta sleepn dia 1 day u lie dead in a small casket n rot in mother earth

  19. I’d sleep in one of the hotel with wife if I can afford it but I’d prefare the ORENTAL HOTEL cuz I know I can….itz my dream to always live like a senator…

  20. It’s an great post. The list of the hotels is amazing. I would love to recommend to my each costumers who travel to Nigeria to stay in one of the hotel that you describe here. Thanks a lot for an amazing services.

  21. .why do I av to spend that kinda cash fr a night when I can apply a job as a room service and sleep where i desire and yet get paid lolzz

  22. One this day, I will have my night here. Money is nothing, what u do and enjoy is what you take to heaven. So friends enjoy your life when you’re alive……

  23. This is for political office holders .

  24. Only the strong survives

  25. It’s depends on ur mentality n perceptions

  26. this are good money, but let think of this, is it not good we help one another by assisting ourselves than paying such amount of money per night? many people are crying for just food, shelter etc yet a man will pay this money for just a night, this money is it for security , life, protection or for luxury remember that God protects and if not him all [protection are ba..ba..sh and let me add, this people that pays this money are there no people that they could assist in there family, home, street etc.

  27. this is good money but let thinks of this, is it not better we show love to one another by assisting ourselves than paying such amount per night though its obvious that one hand cant reach every body but at least those we can reach we show love and make them happy, this money we pay is it for security, protection, luxury or life? remember God only protects, gives life outside that, no life. Please think about this.

  28. Truly life is about class, I like anything luxuries and comfort. Everybody have his/her own test

  29. I love to see hotels like this

  30. Pple be castigating others abt lodging in such hotels. Is it your money? Someone said above, “Someone that labour for his Money cannot go for any of it”. Dangote no labour for him money?Anyways, if I can afford it, i’ll go for such. Enjoy life b4 u pass on. Cheers.

  31. But if these figures are true, that means some people are way out of their mind o. I cant pay that much for a night. Never

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