13 Things Only Nigerians Will Think Are Funny

Nigerians are cultured people and their knowledge is richly reflected in everything including humour. They are renowned for their sense of humour because they are not afraid to make fun out of everything. They define things beyond imagination and this evokes laughter any day.

We have pulled together things Nigerians will think are funny, some of these things can be really funny when reading while some will make you wonder why Nigerians laugh at everything.

Here are 13 things only Nigerians will think are funny:

1. Foreign accent

American Accent

English language is not an issue to any Nigerian but the moment you start speaking like a white man, you are in for a show. This is because you would be laughed to scorn; it doesn’t matter if you have spent your whole life in America.

2.            Foreigners eating the local delicacies


Nigerians do not believe that a foreigner would eat their local meals especially eba, fufu and other types of swallow, whenever they see a foreigner engrossed in such a meal, they cannot help it but laugh and sometime, they may even take a picture of these persons to show to friends.

3. Nollywood Stunts

Nollywood stunts

Once, Nollywood movie stunts were applauded but nowadays, people find some of the movies very funny because of the way some of their characters are projected.  Take for instance, when you see an assumed ghost afraid to cross the road, looking left and right to check if its safe for him to cross. That is hilarious!

4. Being the first to arrive for parties

Coming late for parties is no longer something that Nigerians see as a problem, but when you are the first to come for a party or event, they think that you are coming for the meals and a lot of people may think that it is very funny to beat time for that event.

5. Eating fufu with knife and fork

Knife and fork

Ahh…You don’t try this in a local food center. You would be laughed at because it is very strange and funny to a lot of people. They believed that Nigerian foods (swallows) are meant to be eaten with your hands and not to eat it with knife and fork. Fufu is a local food and they believe it should be eaten the way locals eat it.

6. Ladies fighting over a man

If men are fighting over a lady, they would allow them to fight or sometimes, scold them but when it comes to ladies fighting over a man, it is a different ball game. You should not be surprised when you see cars parked to watch these ladies fight because they think it is funny.

7.  When you travel to an African country and come back with an American accent

American accent joke

They believe that you must have lost your mind and would simply laugh over your accent. They believed that it is impossible for you to travel to an African country and come back with an American or British accent.

8. Nigerians who would not crush their chicken bones 

Chicken bones                                          Photo Source: Behance

Bones are not only meant for the dogs especially chicken bones and fish bones, a lot of Nigerians find it funny when you eat just the flesh and leave behind a chunk of meat with bones. They simply believed that you should crush these bones.

9. Men who wear suit and tie and walk under a very hot weather

The weather in Nigeria can be harsh during the dry season and it is very common to see a lot of Nigerians move around with suit and tie. It doesn’t matter if you are the bank manager when you walk aimlessly on the street without a car, Nigerians would believe that something may be wrong with you.

10. People who wear sun glasses at night

It is not a welcomed fashion savvy for Nigerians. They may think that you are blind and if they discover that you are not handicapped, the next thing is laughter because they don’t believe that you can see with such glasses.

11. A Nigerian who drives an expensive car and begs for money

Car is one way to measure the wealth of a man especially the SUVs. Nigerians would never believe that these people who ride these expensive cars can lack money and when they end up asking for money, it is always funny to them.

12.  A poor man with pot belly

The old belief that rich old men are those with pot bellies has not died in the modern world. It is difficult for a lot of people to believe that it is possible for a pot belly man to say that he is not having money.

Well, a lot of things make Nigerians laugh, we will be glad if you can share some with us in the comment below: 


9 thoughts on “13 Things Only Nigerians Will Think Are Funny


    Nigerians are notorious for making jests at people who wear simple and cheap dresses despite being rich. They general feeling is that you must wear expensive dresses if you are rich.

  2. Nigerians also find it hilarious when power supply lasts over 24hrs and is not interrupted.

  3. Nigeria believe you are insane if you wear a bikini because they believe you are completely naked and you are a disgrace to your family or your husband.

  4. When you are at an accident scene and you see people sympathising and leaving the victims to die at the scene. ….Well nigeria is our country and we can do little or nothing about it.

  5. Nigerian horror films .

    Wen u cee a police man advising sum1 or arnd itz sure gona turn out to be a setup!cuz naija police is nt n cn neva b ur frnd.

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  8. Thank you ever so for you blog article.Thanks Again.

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