12 Reasons To Visit Amsterdam During Summer

Amsterdam is one of the most charming and stunning cities in Europe. During summer, the city has always been a favourite destination for travellers all over the world. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the city are its eye-catching canals that traverse the city.The city is filled with stunning attractions, coffee shops, flowers – the tulips and many more interesting things. There are over 100 canals, appealing 17th-century architecture edifices, sight-seeing adventures by boat, bike and foot with so many colourful flower markets for you to explore. The city bodes favourable weather and a tremendous number of events and  seasonal festivals for visitors during the summer.

Thinking of where to go for your holiday? Here are 12 reasons to visit Amsterdam during summer. You will find amazing places and sights that will fascinate you during your trip.

1. The Bloemenmarkt

Floating Flower Market, Amsterdam

Photo Source: Brian Chiu on Flickr

The Bloemenmarkt is the famous floating flower market in Amsterdam. The market was created in 1862 and it serves as a vestige for a summer trip in the city. The colours, scents and bouquet of flowers will captivate you in this flourishing floating water. Tulips have a long history in Amsterdam and are very cherished, even more than trophy. If you want to learn more about the history of Tulip, you should probably visit Amsterdam Tulip Museum at Jordan district.

2. The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Photo Source: Abir Anwar on Flickr

During the World War II, the family of Anne Frank and other Jewish people sought shelter in the artic of this house to avoid the persecution from Nazi authorities. Today, the house is dedicated to her story and has become a museum and memorial to the victims of Holocaust. The Anne Frank House is one of the most visited attractions in Amsterdam, it has a momentous historic prominence and you should not miss it during your holiday.

3. The Koninklijk Paleis – Royal Palace of Amsterdam


Photo source: Romain Clercq-Roques on Flickr

The 17th century built Koninklijk Paleis was built in 17th century, in the center of the city. The sight attracts many tourists during summer.  During the Napoleonic Wars, this city town hall was converted into a palace. The exterior of Koninklijk Paleis mimics the public buildings that are found in Rome while the interior is designed as an Empire style. Even though, the Dutch Royal House still use the city hall for their imperial events, the public are allowed to visit and explore the palace.

4. The Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Flickr photo by Bert Kaufmann

There are 100 canals in the city that presents visitors with magical views of the over a thousand bridges, lined with lime and elm trees and home to more than 2,000 houseboats and hotels. The canals of Amsterdam are the amazing part of the city. Parked along the banks of the canals are houseboats. You can rent one if you would like to enjoy a romantic candlelight cruise and watch the city go by.  There are a lot of things that you can do here. Amsterdam is an amazing destination with incredible canal views.  If there is one area where you can see some of the finest and traditional mansions in Amsterdam, it is on these canals.

5. Explore Amsterdam’s trendy beaches

Amsterdam Beaches

Photo Source: Matthew Grill on Flickr

During summer, you can sunbathe and relax at the Amsterdam’s trendy and city beaches. Indulge yourself in amazing outdoor activities and fun. You could visit Blijburg, Amsterdam Plage, Strand-Zuid and Strand West. You could also take a pew and relax by the side of a canal and enjoy the city sunshine.  Do not forget to come along with your sunglasses.

6. Rijksmuseum – The Museum of Netherlands


Photo Source: jankie on Flickr

Rijksmuseum is a must see when you come to Amsterdam during summer.  It is open from the 12th of June to the 27th of September, 2015. There are a lot of fashion and costume prints exhibition and lots of drawings that dates back the 16th century.  The 21 sculptures from Miró are seen adorning the gardens in this museum.

7. The Kwaku Summer Festival


Photo Source: Iamsterdam.com

The Kwaku Festival is a multi-cultural festival that occurs in Bijlmerpark in south-east Amsterdam; it runs for five weekends where you can engage in exciting sport, dance and music, enjoy delicious food and drink.  The festival is taking place from the 17th of July to 9th of August, 2015.

8. The North Sea Jazz Club


Every Wednesday evening during the summer, there are free jam sessions at the Pizza Pazzani restaurant that is located at Westergasfabriek. It is a free concert that would put you in a party mood after a long day of exploring the city.

9. Visit The Vondelpark


Photo Source: martin_vmorris on Flickr

The statue of the Joost van den Vondel stands majestically at the Old South district of the city where you can come and bike, play sports, relax and enjoy Dutch beer or a herring sandwich at the horeca facilities that are in the park.  The park has become a popular place for tourists and locals to meet and mingle.

10. Nightlife At De Wallen

De Wallen

Photo Source: Merlijn Hoek on Flickr

De Wallen is a notorious part of the city where prostitution is legalized. It is referred to as a red light district because of the illumination that comes from red lights in different rooms.  It is the city’s oldest section that has some historic buildings such as the Gothic-style Oude Kerk. Taking pictures are not allowed here.

11. The Robeco SummerNights 2015

Robeco SummerNights

Photo Source: Iamsterdam.com

During the summer, you are opportune to attend the Robeco Summer Nights 2015 where you are entertained with a lot of concerts at the Concertgebouw that range from classical, pop to jazz presentations featuring international performers. It begins on the 27th of June to the 30th of August, 2015

12. The Museum of Bags and Purses

Museum of Bags and Purses , Amsterdam

Photo Source: Michael Cisneros on Flickr

Are you a lover of bags and purses? Make sure that you are in Amsterdam during the summer where you are going to see a lot of exhibitions on bags  from the ugly ones to the most stunning ones. Even  ‘Wunderkammer’ which is an exhibition from British designer Gabriella Ingram can be experienced from the 7th of July to 6th of September, 2015.

With these reasons and more, we believe that Amsterdam should be your vacation spot this summer. Did we miss any of the exciting sights in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comment below:

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  1. I will definitely travel out of this country one day. That s just for sure and Amsterdam could be my first destination. I love the Orange Country with passion

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