10 Things Nigerians Are Doing Better Than Other Africans

Nigeria, “the giant of Africa” may be far from perfect but there are certain things we do much better than other Africans. Even though, these are facts, the reality on the ground is that Nigeria is way ahead of some African countries. With our pulsating entertainment scene and the economy growth – (Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa), we can make a case for ‘African exceptionalism”. Although, Nigeria is confronting some major challenges, we are still standing out in Africa. There is something special about Nigerians that you can hardly miss; it is just difficult to ignore us because we are full of life and drama at the same time.

Below are 10 things Nigerians are doing better than other Africans:

1. Business development


Nigerians have good business culture. We are accustomed to developing with new business ideas, creating small and large business organizations, from technology to entertainment. We bring in diverse perspectives to Nigerian business methods, we know how to interact and connect with investors and business partners within and outside Nigeria, as we position ourselves for greater success.  No wonder, the country is the economic power-house in Africa; it is a base for business innovation and distinction.

2. Work hard, play hard

Nigerians partying hard

Photo Source: Proudlyafrican.info

Nigerians work hard, and play hard. If you are looking for people who work so hard and never feel the pain, talk about Nigerians.  The beautiful thing about us ––we are smart. We know how to work effectively and get great results through short cuts. You must have heard a lot of myths about Nigerians, some of these stories are true when it comes to cutting corners. We like to hustle and wrestle our ways to success.

3. Living life to its fullest

Psquare's fleet of cars

Even as the ancient may have retained its grip over the lives of Nigerians in terms of culture and tradition, many have embraced the future, maintaining a laissez-faire attitude toward living life to its fullest. Nigerians understand that life is to be lived once and they get crazy with gadgets, cars, partying and socializing. The fun never ends even during funeral services.

4. Exciting entertainment scene – best in Africa


Nigerians are good in producing the finest movies in Africa. According to Wikipedia, “Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world” and of course, the largest in Africa. Gone are the days when Nigerians make movies that do not make sense in quality and storyline.  Some of the current movies that are produced by Nigerians can compete with some Hollywood movies even though most of these movies may not compete favourable in budget and spending but they are just amazing.

5. Nigerians create wealth from mundane things

There is hardly a niche in the world where a Nigerian does not have power and influence. The quest to be the best has always been the backbone of our successful story. A lot of Nigerians started their stories from nothing and ended up as gurus in different industries.  We strongly believe in the slogan ‘No condition is permanent’ – We go make am one day!

6. We love collectibles – we know how it works

Egerton Crescent, London

Photo Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Maybe you have not heard that some Nigerians are buying some of the most costly buildings on the world’s most expensive street in London -Edgerton Crescent. It is not only in London that this love for luxury properties can be seen.  Nigerians love showing off and buying these expensive properties around the world is simply one of the ways of expressing this lifestyle. With all the education, hard work, risk taking and smart investing, Nigerians love to live large and enjoy the finer things in life. Spend it if you’ve got it!

7. Real survivors

We are everywhere, from London to New York. You can see us on the streets of New York struggling to sell CDs to make sure that we send money home. There is hardly a harsh economic terrain in the world where a Nigerian cannot survive.  It is one trait that makes us exceptional in Africa.

8. Literary gems


Photo Source: Dailypost.ng

Should we start calling names? Nigerians have a lot of writers since the days of Chinua Achebe who made a landmark in the literary world. Nigerians have gifted hands like Wole Soyinka, Chika Unigwe, Chimamanda Adichie and Helon Habila who are making waves around the world. It is not that there no other African writers who are doing great, there are so many but sure Nigerians does the literary thing better. Not to forget the new trend of blogging. (We no dey carry last!)

9. We make things happen

Foreigners and other Africans give the thumbs up to Nigerians  for always transforming dull and boring scenes to exciting ones. There is this thing about Nigerians that give them the ability to make things happen.  From music, comedy to fashion, even our sense of humour is unique and that is why we are so different. Little wonder, thousands visit Nigeria during vacations or festivals to see and enjoy our exciting events and activities.

10. Nigerians take their demands to the streets


Photo Source: Sweetcrudereports.com

There is nothing that Nigerians would not protest these days, it is either they are fighting for the government to increase their salaries, demand for justice or cut down the fuel pump price. These protests always put our issues on the political agenda. The streets and the internet has become our warfronts and the pages of blogs are where we lash out their anger on anything displeasing.  Nigerians have perfected the act of going for protest and they are never too shy to go public with their grievances.

You can see why we say that Nigerians can do certain things better than other Africans, the list is inconclusive and we would leave you to add to the list with your comments.

94 thoughts on “10 Things Nigerians Are Doing Better Than Other Africans

  1. Please leave your comment…Nigeria Great Nation With Great Peaple’s Long Live Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

  2. In term of worship to God, nigeria is a force to reckon with. Through lenght n breathe of d globe even d restricted area nigeria still thrives.

    • Yes !

    • Verrrrrrry correct

  3. NIGERIANS have confidence and boldness which supersedes that of any other African nation.that is why euro-Americans among other people in the world hate us

    • It is so true. They hate our boldness.

  4. Hi, I actually agree with the list from one to nine,but totally disagree with number ten.just as you said,Nigerians love their lifes and wouldnt do anything to jeopadize it.
    Talking abt public protest,Nigerians wld be in number 20.Dnt forget that the morrocans,libyans etc are part of Africa,and we know what happens in that part of the continent.So its a no to number ten.

  5. It is so true. They hate our boldness.

  6. Nigerians are a very proud black nation who believe they are second to none. Proudly Nija!

  7. Good to know that Nigerians really doing something for themselves.

  8. I am so proud of my country

  9. Wit all ds we still suffer a lot.God bless Nigeria

  10. May almighty God grant us grace to eat the fruit of our labour

  11. Nigerians have swagger and that transcends to the confidence and boldness Wole talked about.
    It’s just like an innate ability and we are a peculiar race all over the world.
    You can’t replicate us.
    They call us happy people and believe We are so accommodating.
    Nigeria is the only place you feel that sense of belonging.

  12. When it comes 2religion we are d best in africa

  13. Even as the largest economy in africa, Nigeria also has the higest rate of poverty, so what is the significance of such so called large economy, the fact is that Nigerians are the most superficial, beings currently living on earth. may God help us

    • You got it wrong that’s not how it’s measured in economics, check world index Nigeria is third, India n China is on 1st and 2nd. China is richer than Nigeria yet they have poverty rate than us, so it’s not seen that way.

  14. Nigerians are ENTREPRENEURS!!! Perhaps due to UNEMPLOYMENT

    • Isn’t that better than xenophobia???

  15. And…….. God Bless Nigeria

  16. Nigerians are on every wall and corner of the world. We ought to be among the world’s winning team but the debase topdogs kept us out. i believe we’ll keep the dream alive. #proudNigerian

  17. Oh god see Nigerians in SA.

  18. You did not mention how smart we are when it comes to corruption.

  19. Take it or leave it, Ndi Igbo in Nigeria are the reasons this happens. From good results to bad ones. Ndi Igbo are there. I still give kudos to other tribes cha ooo. Naija for life

    • Arinze, why bring that here? We are talking about Nigerians…not about tribe or hamlets. The richest African is a Nigerian, as far as I am concerned, the Nigerian Nobel laurette is Nigerian…that’s it, I don’t look at where they come from in Nigeria. I am a global creature…Nigeria is my source. Let’s leave this tribes and tongue differing issues.
      All tribes have hustlers, succeses, 419 and so on. I could say the Hausa/Fulanis are the richest based on my exposure (Dangote)…but that may not be true when you consider the Otedolas and the Ojukwus.

    • Rightly said Ben, that’s what always happened, tribal sentiments. Arinze has forgotten that when u are outside the shore of naija, u are referred to as Nigerian and not as Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa or efik or Ibibio….etc. Tuface and dbanj are. recognized as Nigerians, even whole soyinka received nobel lauret as a Nigerian, same as agbani darego, oluchi, chimamanda, fela, mikel, dangote, etc. Despite our shortcoming as per bad leadership we’re still waxing strong….God Bless Nigeria.

  20. proudly Nigerian, I love our style,our resilience,our sense of humor, we are just unique. I think when God wants to laugh and catch fun, He switch His channels to Nigeria.


  21. To keep Nigeria once is a task for everybody that must be done. Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and other tribes, I love you guys. ONE LOVE

  22. Nigerians are truely classy,swaggy,dressy n stuff,we always leave an impression in every part of the world we find ourselves,we’re such an awesome pple.proudly naija TO THE TEETH

  23. I love our Nigerian spirit and drive , but can’t we congratulate ourselves without putting others down? We can say we ‘re great without claiming to be ‘the best’ .

  24. Proudly Nigerian

  25. There’s an angel crying up in heaven tonight cause we keep on saying things that we don’t mean & it’s tearing us apart. Nigeria is blessed with natural resources but she’s coursed with bad leadership. God help us all.

  26. Please leave your comment…The list is really endless, if not for corruption, Nigeria would have sowered higher than we are now. There’s still hope…

    • It is only a Nigerian “Prince” that can convince an English white woman that he loves her and makes her empty her account just to please and make him comfortable. I mean Nigerians are highly talented.

  27. Nigerians are exceptional with the strong adaptation factor. we can adapt to any things, be it food, government policy. For sure Nigerian can swindle and we get good English for every situation like Stepaside, Option A4, Theft not stealing etc.

  28. Pretty superficial, the corruption is missing, which should be number 1, nepotism – everything works with connections and contacts and PR ( bribes ) ….. Most tribal country in Africa for sure…

  29. Nigeria is God’s Own Country. We are the best in the World!

  30. ….And we have many billionaires Like Aliko Dangote, Otedola, Mike Adenuga and others, God Bless Nigeria!!!!!

  31. Even in the area of sport like football, athletics, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo etc Nigeria is not left out. We are doing pretty well in the music industry too.

  32. Our leaders should put the fair of God in their daily activities and remember that one day God will ask each and every one of them,Nigerians watch and pray.

  33. Nigeria,good people, good nation. No better place to live in the world than Naija

  34. Nigeria is diverse and unique in it’s culture, nd datz lies our strength.
    May b datz y dey hate us! Lol

  35. Please leave your comment…We can make make more and even better impact to the world, if and only if we begin to consider accountability and rule of law in our affairs, especially leadership….

  36. Please leave your comment…proudly a Nigerian God bless dis great nation

  37. Nigeria is one of the closest Countries in the World to The Almighty God. God loves This great Black Nation, which is why whenever we call on Jesus, he hears, shows us great mercies and answers our prayers. We love God much in Nigeria and our prayers are stronger and mightier than all the Arsenals of United States-Amen.

  38. Our diversity in terms of culture, tribes and dialects and to add to that our resilience. Thank you for bringing this up. I think very very soon nowhere can be home better than Naija. Proudly Naija

  39. Nigerians are simply the best.Just as you have said, we make things happen. We make the black race proud. May God grant us a leader who will have the interst of Nigeria and Nigerians at hearth. May God bless this great Nation, and bring the diffrent tribes together so that when an Igbo man see a Youroba man they will embrasse themselves as brothers so with the Housas with the Yourobas and the Igbos and other tribes. Long live Great NIGERIA !!

  40. I disagree with no 2 because Nigerians work hard than other Africans but cannot contest with South Africans when it comes to play. Also no 10 because Nigerians like to bear and absorb every hardships rather than take it to the street. That is why we have tolerated bad leadership for such a long time.

  41. Nigerians are truly a Nation to beat, their is no nation in the globe that those not have their own problem, our own business is to continue to PRAY for the PEACE & SUCCESS of this Nation of ours. And the problems will be over one day….we’re such an awesome people. God bless Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Nigerians level of endurance supercide other African countries.100 men siting in a bus, 99 men standing, suffering and smiling.

  43. Nigerians level of endurance supercides other African countries.100 men siting in a bus, 99 men standing, suffering and smiling.

  44. 9jarians have one unique behaviour. Charles Dawins called it ‘survival forfittest’. American musician, 50cent called it ‘ get rich or die trying’ and here in 9ja we say ‘we go make am cos we dey carry last’. I luv 9ja, God bless u.

  45. Please leave your comment…yeah, because we all belief that our right is our right @ all time to get it done. Most of us dont take NO as answer. one love,one nation, one Nigeria

  46. God bless my country Nigeria so so proud to be a Nigerian

  47. Nigerians have a way of finding humour in every situation no matter how bad I.e My oga at the top, Buhari vs Jonathan, etc. Little wonder we are known to be the happiest people on earth.

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