10 Things Nigerians Are Doing Better Than Other Africans

Nigeria, “the giant of Africa” may be far from perfect but there are certain things we do much better than other Africans. Even though, these are facts, the reality on the ground is that Nigeria is way ahead of some African countries. With our pulsating entertainment scene and the economy growth – (Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa), we can make a case for ‘African exceptionalism”. Although, Nigeria is confronting some major challenges, we are still standing out in Africa. There is something special about Nigerians that you can hardly miss; it is just difficult to ignore us because we are full of life and drama at the same time.

Below are 10 things Nigerians are doing better than other Africans:

1. Business development


Nigerians have good business culture. We are accustomed to developing with new business ideas, creating small and large business organizations, from technology to entertainment. We bring in diverse perspectives to Nigerian business methods, we know how to interact and connect with investors and business partners within and outside Nigeria, as we position ourselves for greater success.  No wonder, the country is the economic power-house in Africa; it is a base for business innovation and distinction.

2. Work hard, play hard

Nigerians partying hard

Photo Source: Proudlyafrican.info

Nigerians work hard, and play hard. If you are looking for people who work so hard and never feel the pain, talk about Nigerians.  The beautiful thing about us ––we are smart. We know how to work effectively and get great results through short cuts. You must have heard a lot of myths about Nigerians, some of these stories are true when it comes to cutting corners. We like to hustle and wrestle our ways to success.

3. Living life to its fullest

Psquare's fleet of cars

Even as the ancient may have retained its grip over the lives of Nigerians in terms of culture and tradition, many have embraced the future, maintaining a laissez-faire attitude toward living life to its fullest. Nigerians understand that life is to be lived once and they get crazy with gadgets, cars, partying and socializing. The fun never ends even during funeral services.

4. Exciting entertainment scene – best in Africa


Nigerians are good in producing the finest movies in Africa. According to Wikipedia, “Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world” and of course, the largest in Africa. Gone are the days when Nigerians make movies that do not make sense in quality and storyline.  Some of the current movies that are produced by Nigerians can compete with some Hollywood movies even though most of these movies may not compete favourable in budget and spending but they are just amazing.

5. Nigerians create wealth from mundane things

There is hardly a niche in the world where a Nigerian does not have power and influence. The quest to be the best has always been the backbone of our successful story. A lot of Nigerians started their stories from nothing and ended up as gurus in different industries.  We strongly believe in the slogan ‘No condition is permanent’ – We go make am one day!

6. We love collectibles – we know how it works

Egerton Crescent, London

Photo Source: Telegraph.co.uk

Maybe you have not heard that some Nigerians are buying some of the most costly buildings on the world’s most expensive street in London -Edgerton Crescent. It is not only in London that this love for luxury properties can be seen.  Nigerians love showing off and buying these expensive properties around the world is simply one of the ways of expressing this lifestyle. With all the education, hard work, risk taking and smart investing, Nigerians love to live large and enjoy the finer things in life. Spend it if you’ve got it!

7. Real survivors

We are everywhere, from London to New York. You can see us on the streets of New York struggling to sell CDs to make sure that we send money home. There is hardly a harsh economic terrain in the world where a Nigerian cannot survive.  It is one trait that makes us exceptional in Africa.

8. Literary gems


Photo Source: Dailypost.ng

Should we start calling names? Nigerians have a lot of writers since the days of Chinua Achebe who made a landmark in the literary world. Nigerians have gifted hands like Wole Soyinka, Chika Unigwe, Chimamanda Adichie and Helon Habila who are making waves around the world. It is not that there no other African writers who are doing great, there are so many but sure Nigerians does the literary thing better. Not to forget the new trend of blogging. (We no dey carry last!)

9. We make things happen

Foreigners and other Africans give the thumbs up to Nigerians  for always transforming dull and boring scenes to exciting ones. There is this thing about Nigerians that give them the ability to make things happen.  From music, comedy to fashion, even our sense of humour is unique and that is why we are so different. Little wonder, thousands visit Nigeria during vacations or festivals to see and enjoy our exciting events and activities.

10. Nigerians take their demands to the streets


Photo Source: Sweetcrudereports.com

There is nothing that Nigerians would not protest these days, it is either they are fighting for the government to increase their salaries, demand for justice or cut down the fuel pump price. These protests always put our issues on the political agenda. The streets and the internet has become our warfronts and the pages of blogs are where we lash out their anger on anything displeasing.  Nigerians have perfected the act of going for protest and they are never too shy to go public with their grievances.

You can see why we say that Nigerians can do certain things better than other Africans, the list is inconclusive and we would leave you to add to the list with your comments.

94 thoughts on “10 Things Nigerians Are Doing Better Than Other Africans

  1. Nigerians never give up on what they do

  2. This is embarrassing. We are not the best in Technology, Finance, Education, Medicine, Sports, Management, Agric, Power, Philanthropy, Science, etc.
    It’s better to just shut up and get our acts together.
    Shio !

    • You never ever will be either because of your being.

      1. No delayed gratification
      2. Prideful
      3. No Shame or guilt (consciousness)

      These are attributes that you’ll never possess.

  3. Nigerians love foreigners

  4. Nigeria is a great country in African so many people comming in to Learn from black people, I love my home keep encouraging Nigeria.we are great

  5. we ar great nd we wil continue to b great most especially wit d incomin administration.

  6. Worked in Nigeria for 17 years, and agree with most of what is said, but the followinfpg statement is not so it is the biggest single reason for waste and failure I have seen,

    The beautiful thing about us ––we are smart. We know how to work effectively and get great results through short cuts. You must have heard a lot of myths about Nigerians, some of these stories are true when it comes to cutting corners. We like to hustle and wrestle our ways to success.

    Short cuts are exactly that, if it was smart every body would do it. Usually things end up having to be twice and cost twice as much and take twice as long. How is this smart

  7. Please leave your comment… I love Nigeria, and am proud to b a Nigerian.

  8. So true, but gbagaaammmm!! You left out the most outstanding – Our beautiful women and their ever glamorous fashion!!! Wutdahell were you thinking???

  9. Nigerians are hospitable, we welcome visitors and relate well with strangers. We are never threatened by the success of strangers among us

  10. Nigerian are accomodating

  11. Nigerians hate each other the most. Each tribe considers itself good and other tribes suspiciously. The are only Nigerians outside Nigeria!

  12. Nigeria is a great country, nija as we love to call it is Gods own country in Africa , He has blessed us “yanfo yanfo” , with fertile land, fertile minds , land mass- berekete,population ,culture, green vegetation, mineral resources, the list is endless . We should be thankful to God almighty for giving us all these and remember the biblical injunction to love our neighbour like ourselves
    God bless NIGERIA

  13. ..Nigerians are dynamic, creative and resilient.

  14. Please leave your comment… Nigeria is good country as i see it.

  15. na we scam past

  16. That’s d power of naija. Proudly naija.

  17. nigerian have a recilient spirit

  18. Nigerians easily forget the misdeeds of their leaders.That is why majority of their leaders take them for granted.

  19. Religeously Nigerians are top on d list. We sure know how to pray.

  20. Nigerians are very determine in activities of progress.

  21. An average Nigerian is always striving to stand tall and when i say tall, i mean it in the superlative

  22. Nigeria has the most and best food in Africa.

  23. I love my nija…. great people, great nation, corrupt leaders

  24. Nigeria the giant of africa is also the unbeatable country and supernatural in Africa, dat is Y we are being hated by others country because we are too much

  25. Nigeria is d best in term of corruption, extravagance, self-centered,poor security,killing & shedding blood of innocent.
    bye 4 now

  26. Hmmm we are still below expectation if science and technology is not part of what we are known for.

  27. We are accommodating and do not exhibit xenophobia, rather make you feel we can do it better irrespective of the situation we find ourself. We make money out of every situation.

  28. Some of us don’t cherish what we’ve got and that is a bad attitude. I love that our slogan that says ‘we no dey carry last’. I unconsciously used it and someone then told me that fact that; Nija people we no dey carry last. I love my country very much and I believe in other sectors we are to be making considerable posive impact we shall get there in Jesus name. God bless me, God bless Nigeria.

  29. Nigerian are a good travelers. There is no part of this world you can not find a Nija person. They are confidence, bold & articulate in their approach. They fear no one & can confront anybody. Avrage Nija can qustion a white or anyone with his/her head tall. They quick to learn & understanding of abcd of any Job. Nigerian are greatness hunters. They has faith that one day, it will be well with them. They have their unique life styl that influence others in there dressing, food, songs/movies etc, that makes the world more interesting in them. Nija take more risk than other African. Nigerian are sweet.

  30. Nigerians hate each to much. We are only nigerians because of colonialism not by nature, majority us of do not even identify with nigeria is just because our family, our tribe and hometown or city is located in what is called nigeria. We always identify with our tribe, tongue, ethnic nation etc. We dont even have a code of conduct among one another ( we speak english or pidgin ) something everybody can understand. Here in the UK it is Yoruba vs Igbo Vs Hausa vs Edo vs Igala vs Fulani etc. Look at the Congolese here they speak lingala so the have code, look at Ivorians,Ghanians,Togolese, burkinabe in the UK they all speak dialects of akan (twi) hausa, mossi and ewe/ga so they understand each other and proudly speak a african langueges that make them one.

    Wheather they belong to differnt nations they have the same culture and code of conduct that trensends boundaries. Only we take pride in speaking English and act as if its our mother tongue, same goes for some Siera Leoneans and Liberians. Majority of us dont learn our decendents our languege so when they speak among each other they just speak english, but congolese childeren speak lingala or swahili if they want so say something they dont want others to hear same with british zimbabewans, tanzanians, somalis, ghanians, ivorians, morrocans, etc.

  31. pidgin english is developed by nigerians for nigerians but the so called ‘highly educated’ nigerians prefere to use pure english all the time claiming that naija pidgin is a ‘motorpark’ stuff…….I hate that cos i speak pidgin where ever I want to speak it,it gives me that naija identity.

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