Top 10 Cheapest European Countries to Study Abroad

Driven by the undying desire to avoid the incessant ASUU strike and experience a stable academic calendar, where a scholar will know the exact date of graduation right from the matriculation day; studying abroad is the dream of many Nigerian students.

Besides regular academic calendar, Nigerians have a strong passion to further their studies abroad because of the advanced knowledge and expertise in top western universities especially in such fields of study like sciences, medicine and technology related courses. These universities offer knowledge and skills which are applicable and adaptable to situations requiring international interactions. This gives the students an edge over those that studied back home in the competitive Global Labour market.

However one thing that stands between Nigerians and this goal is the cost of studying abroad. But never worry, here are top 10 cheapest European countries to study abroad.

1. Germany

TUB-Hauptgebäude07.07.2010 Technische Universität Berlin | Photo Source: Wikipedia

Public universities in most part of Germany do not charge tuition fees for both local and international students, the few German regions that charge tuition fees like Munich has an average tuition fees as low as US$ 1000. Most German cities are more affordable to live in than other European cities like Paris and London.
Top German Universities for International Students: Technische Universität Berlin; Freie Universität Berlin; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin; Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Technical University, Munich.
Average Tuition Fees: EUR 1000 per academic year

2. Belgium

Vrije Universiteit Brussel       Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Photo Source:

Brussels, the  capital of Belgium and indeed the entire country is affordable for international students, the average tuition fees is US$ 1000 per annum. The cost of living is relatively low and the quality of living is high.
Top Belgium Universities for International Students: University in Leuven, Belgium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
Average Tuition Fees: €1,500  per academic year

3. Hungary

University of Szeged University of Szeged | Photo Source: University of Szeged

The universities in Hungary offer low tuition fees for international students. The accommodation charges are equally affordable. Hungarian Universities also have various scholarship packages for international students. The overall cost of living in Hungarian cities is inexpensive compared to other European cities. Therefore, Hungary is an affordable study destination for Nigerian students who want travel abroad for education.
Top Universities for International Students: University of Debrecen, University of Szeged, Corvinus University of Budapest, and Eötvös Loránd University.
Average Tuition Fees: €1,000  per academic year.

4. Italy

Uni-FlorenceFlorence University of Arts | Photo Source: MSOE

Many Italian Universities offer cheap tuition for international students. They also have diverse accommodation options at economical rate. Italy is noted for offering best education in such study areas as fashion, history, liberal arts and arts at low cost. It is indeed the best place to study arts.
Top Universities for International Students: University of Bologna, University of Rome La Sapienza, Polytechnic University of Milan, University of Rome Tor Vergata, etc.
Average Tuition Fees: €1,000 per academic year.

5. France

PicardyJulesVerne University of Picardy Jules-Verne | Photo Source: Scholarshipresource

France has a low tuition rate for both local and international students. Paris the French capital is the top overall QS Best Student Cities for 2 consecutive years. Other cities in France have the additional advantage of having a lower cost of living than Paris. The average tuition fees are US$1,000. French Universities offer diverse accommodation packages for international students at affordable rates.
Top Universities for International Students: University in Lyon, France, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Université Jean Moulin Lyon
Average Tuition Fees: US$1,000 per academic year.

6. Finland

University of Helsinki University of Helsinki | Photo Source: Wikipedia

Finland offers no tuition fee doctoral and bachelor’s degree program for both local and international students. Some master degree program has a tuition fee for non-EU/EEA international students. Though the Nordic region of Europe is reputed for high cost of living, however Helsinki is among the most affordable city in the region.
Top Universities for International Students in Finland: Aalto University and University of Helsinki.
According to StudyinFinland website; “No tuition fees charged in Finnish higher education degrees starting in autumn 2014, regardless of the level of studies and the nationality of the student.” This means that Finland University education is free for everyone including Nigerian students.

7. Austria

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA University of Vienna, Austria | Photo Source: Allcountries

Public universities in Austria have an average tuition fee of about 726.72 Euros and additional 17.50 Euros for insurance and Austrian student union fee per semester.
Citizens of least developed countries have tuition free education in Austrian public universities and just pay 17.50 Euros per semester. Cost of living in Austria for students compares favourably with other Europeans countries.
Top Universities for International Students in Austria: University of Vienna, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, University of Graz, etc.
Average Tuition Fees: US$1,000 per academic year.

8. Norway

University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway | Photo Source: NTNU

The state universities and university colleges in Norway offer tuition free education for international students. The students just pay a token $50-$100 per semester.
This free education for international students extends from undergraduate program to masters degree studies and Ph.D. program. Private universities have tuition fees, however they are also affordable but cost of living in Norway is higher than in other European countries.
Top Universities for International Students in Norway: University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Tromsø
Average Tuition Fees: FREE. Public education is free for both local and International students in Norway.

9. Sweden

Royal_institute_of_technology_Sweden      Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.| Photo Source: Wikipedia

International students from non-EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland pay tuition fees. However a lot of Universities offer partial and full scholarship packaged as tuition waivers for international students. However PhD programs are tuition free for international students. Cost of living in Sweden is relatively high.
Top Swedish Universities for International Students: Lund University, Uppsala University, Karolinska Institute, Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm School of Economics.
Average Tuition Fees: SEK80, 000 per academic year.

10. Ukraine

kharkiv-national-medical-university Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine | Photo Source: Geanow

Universities in Ukraine offer one of the cheapest Engineering and Medical education compared to other European countries. The admission requirements are simple as TOEFL and ILETS are not required and no bank statement is needed, all payments are made on arrival. The cost of living in Ukraine is low yet the standard of living compares favourably with other European countries. There are also job opportunities during summer holidays. Deserving students are assured of been granted students visa.
Top Universities for International Students in Ukraine: Kharkiv National Medical University, Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Crimea State Medical University, Odessa State Medical University.


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    • I think its free for public universities, but when I asked the Finnish University they said I would have to take an entrance exam, I mean come to Finland and take an entrance exam, though this was for bachelors. Maybe same for Masters as well.

      Austria also the same case, but its test was online.

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