25 Great Nigerian Blogs You Should Follow

Blogging is becoming more popular in Nigeria every day. There is no doubt that most Nigerian bloggers have discovered that blogging can help them create a notable online buzz and reach out to millions of Nigerians. With hundreds of Nigerian blogs on the Internet, it’s difficult to know which to read and follow regularly for inspiration, latest news, gossips, business and political news and information, sport and travel news or Nigeria trends.

We’ve compiled this list of blogs and we recommend that you check them out. In no particular order, here are 25 great Nigerian blogs you should follow:

1. Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie is a lifestyle blogger and her blog features beauty & style, gist, news and events, food recipes, and everything in between.

2. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Blog an entertainment blog featuring entertaining content such as celebrity news and gossips, hottest fashion, photos and videos.

3. Laila Blog

Laila blog is a source for entertainment news, celeb news, juicy gossips and every ‘happening things’ in Nigeria.

4. Olufamous

Olu Famous blogs features videos, pictures, breaking and interesting news – lifestyle, politics and social issues from around the web.

5. That Igbo Chick

That Igbo Chick blog provides daily dose of beauty tips and best-kept-beauty secrets that will make any woman glow.

6. Jobberman Blog

Jobberman Blog provides jobs and career tips, tricks and news. Whether you are searching for a job or you already have  one, you can catch up on latest industry trends, interview hints, job search tips and career advice on Jobberman Blog.

7. 360Nobs

360nobs is a fantastic blog featuring fashion news, style tips, events, reviews, movies & TV, music and breaking news and other entertaining content.

8. Naijavibe

Get Nigerian entertainment vibes on NaijaVibes blog. The blog features celebrity news, music and videos, fashion, news and events.

9. Campus Portal

Campus Portal provides Nigerian University students with latest news, comments on student issues and scholarship information.

10. Kisses and Huggs

Huggs and Kisses club is a great blog for relationship tips and advice, personal values and lifestyle tips to help you work through any relationship problems.

11. Fashion Rehab

Fashion Rehab is a Nigerian fashion blog with a focus on fashion style trends, shopping and stylist looks. The blog provides fashion tips and tricks for all fashion lovers.

12. Healthsave Blog


Healthsave blog features health content, fitness, medicine, dental care, physiotherapy and other health related issues.

13. Lohis Creations


Lohis Creations is a food blog featuring tasty and hearty Nigerian and African foods,  recipes, tips and guides, pictures and reviews.

14. MissPetite Nigeria

MissPetitNigeria Blog provides celebrity news, latest entertainment news, celebrity gossips, music, movies, videos, lifestyle and fashion news.

15. NewsBytes

NewsByte is a news blog – a place for latest news content – politics, economy, technology, business, travels and tourism,  sports, world news and entertainment.

16. Naija Treks


NaijaTreks is a travel blog about Nigerian travel bloggers on a journey around Nigeria. The blog features travel tales and experience, great travel tips and top attractions in Nigeria.

17. First Time Mom Baby Blog

First Time Mom is a typical parenting blog. Memoirs and experiences of a mom, Temilola Balogun AKinmuda, an on-air personality at Cool FM, and her baby, Kunmi. The blog is typically for  parents, newly-weds and people who just want information on parenting a new baby.

18. Ynaija

YNaija.com is an Internet newspaper blog for Nigerians, featuring local, state and national news, world news, politics, business, technology and science.

19. Alakija Blog

Alakija Blog is a great photography blog by a great photographer. The blog features inspiring stories through photography, presenting the finest photographs you can ever imagine.

20. Omojuwa

Omojuwa Blog is an outspoken political blog with unique analysis. This blog is a place to start hunting for intelligent views on Nigerian political issues.

21. Embodiment Of Grace 

This is a relationship blog that provides relationship tips and advice, experiences to help readers to  improve and strengthen their relationships.

22. Darlington Peters Blog

Darlington Peters blog is a news blog that features entertainment news, technology and digital innovation, business, information and resources in Nigeria and Africa.

23. Gooners Daily

Gooners Daily is a blog on latest sport news and and opinion on Arsenal games, match previews and reports.

24. Flynaija

FlyNaija is a Nigerian blog that provides latest travel news, airline reviews and information, travel stories and experiences, tips for travelling around the world.

25. Aisle Perfect

Aisle Perfect is a wedding blog that provides every wedding niche – styles, guides to planning a Nigerian wedding, planners, venues, photographers, creative couples, stylish bride and grooms.

Have you got any favourite Nigerian blog you would like to add to this list? Please, tell us in the comments box below:

89 thoughts on “25 Great Nigerian Blogs You Should Follow

  1. Hello, what a great list you have here, but I just noticed that I saw no tech blog, I believe you have a reason for that..
    Thank you. An glad to have made the list Health Save Blog..

    you really did a nice work..

    • Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hello, what a great list you have here, but I just noticed that I saw no tech blog, I believe you have a reason for that..
    Thank you. An glad to have made the list Health Save Blog..

    you really did a nice work..Picking out few blog from large blog is really not an easy work..

  3. I just love 360nobs.com. I’m so glad it made the list.

    • 🙂 Me too!

  4. Thank you Kemi for including us on this list.

    • You are welcome. Your blog provides great travel stuff and you deserved it.

    • Thank You.

  5. Great job . Welldone. Is it possible to include The Word of God which is Bible?

    • Sure, Why not? Thanks Bolanle.

  6. I would have loved to see “madukovich’s cogitations”, on the list.

    • Okay cool! We will sure add “madukovich’s cogitations” on our list next time. Thank you.

    • 🙂 You are welcome.

  7. Y is stella dimokorkus blog not there….I’m so disappointed! Its one of d best

  8. I liked that you included blogs from all types of niches. Looks like I have more blogs to read!

    • Thank you 🙂

  9. Nice list , Although I Think Android Nigeria Should Have Made The List. Nevertheless , I Still Believe Android Nigeria Will Get Its Much Desired Attention Before The End Of This Year.

    • I’m sure Android Nigeria is a great blog. Thank you.

  10. Nice list, Just like Global said, there’s no Techblog like Oscarmini or Netmediablog.. About Campus Nigeria, the educational blog, nice blog list here. What Metrics did you use in listing this blogs?

    There’s no InformationNigeria here too. But above all, this is really nice.

    • Great. We will include them next time. However, there are some blogs on the list, which feature Tech content. Thanks.

  11. No JarusHub (www.jarushub.com). Joke!

  12. The main guys online esp in Tech will see this and laugh. Would have been better if you named ot : 25 random blogs..

  13. You’ve made a great list here! But i must ask why there is no tech blog in the list, and again there are also some blogs out there that wasn’t on the list. Where is Ladun Liadi’s Blog? Where is TrendyRammy? Where is InformationNigeria? And so many i could not list out?

    • I tire ooo…. But she made up a nice list tho. Thumbs up to Kemi. 😉

  14. This list is not complete without naijasinglegirl blog. Mehn, I can’t stay 3 days without that girls blog. No jokes

  15. i like sisi yemmie, she is cool.

    Anyway here is my blog .
    its all about lifestyle, health and food you can check it out….

  16. i like sisi yemmie, she is cool.

    Anyway here is my blog .
    its all about lifestyle, health and food you can check it out….
    there is also lots of African recipes there

  17. Its absolutely thrilling that Nigerian youth are getting swiftly to blogging zenith. I’ve always been inspired by the above-listed blogs. Blogging is a craft, business and a worthwile entrepreneurship every potential must embrace.

  18. That is a very wonderful one. You all motivated me to start up http://www.uhurugists.com
    My warmest respect to all Nigerian Bloggers. I have come to join you with http://www.uhurugists.com
    I will welcome all your advice and suggestions. Thank you all

  19. Cool list but it will be way cooler if its got at least one in science category “afrosci.wordpress.com”

  20. check my sport blog ckjacob.blogspot.com and comment!

  21. Great list you have here but you didn’t mention any cultural blog….check out my blog Nigerian culture,festivals and me for all those things you didn’t know about Nigeria@allaboutnigeriablog.com

  22. Hi Kemi, thanks for this fantastic list.
    Kindly check out my blog Stylish Academic, a fashion and lifestyle blog for young professionals from Lagos to London.
    It is newly founded, but never a dull moment!

  23. This is my first time here and i’m using this medium to learn something new from all this Blogs mentioned above .www.nesterblog.wordpress.com

  24. Great list.those blogs inspired me to start mine.
    You can check y blog,I blog at

  25. Thank you very much for this comprehensive list of blog site to follow.

  26. GREAT LIST YOU’VE GOT HERE. HOPEFULLY MY PERSONAL REVIEWS BLOG, Rayviewz.com would make the list next time. Thanks

  27. Blog list isnt complete without listing us there

    Nice list though

  28. You missed an important one.
    It is a blog with regular and original content for women on fashion style and living in general. Its also regularly updated

  29. Great List, This list helps to anyone to know update news on Nigeria. Thank you very much for share with us.

  30. It is very interesting but I think you have to do a little more work by adding some business blogs in Nigeria that shares ideas, insights and trends.

  31. Great Post. Thank You for this wonderful post. This gonna help many bloggers for a better online reach and is a great ocean of wisdom for many newbies into this world.

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