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Saint Lucia is one island that would grab your attention the first you visit. It has become a honeymoon spot for lovers and couples, and for singles, it is perfect for holiday.  This Caribbean island brings you closer to different tourist’s activities.  You can lie on the beach; hike inside the rainforest whose green canopy covers this Saint Lucia like a haze. There is the rolling hills which have become a volcanic mountain. Book your flights to Saint Lucia with Travelstart; compare hotel arrangement offers and airline flight fees when you are coming to Saint Lucia.

Hewanorra International Airport: UVF

Hewanorra International Airport was formerly called Beane Army Airfield, which is situated near Vieux Fort Quarter, Saint Lucia. It is a Fire Category 9 airport that accommodates about 500,000 passengers yearly and airplanes like Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 can make use of the airport. This airport is equipped with VOR/DME, NDB and RNAV approaches for two of its runways.

Major Attractions

You cannot imagine the iconic Pitons that rise from waves from the volcanic mountain up to the sky but experience it when you visit the location. You are enveloped with the smells, sights and sounds that make this island unique.

This Pitons is a two volcanic plugs that is seen rising above 700 metres straight from the sea and have become one of the World Heritage Sites according to UNESCO.   There is the Sulfur Springs that would take away your breath. This is the only drive in volcano in the world and it is located in Soufrière.

The Saint Lucia Botanical Gardens have a lot of plant species and there is a sulfur waterfall that makes it special. You can visit Our Planet Centre which is the first in the world and it has the La Place Carenage,Castries.

There are lots of dive adventures in the island that are ideal for experts and beginners which is where you are going to get the most captivating deep sea wildlife here. You may not love to lazy on the beach throughout the day, leaving you to explore the eco-adventures that are enchanting and mind-blowing.

Things To Do

You can take a tour, get involved in excursions and other activities such as Snorkeling, Deep Sea Fishing, Hiking and Zipling which can be carried out on this island.

Pigeon Island National Park is an amazing place for you to be. The cannon here were placed in the early 1977 by the Sea King helicopters of HMS Tiger.

Saint Lucia has it all for you when it comes to the sun and sea that naturally play a huge role in the island tourism. There is the horseback ride for you, the mountain biking, helicopter excursions and water activities all planned for you to have a great time in Saint Lucia.

Hotels and Accommodation

Nightlife in Saint Lucia is vibrant and exciting with lots of bars and nightclubs, which gives a pulsating energy that can be felt when you arrive the city. There are luxury hotels and budget hotels that you can make use of for your relaxation and accommodation. You can book you cheap hotel accommodations with Travelstart at an affordable rate.

Car Rentals

Saint Lucia visit can be hassle free when you make use of the car hire services that are available. Right from the airport, Travelstart which has partnered with the major car hire companies would help you with any vehicle of your choice.

The Best Time To Visit

There may be no word that would express the charismatic lifestyle that Saint Lucia has to offer to visitors. Every time of the year is great to visit Saint Lucia, however, May and June is considered the best time to visit. 

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