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Maiduguri is the capital of Borno State which is the largest city in the North-Eastern Nigeria, referred to as the ‘Home of Peace’. The locals called the city ‘Yerwa and was a military outpost for the British during the colonial era. The city has a population that is more than one million. Maiduguri has become home to tourists who would want to visit the famous ‘Monday Market’ and other markets. The city have magnificent hotels, a lot of tourist centers, shopping destinations like the Lake Chad, great local delicacies and a touch of ancient-modern architectural building style, tourists would not forget.

You can explore the streets of Maiduguri and get indulge in the local drinks like ‘Kunu, Fura and natural yogurt. Maiduguri International Airport serves the city and its visitors.  Travelstart offers cheap flights to Maiduguri from any major destination in Nigeria.

Maiduguri International Airport MIU

Maiduguri International Airport MIU serves the locals and visitors who are coming or leaving the city.

Major Attractions

Lake Chad, Baga is one of place you may not want to miss when you are in Maiduguri. It is the largest natural lake that you can find in West Africa which was regarded once as the West Africa epicenter. There is the Lake Chad Sanctuary for a lot of endangered wildlife, having more than 400 elephants that move around the lake. This is a great tourist attraction place you may visit with cameras and camcorders to have a record of the beautiful scenery.

Visit Lake Tilla, a popular holiday resort; it is a crater lake that has restaurants and chalets for visitors. The Jaffi Waterfalls is a natural fall that sees tourists taking stunning pictures at.  If you love animals, the Sanda Kyarimi Zoological Park can be the perfect location for you.

The traditional and ancient shrine of the people of Bura is a tourist and historical center and it is located at the Maram Mountains. Sambisa Game Reserve houses a lot of wildlife and the Borno State Museum has a lot of historical artefacts for you to see.

Maiduguri has an international festival called the Durbar festival that is witnessed at the palace of the Shehu to celebrate festivals like Sallah. This festival attracts tourists around the world who would want to see the display of horses and parades in cultural and rich costumes.

Hotels & Accommodations

There are lots of luxury and comfortable hotels in Maiduguri. Most of these hotels services have great facilities and architecture, designed to suit every visitor. Find Maiduguri hotels.

Car Rentals

Maiduguri has an extensive transportation services that visitors can make use of when they are in the city. You can rent a car to pick you up at the airport and to take you around the city. Hire a car with Travelstart.

Best Time to Visit Maiduguri

Maiduguri can be best visited around October to March when the weather is a bit mild and cold. The weather during the mid year is hot and visitors still visit year round.

You can get direct and scheduled flights to Maiduguri MIU from any major airports in Nigeria such as Lagos LOS, Abuja ABV, Kano KAN etc. 

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