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Ibadan is the third largest city in Nigeria, the capital of Oyo state with a population of over 338,659 according to the 2006 census. It is the home of the first university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan that was established in 1948. Ibadan has become a modern city that has numerous gardens and parks, a lot of markets and other tourist attraction centers. Ibadan airport welcomes thousands of visitors yearly and it is  a tourist getaway when travelling around the country. There are cheap hotels for visitors to use when they visit this peaceful and quiet city.
Visit Ibadanand explore the most fascinating tourist attraction centers in this Yoruba-land.   Ibadan is the location for those who would want to experience the weekly parties that happen around the city, the fun is non ending and the traditional ‘gele’ that is used by the ladies makes the city colourful during events.

Ibadan Airport IBA

The Ibadan Airport IBA serves the local and visitors who are coming to the city. If you are coming to Ibadan with an airline, you can get your cheap flights online via Travelstart.

Major Attractions

Tourists flocks to Oriokeolorunkole, a location that is a historic destination in the world. Myth has it that an angle visited this mountain and had left his footprint on the mountain and it has become a sort of religious ground for a lot of visitors. The cultural centre is a special place you can visit for your picnic and relaxation and get a brilliant view of a lot of places in Ibadan. 
The Ibadan museum can be an important place for you to visit with lots of prehistoric carvings that are made of bronze. Visit Ibadan and have a feel of the quaint combination of the ancient meeting the modern civilization in terms of architectural structures and monuments that would blow your mind. The University of Ibadan is a place to visit, the Noble Laureate, Wole Soyinka and playwright, Femi Osofisan finished from this school. It has an environment that is so blissful and quiet.
The Zoological Garden that is located inside the University of Ibadan has some of the most exotic plants that you can find in Nigeria. The Bower memorial tower is Ibadan’s highest point where you can view the city and enjoy the aesthetic view of some of its neighbouring cities. There is the government house in Agodi where you can take lovely pictures of the monuments and beautiful structures.
The Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), the first teaching hospital in the country, University College Hospital (UCH), Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T) and lots more institutions are located here.

Car Rentals

When you are in Ibadan Airport, you can make use of the services of car rental services that are easily affordable. There are different car hire services that are available for you to make your traveling around the city smooth and comfortable. Hire a car with Travelstart.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are lots of five star hotels with internet wireless facilities for visitors who may want to use the  internet. Find Ibadan hotels. 

Best Time to Visit Ibadan

Activities are witnessed all year round in Ibadan which means you can visit the city anytime. However, November and December can be the best time to visit the city because that is the festive period.

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