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Gombe, a state that is nicknamed the "Jewel in the Savannah” is a beautiful and peaceful city to be, located in the northeastern part of Nigeria and have become one the places tourists spend their holidays.  The Pissi Tangle Cultural Festival that is celebrated with pageantry amid pomp is what brings a lot of tourists from another the world to the state yearly.  You can book cheap flights to Gombe with Travelstart; search and compare the airline fares coming from different part of Nigeria to Gombe.

Gombe Lawanti International Airport GMO

Gombe Airport was certified for flights in 2008, serves Gombe and accommodates visitors and locals travelling in and out of the city. The airport is located at the outskirt of the city, built along the Bauchi to Gombe road by the village of Lawanti.

Major Attractions

The Emirs Palace is one tourist destination that has a blend of royalty and architectural designs which always serve as a venue for the annual durbar festival. People come to Gombe to witness skilled horsemen in beautiful costumes during this festival. You can take along a good camera that would help you capture your special moments at the palace.  If you like hiking, the state have a lot of hills for you to visit, the beautiful and enchanting volcanic Tangele Hill is a place to be when you are at the south of Gombe.

The Kilang Hill which is located in Popandi Village is about 1000 feet above the sea level, quite a lofty height to stand and take a view of its immediate surroundings. A bit of history can be experienced at the Tula Battlefield; this is a location where the British who were under the command of Calyle had attacked the Tula.

Bima Rock is situated in Dadin Kowa, a gigantic rock that was formed to simply look elegant and beautiful. Pictures that are taken from this location would always be one of your best pictures in Gombe. The tomb of Bubayero Gombe Abba who is the founder of the Gombe Sukku Local Government Area Emirate is a national monument that is visited yearly by hundreds of visitors.

The Northern part of Nigeria has a lot of historical ancient battle grounds which can be seen in Bormi Battle site. This is where the Sultan Bajoga and Major F.C Mash fought and were killed. The local cuisine is what you would not want to miss when you are in Gombe, delicious meals that are prepared by the locals are simply irresistible. You have a lot of menus to choose from in any of the state’s hotels and restaurants at an affordable rate.

Hotels & Accommodation

Gombe has designed lots of adventures, tranquility environment, great nightlife, beautiful tourist centers, and tourist attraction centers. This brings a lot of tourists to the state and there are lots of luxury hotels that are equipped with state of the art facilities and budget hotels for the comfort and relaxation of guests. Find Gombe hotels.

Car Rentals

With the large number of tourist attractions to visit in Gombe, a rental car can help you travel around the state with comfort and a peace of mind. Hire a car with Travelstart.

Best Time to Visit

Gombe is full of activities throughout the year, the best time you can visit the state can be April to October when the weather is mild and the environment is greeny.

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