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Poprad is a city that is located in northern Slovakia. This city is so majestic with its picturesque landscapes and historic sites it is a place that you would enjoy exploring. Poprad essentially came into existence in the 13th century, this place is likely to be your first experience of the beautifully known mountain country.

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Why visit Poprad?

  • Slovakian people are known for being hospitable and welcoming!
  • This place has a rich cultural heritage, that is evident all over this magnificent town!
  • Poprad is filled with picturesque landscapes and attractions that have to be seen in person!
Time Zone:
UTC + 1
Dialing Code
00 + 421 + Local Number
Drive on the right side of the road.
The Poprad-Tatry Airport
Travel Adaptor:
Standard UK Adaptor Plug, Type G.

The best time to visit Poprad is during May-September as the average temperatures are a little cooler and it is pleasant enough to enjoy your holiday. During March, April, October and November the temperatures are fairly cool. If you do not mind the cold then you should definitely visit during December-February, and be prepared because it is cold.

The most spoken language in Poprad is Slovak, and other languages like Slovak, English and German are understood and spoken by some.

  • This is the third biggest town of East Slovakia.
  • Poprad is one of the important cities in eastern Slovakia, due to mountain tourism.
  • Poprad is a gateway of the High Tatra mountain range, which is a popular tourist destination..

Poprad came into existence in the 13th century, famous places like the nearby High Tatra mountains brought significant growth to Porad.

Among all its historic buildings that still reflect the historical German and Polish influences, Poprad has beautiful and natural surroundings that are simply breathe-taking.

The famous must-do's when you are in the city are things like, hiking up High Tatra, or going to see the Church of St. Egidius, Church of St. George, and Podtatranské museum Poprad.

Slovakian food is known for being very filling and hearty, with the main ingredients consisting of potatoes, dumplings, cheese and meat, so be prepared to eat when visiting this beautiful city. Places like La Primavera, Vino & Tapas, Utopia and Penzion Fortuna, are local favourites and should definitely on your list.

The majority of Slovaks belong to the Roman Catholic church, and it is considered to be very religious and conservative because all the places are known to close before midnight in the city.

Poprad is still an amazing place with great sights and the people are known for their great hospitality, so even though they might be slightly conservative, this is a great vacation place-you might not even want to leave by the end of your holiday.

This is a very safe place to visit, travellers can rest assured that they will have the best holiday without the fear of something happening to them. Walking around this city during the day and night is fairly safe although if you are a female on your own it is advised that you do not walk around by yourself at night. There is the odd occurrence of incidents happening, but usually it is petty crime, so people need to be aware of their surroundings.

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About Poprad

The Poprad-Tatry Airport (code: TAT) is located in Slovakia's ski resort town- Poprad. This airport has one of the highest elevations in Central Europe, it also represents the entry gate to the High Tatras and Low Tatras regions.

Food and drink

The bars and restaurants that are located within the airport offer various drinks, confectionery and fast foods,these places are located in the central Schengen and non-Shengen departure hall.

Lost luggage

If you have lost any item of luggage at the airport it is important that you inform the information desk at the airport/ your handling airline immediately.)

Airport hotels

The hotel that are located near the airport include Hotel Hubert, Hotel Poprad, Tatra Hotel, and Hotel Gerlach.

Airport hub

The Poprad-Tatry Airport (code:TAT) is a hub for airBaltic, Travel Service Slovakia,and Wizz Air.

Car Hire

The main car hire dealerships that are located within the airport include DK Auto, SIXT Rent a Car, and Europcar.

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