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Mombasa brings this exploration culture in you when you come here,  from a mosque that was built by a nostalgic Iman, a picturesque of donkeys moving around and a breakfast of maharagwe to a sanctuary for the Angolan Black-and-White Colobus monkey, you may not wish to be in any other tourist site than Mombasa in Kenya. There is a sacred forest that was once a home to the Digo Mijikenda tribe and has become where communal and religious ceremonies are held. You can book your flights to Mombasa with Travelstart, search and compare the airline fares coming from different part of Kenya to Mombasa.

Moi International Airport MBA

Moi International Airport also known as Mombasa Airport is an airport that serves the people of Mombasa and other communities around it. This is Mali’s second largest and also the second busiest after Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.  The airport was named after Daniel Arap Moi, a former Kenyan President.

Major Attractions

Mombasa offers you a taste of posh tourism with its many holiday and tourist attraction centers. When you are in Mombasa, you are in a cultural melting pot where the Indian, Asian, Omanis, Arabic, British, American and other tribes come together for a lovely tourist experience.  The Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it has become a popular site that you can visit.  It was built in the shape of a man and is a home to a museum.

A trip to Haller Park would bring you face to face with tortoise and lots of wildlife like Cape buffalo, waterbucks, giraffes and hippos with a flourishing ecosystem. The Mombasa Marine National Park is where you would find sandy beaches, mangroves and sea grass beds. If you love water spots, there are a wide variety of such activities to indulge in, such as snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing and many more.

If you have not seen eels, stingrays and sea horses, you can go to the Mtwapa Creek and away from the waters; you can visit the Old Town which is a reminiscent of the era when the city was ruled by the Portuguese.

The Mombasa Tucks has become the city’s famous landmark that was used to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1952. A daring place to visit can be the Mamba Village Centre where you would see the largest crocodile farm.

Things To Do

A visit to the Tiwi Beach offers you a romantic tourism that is not marred by a large crowd.  You can swim and even learn how to swim. The Nyali Theatre takes you out of Africa with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You can even take a bowling alley game, play casino and eat from some of the finest restaurants in the city.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are beautiful and luxury hotels are built around the city which takes care of the accommodation and relaxation of its guests. These hotels are built with state of the art facilities and can be easily booked with Travelstart. Find Mombasa Hotels.

Car Rental Service

Movement around Mombasa is made easy with the numerous car rental services that are available at the Moi International Airport. Travelstart has partnered with some of the major car rental services in the country. Hire a car with Travelstart Nigeria.

Best Time To Visit Mombasa

Mombasa is all fun for visitors all year round. There is hardly a time you visit Mombasa that you would not get the tourist activities you desire. However, the best time to visit Mombasa can be December to March and also July to September.

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