Visa Information: How to Apply For UK Visa in Nigeria

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If you are planning to travel to the United Kingdom for education, tourism, business or to reside and work, and you do not know how to get your visa, do not worry any longer because we are providing you detailed information that will make your visa processing very easy. We are experienced in this area and would love to share our vast knowledge with you.

There are things that are required from you before you can apply for a UK visa, the first thing that you need is a valid Nigerian Immigration passport that should be valid for at least 30 days after the intended stay in UK. You can easily apply for your immigration passport online or at the nearest Immigration office in any state in Nigeria.


There are different types of UK visa; immigrants who want to travel to any of the cities in UK and stay for an extended period should apply for the Long Term Visa. You are expected to provide a genuine reason for your long term stay in UK.

The most common UK type of visa is the Visitor’s or Tourist Visa. The Visitor’s visa is issued for a short stay in the UK. The purpose for this visa is to visit friends and loved ones, holiday or vacation, study, business, training, attend conference and transit visa – this is gotten when you are passing through the United Kingdom.
There are short term visas that are issued to Government officials called the Official and Diplomatic Visas. The Student Visa is issued to students who wish to study in any part of UK for a long period of time that can last up to three years.

Visa Requirements

  • A valid travel passport( ECOWAS passport)
  • Application Form – The UK visa form has to be filled online
  • One passport sized colour photograph on white background. This must not be more than 6 months old (45mmx35mm wide)
  • Visa Fee
  • Evidence of permission to be in UK if you are not a national of the Nigeria. E.g visa, green card, residence permit etc.
  • Photocopy of passport data page
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Financial proof, original bank statement ( at least 6 months)
  • Birth certificate for children travelling with parents.
  • Applicant travelling on an official business should attach a letter of invitation/confirmation of training/conference, with full details of the Company’s Authorized representative; physical address and phone numbers.
  • Supporting letter from sponsor/friend
  • Utility bills
  • Details of hotel/flight bookings
  • Marriage certificate if applicable

Visit the UK Immigration visa requirements for more information.

How to Apply for UK Visa

Step 1: You can apply for your UK visa at Teleperformance – UK Application Centers in Lagos or Abuja. This company works in partnership with the UK Government for visas and immigration in Nigeria makes visa application simple and fast if you provide all the required documents.

Step 2: Visit the UK Immigration and visa website to find out the type of visa you should apply for. The UK Visa fee varies; see the application fees for different categories under the type of visa you want. However, for general visitor short term visa, the visa application fee is 141 US Dollars. From the UK Visa and Immigration website, you will find out about your application fee and also book your appointment with UK Visa Application Centre.

Step 3: After you have filled the form online, you will be given the GWF number, you should take note of this number because you will need it later. You will also receive an email confirming the your appointment date, the location and the required documents to take along.

Step 4: You will need to register your details on Teleperformance website, after you have booked your appointment. If you don’t register, you will not be allowed to attend your appointment. You can also track your application on Teleperformance website after you have registered.

Step 5: To attend your appointment at UK Visa Application Centre, you are required to bring along the following:

  • Printed copies of your online application form and appointment confirmation
  • Your passport and other required documents.

There is a gradual process after payment of your visa fees; Your photo and fingerprints – biometrics will be done at the Application Centre. After this has been done, your visa fee will no longer be refundable.

Don’t be late for your appointment. Make sure you arrive at the date and time stated on your confirmation email. If you are late, your application process may be delayed as you will have to rebook your appointment.

According to Teleperformance website; “Due to global changes in the way visa application are processed, children under 5 years old are now required to attend the Visa Application Centre to complete the application process. It is now mandatory for them to have their photo taken at the VAC. These changes do not affect applications that have already been submitted.”

Visit here for detailed information on how to apply for visa with UK Visa and Immigration.

Application Submission

Applicants can submit their ECOWAS passports and application requirements on Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m except on public holidays in Lagos and Abuja UK Application Center.

Visa Processing

Visa application processing can take within four to six working days. However, some visa applications can take more time especially those that have special attention in crime or history of rejection.


Collection time is between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Except for Public Holidays) from Monday to Friday. You are expected to come with your application checklist, original photographic ID and a photocopy of biodata page of passport. You will be alerted through an SMS when your application has been sent to the UK Embassy on the submission day and you will be alerted for collection when your passport arrives back to the UK Application Center. You can also track your application online on Teleperformance website.

Note: Third party can not collect your documents on your behalf, except you are a government representative, a parent collect for your child or children or you are collecting on behalf of your family if you applied together.

UK Visa Application Center Addresses

UK Visa Application Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos
1st Floor, Churchgate Tower 2
Plot PC31 Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

UK Visa Application Centre in Ikeja, Lagos
TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way
Ikeja, Lagos

UK Visa Application Centre, Abuja.
TLS Contact Processing Services Ltd.
3rd floor El Yakub Plaza, Plot 1129
Zakariya Maimalari street, opp war college
Central Business Area, Abuja

UK Government for Visas & Immigration British High Commission, Lagos
Dangote House, Aguyi Ironsi Street Maitama District, Abuja

UK Government for Visas & Immigration British Deputy High Commission, Abuja
11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos


If you have any questions about how to apply for UK Visa, please let us know in the comment box below.

473 thoughts on “Visa Information: How to Apply For UK Visa in Nigeria

  1. Hi Oluwakemi, i was sent an invitation letter by my aunt via email. That has being the method of invitation over the years for my family and we have no record of being refused. Is it going to affect my application?

    • Hi Algoro, print out the invitation letter, hope it was signed by your aunt?

  2. Hello Oluwakemi Ojo,
    Great page you have here.

    Please, how can I go about this:
    I have an invitation from a corporate organisation in the UK to attend a 4-day programme.

    With the exception of visa application (which I am expected to do by myself), all other expenses (flight, hotel accommodation, etc) would be borne by the organisation.

    I’m quite apprehensive about providing ‘an acceptable’ financial proof (bank statement) in my application for visitor’s visa.

    What, really, are the criteria for the presentation of financial proof because I’m a young man, barely over 3 months on a paid job.

    Will presenting an authentic letter from the UK firm suffice for the financial worthiness check?

    How can I go about it?


    • Hello Mr Sunday,

      Do you work with the corporate organization that is inviting you? If yes, then you can provide your financial proof, showing your salary for 3 months, your pay slip for 3 months, properly signed by your company’s accountant or finance personnel, your letter of job offer which shows the date you started working. Invitation letter from the corporate organization stating why you are coming to Uk and that they will be responsible for your accommodation and other expenses.

  3. I am in the process of renewing my UK visitor visa, however am struggling with some questions. I am self employed, director in a family run business.

    What is your total monthly income from all sources of employment or occupation, after tax?
    How much do you spend each month on living costs?

    I have been advised to answer N/A by people as am self employed and dont have fixed salary and also no payslip.

    I would like to be advised accordingly. Thank You

    • Hello Mr Nonso,

      Do you pay tax? you can submit you tax slip, your company registration documents and business account details that show you are the owner of the business.

  4. Please do I need appointment date to go submit my application at the vfs office?

    • Hi Mariam, You can schedule an appointment after you have filled your application form and submitted online.

  5. I submitted by application at teleperformance Nigeria. Please do you know the minimum and maximum of working days to process a UK student visa. Thks

  6. Hi I read on the VFS Global website that one can only apply in Ikeja, Lagos and no longer in Abuja from the 15th of this month. Is this true? Is there really no other option?

  7. Thank you, Oluwakemi.

    Your response is very much helpful.

    What if I work for a completely different company here in Nigeria? What would your response have been?

    Because that is really my case – I work in a different organisation

  8. Please I have been looking for the site address to fill my application form online ,Please help or can I submit paper form to Cfs .

  9. hi, i received a mail that my visa has been processed and approved (which i assume should mean student visa has been granted)on fri 12th sept and i am yet to receive the text from VAC in Lagos to come and pick it up. i already booked a flght ticket and i dunno aw to speed up the arrival of my docs. any help?

    • Hi Ife, please when did you go for your biometrics? And was it at Teleperformance, Churchgate? I am yet to receive a reply 3 weeks after.

  10. if i want to work and study in uk, what are the likely question i would have to answer

  11. Hi ma,can someone make online payment for me using her mastercard?

  12. i want to apply for UK visiting through my employer based company in Qatar, i will like to ask if its going to be an Edge?
    Your reply is very urgent.


  13. Hello,
    I have a conditional offer for my msc in the uk, I would like to know the requirement if I am taking my 5months old baby along with me. I am married but I have not changed my name on my passport, but I have my wedding certificate

  14. I want to visit the UK to cool off for @least 2 weeks and the trip will be sponsored by my BOOS. Do i still need to present my account statement hence i don’t visit the Bank regularly for savings due to the fact that i needs to care for the family (wife and kids) upkeep till am 5 months older in the job where i would have saved enough for subsequent demands. thanks.Emmanuel

  15. i applied for the uk visa on september 1 2014. Business visa category.Its been over 15 working days and i ve not gottten an email or sms. Can i proceed to the vfs office tomorrow as i have a dubai visa on the passport thats to expire on the 28th. im just so worried. i need your insight ma. Thanks

    • Hi Kemi, I’m sure your visa will be soon. You cant collect your passport except they call you collection.

    • Hi Kemi, please if you get any reply SMS or Email, do let us all know. Thanks.

  16. My account statement is poor,how do I go about it? And I want to apply next month

  17. i got an sms on the 19th working day and as envisaged, the dubai visa expired. JUST picked my passport today as i was told to come to the vfs after two working day. to cut the long story short, i got my passport 4working days after getting the sms alert and after going to the vfs every other day. Good statement of account,but i was denied. im still single tho.

    • Hi Kemi, So sorry about the visa denial. However, you can still apply for a Dubai visa and visit Dubai.

  18. i will try again in the future. Thanks a lot

  19. Hi Kemi. I want to take my two kids to the UK.One of them sabove 18.Does she need to apply on her own?

    • Yes, she has to apply on her own. But you can all apply together as a family too, if you are going on vacation,

  20. i want to apply for Uk visa for my sisters school graduation, there is an invitation but my area of concern is in terms of accommodation and having enough money in my bank account. my sister has her own apartment do i still need to pay for hotel accommodation? and also i have been working for a company for 3 years now and have been earning a salary. Do i still need to have too much money in my bank account up to about 400k to 500k? I just want to attend and then be back the next day. How do i go about this?

  21. Pls can two companies or organization sponsor u?

    • No, You should get only one sponsor.

  22. Can you have two sponsors if you are applying for UK visa?

  23. Hi Kemi, great work your doing, how true is this statement from VFS Global.
    ‘ From Monday 29 September 2014, VFS Global will no longer provide UK Visa Application services in Nigeria’
    And if true ,how do we apply and where do we submit application.

    thanks in anticipation of your response.

    • Hi Richard, It is true. Teleperfomance is now handling UK Visa Applications in Nigeria.

  24. Great page u hv here. pls i need to knw if uk visa fee is now paid online or on d day of submission.

  25. Hi Kemi.please what else does the person inviting me has to present asides the invitation letter?Want to apply this month ending.Thanks.

  26. i apply for the visa and is more than fourteen weeks now i have not receive any message on it no what can i do

  27. i mean fourteen days not weeks

  28. Hi Olu, am a student awaiting service by early next year. I intend to travel to the Uk to attend my sister’s graduation. However, am confused on what to fill in the Form on how much i spend monthly?

    • Hi Olu, Apply for visitor/tourist visa.

  29. Hi Kemi, please who should the letter of introduction from an office be addressed.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Olly, It should be addressed to the South African High Commission.

  30. Can U pleace advise me on how to get Visa to London or Canada because l’ve never travel before. and l don’t have anybody in either of the two Countries please wht can l do to travel?

  31. My husband applied at vfs ikeja for eea family permit and he got an email from stating visa has been processed and ready for collection on the 2nd oct. Does it mean his visa has been approved? And since teleperfomance has taken over he hasn’t been able to collect his passport, when can he approach them for collection again? Should he go to the TP in ikeja or TP victoria island?

    • Hi Ola, We can’t say whether his visa has been approved or not. Where did he submit his application? Ikeja or VI? He should go to where he submitted his application.

  32. please Aunty Kemi i apply for uk visa since 10th September 2014 but up to this moment i am yet to receive any sms and i need my passport to process my youth service corps by next week
    thanks am waiting for response


  34. Hey I applied for a student visa but am abit late and am nijerian an I applied in turkey. Is this going to cause me a rejection? Am really worried.

    • HI Mylani, It really depends. Do you have a residence permit? How long have you lived in Turkey? I don’t think you have a problem if you are a legal resident of Turkey..

  35. Hi Kemi,
    my question is pretty simple and I hope I get a quick reply 🙂 Does the email notifying one of collection ever state whether it has been approved or not? I applied for 6 months visa at the new Teleperformance office in Abuja and just got an email for collection and it just stated that the passport is ready, but my cousin who applied for a 5 yr visa some weeks ago said the email he got for collection stated that it’s been approved. So now I’m confused and a little scared because I’m held up in another town and I can’t go and collect immediately so the apprehension is killing me! Pls help

    • pls does teleperformance offer online services

  36. does tele performance offer online service

  37. What are the Visa re-newer documents?

  38. Pls. I applied for a business Uk visa. And i got a mail that my “visa has been processed that o should come for collection in two working days. Does ” your visa has been processed” mean av been granted the visa? Am anxious.

    • Hi Owolabi, it means its due for collection.

  39. Oluwakemi pls my own case is a different one,I hv not travel before though in 2011 when I wanted to visit my brother in Italy for priestly ordination I went for international passport,when we get to emabassy it was too late so we could’nt get visa on time and uptil today my passport is still with the am married and by next year I would like to travel to UK for my child delivery. Pls where do I start from should I go for another passport and how do I start processing

    • Hi jacinta,

      Have you tried getting your passport back from the Embassy? If yes and you haven’t been able to. Maybe you should get another passport.

  40. Pls I really need ur responds

  41. Pls I need your response

  42. Aunty Kemi!! Ekuse oo!! Thumbs up!!

  43. Please I need your advice urgently just picked up my 2year tourist visa today and realised that they did not return my biometric residence permit card along with my returned application and I am so angry and scared. I need my biometric permit card as an evidence of my claims of me been in UK last year.

    Please how do I go about complaining to them.

    • Hi Oyinye, For visa complaints, kindly call Teleperformance 00441234218165

  44. I am a lecturer of about 20years experience in a college. I recently applied for 1 week uk visa to attend a conference in london. As at d time of applicatn my account balance was low but my account showed a history of regular income of about 300k net of tax and other deductions. I submited my applicatn despite the low bank balance because I felt d applicatn might b delayed while I raise d needed fund of about 450k. I av registered for d conference and pay d hotel bill both of which took about 100k. Although conferences are part of d reqts for our promotion, ds wl b my first time of tryn to go outside d country for such purpose due to d next level of promotion I wl b due for. In d letter of refusal it was stated that I didn’t show letter of current employment (despite d fact that d registrar of my institution wrote such letter which I attached). They also claimed that I failed to substantiate my income even though I attached 5 months up to date pay slip duely stamped and signed by d bursar of my institution. The conference is already past but I plan to appeal because I was told by people that d refusal may hinder d chances of future application. Pls I need guidance on making a proper appeal. Thanks.

    • Hi Mayowa, If you have the required documents, you will surely be granted visa again. However, if you fail to provide the complete and necessary documents, am afraid you might be denied visa again.

  45. Hi, My big Aunty Kemi. May God bless you real good. I feel happy as you give yourself out to answer people’s questions concerning Uk Visa. May God give you more wisdom and knowledge to carry on. Amen. Even some terrible questions. You still handle them very well. Thanks ma.

    Please ma, with due respect, I want to ask My own question and also say My own story.

    I applied for Mexican Visa and I was granted but I didn’t travel bacos I was denied transit Visa through Spain. My ticket was bought in Mexico and I was to go with lberia airline. I needed a connecting flight. But I tried. No way. Since 2011.

    So now I want to visit the Uk. For the first time. I want to go. As a visitor. My IV is ready. And my statement is reading 300k six months. My company is also ready to assist me financially. Do I combine My statement with that of My company where I work to submit? Am also single. Does that stop anything?

    • Hi Doruwa, Is your company sponsoring your trip? Will they be responsible for your accommodation and every other thing? If no, you will need to provide your financial statement. Being single doesn’t stop anything.

  46. a friend has invited me to the UK on visit but I noticed on d data page of his passport that it has expired. Do i submit or should forget it. I have history of rejection.


    • Hi Sunbo, Do you mean his visa has expired or his the immigration passport?

  47. dear kemi,

    i am a permanent italian resident and would be graduating from the university of london in march and i invited my parents. i am already sent them the invitation letter but would love to know if their bank statements are needed as they are coming for a week? do they qualify to apply under as tourists ? the programme is in the first week of march and i would love to know the earliest and latest time they can apply to avoid delay as i am to report to my school on or before the 16th of february on their status if they’ve been granted or not.

    thanking you in anticipation for your reply


    • Hi bankole, Yes, They’ll need to submit their bank statement as financial proof. They need to apply for Visitor’s Visa.

  48. please, I want to know if your application centre is different from vfs

    • Hi Julius, VFS no longer issue UK Visa in Nigeria. Teleperformance – Visa Application Centre now handle all UK Visa applications.

  49. Hi kemi, here is my question. I lived in d UK for a period of 8yrs. Got married to an eu citizen and was given residency 4 5yrs which will expire dis Nov but am back. To nigeria to run my dad’s company and d white lady refused to come back with me. So we are separated and am filing for a divorce. But how ever my dad’s company has been invited for a meeting inn d UK and GM and scheduled to go and represent d company so I want to go and apply for a visit visa. Pls advise me. And again d late time I went to d. UK which was in dec 2013 I had a little problem there. Was a stamp on my passport which I know nothing. Abt dat said I was in nigeria wen I was not so they said it was fake but after a long investigation I was allowed to enter d UK cos they saw I did nothg wrong on my side but said I. Shld remain married and a note will be dropped to dis effect. Pls advice if I will have any prob to apply for UK visit visa.

    • Hi Obi, if all charges against you were dropped and you were never deported, you can apply for a Uk Visit Visa.

  50. Hi Kemi. I have awaited your response for so long… Kindly reply. Many thanks. Here’s the repost of my mail above:

    Am a little perplexed on how i can renew my visa and to what type of visa… my first visa type was tier 1 general (spouse visa which which no longer exists) which expired after six months. I am currently in Nigeria after like a year and want to renew but on my own sponsorship due to some disagreement with us. What kind of visa can i apply for since major valid documents are withheld by spouse. Kindly help I need to see my child!

    • Hi Paul, Why don’t you apply for a General visitor’s visa/ tourist visa. You wouldn’t need to provide anyone to provide you with some documents but you need to have valid documents for prove you are going for holiday and will be coming back to Nigeria. Are you working presently? That will really help.

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