Nigeria Airports: 92% Dissatisfied With Overall Experience

CNN recently sidelined Port Harcourt Airport as the worst airport in the world while Business Day, a well-respected business publication in South Africa, were unforgiving in their opinion on Lagos’ MMIA Airport saying, “Which is the worst? It is no surprise that it is Lagos. Take a deep breath … It is not only being there, it is also getting there — an entire afternoon wasted in traffic, with chaos reigning at all times at the airport. You absolutely have to use “official protocol” (read between the lines) to get anywhere. Point being, you need cash. Bribery is open and innate, inbred and inculcated.”

Bribery is open and innate, inbred and inculcated – Business Day

Now Travelstart Nigeria has released research which supports the findings in those pieces of journalism.

We conducted our study over a few weeks in 2015 surveying a vast sect of Nigerian business and leisure travellers. We gauged public opinion on everything from luggage handling to Nigeria airport facilities and staff.

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5 thoughts on “Nigeria Airports: 92% Dissatisfied With Overall Experience

  1. Worst and corruption

  2. Murtala Mohammed international airport is the worst airport on this earth. The foul smelling, the laziness of the staff, the open bribery of the staff most especially those who called themselves custom taking bribe from passengers openly. To crown it all, there is no seat for the people to seat in the airport either for the handicap or non handicap. Restroom is another disaster, no toilet paper to use and no soap to wash hands after using the toilet. I’m very sure all that every fiscal year, the amount of fund allocated for the supplies of this airport is huge but somebody is pocketing the money. Nigeria is a country where there’s no displine or justice. It really make it difficult for a change to take place. When there is a punishment for those who steal or mess up the country, other people who planned to do the same will be afraid. The president of Nigeria cannot bring the change or fight the corruption alone, it all begins from individual. Prayers alone cannot do it, no such miracles, we have to do the work, pray and hope for better future of our country.

  3. I forgot to mention in my previous comments that those custom officer at Murtala Mohammed international airport are not really searching for contraband in the passenger’s luggage, they are just asking people for bribes. They have no clue or understanding of their job description. You will notice that they put a big bag under the desk where they open your luggage, that bag is where they always drop the money collected from the passengers which I referred to as their victims. We Nigerian have a lot of work to do, but no one want to lose his or her own life. No president can clean up all our mess, the clean up have to start from all of us. It’s soooo sad that every time you traveled to Nigeria you feels like crying as soon as you landed at the airport. Our airport is the first impression of our country. Telling the truth is very bitter but we needs to come back to reality talking. Night vigil, prayers and fasting alone cannot solve our problems in that country, we needs to be honest in all what we do, work, pray and hope. God will help us but we really needs to help ourselves by applying critical thinking and do the right thing.

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