Nigeria Airports: 92% Dissatisfied With Overall Experience

CNN recently sidelined Port Harcourt Airport as the worst airport in the world while Business Day, a well-respected business publication in South Africa, were unforgiving in their opinion on Lagos’ MMIA Airport saying, “Which is the worst? It is no surprise that it is Lagos. Take a deep breath … It is not only being there, it is also getting there — an entire afternoon wasted in traffic, with chaos reigning at all times at the airport. You absolutely have to use “official protocol” (read between the lines) to get anywhere. Point being, you need cash. Bribery is open and innate, inbred and inculcated.”

Bribery is open and innate, inbred and inculcated – Business Day

Now Travelstart Nigeria has released research which supports the findings in those pieces of journalism.

We conducted our study over a few weeks in 2015 surveying a vast sect of Nigerian business and leisure travellers. We gauged public opinion on everything from luggage handling to Nigeria airport facilities and staff.

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