Hotel Arbez: One Hotel, Two Countries

It is really amazing to sleep in two countries at the same time, while your head is in Switzerland your feet is in France. It is indeed surprising!

Hotel Arbez is located in the village of La cure, and a special place because it sits directly between France and Switzerland. The unique situation of Hotel Arbez grew out of a dispute between both countries over possession of the Vallee des Dappes, just south and west of the tiny town of La Cure.

sitting directly between France and Switzerland(

sitting directly between France and Switzerland(

Besides experiencing both Swiss and French cultures without leaving the hotel its restaurant is split into one side serving French cuisine and the other offering Swiss fare. Here are really amazing fact how the interior run across the borders of these countries.  The Franco-Swiss border passes through the kitchen, dining room, hallway and several rooms of the Hotel Arbez:

  • The dining room is divided by the boundary.
  • The bar is entirely located in France, though the boundary passes just outside its front door.
  • The bed in the honeymoon suite is bisected by the border, with half in France and a half in Switzerland.
  • The main hall and stairway are bisected by the border. The lower half of the stairs lie in France, the upper half in Switzerland;
  • Another room has its bathroom in France, while the rest of the room is in Switzerland.
  • The annexe to the hotel is located entirely in Switzerland
Dinning room(

dining room(





It is really a bonus to mark off two countries on your bucket list with just one hotel reservation.

Do you know any other place that shares the same border in  the world? Please drop your comment below! 

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